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You Gotta Hand It

to Conan O'Brien Fans ...

3/13/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Team Coco strikes again.

Jay Leno

A Conan O'Brien fan posed for a photo with Jay Leno last night with the letters "Coco FTW" written on his hand -- which means "for the win."

Leno got the "Tonight Show" back and Conan got $32.5 million from NBC -- they're both winners.


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@63 Ummm, yeah, seeing as I am a mathematics teacher, I think I can figure that out. My point was that f.T.w. as in f*ck the world, originated in the punk rock movement along with Anarchy Now!! and things like Sid and Nancy... this happened during the 80s. As far as the teenie bopper comment, I should clarify, those who don't relate to anything I just said are either way too young or way too old.

@64 - ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ - 'Nuff Said

1688 days ago


@66... ummm, who is 50??? I'm 35 you are?

1688 days ago


In reference to the debate over FTW: Language evolves, slang and abbreviations evolve faster, and since the development of the internet both have changed at faster rates than before. FTW can mean either "Fu** the world" (associated, as said earlier, with the punk movement) OR "For the win" (primarily used by MMO gamers, but also common internet vernacular). Which is intended may easily be interpreted by context. In this instance, "Coco fu** the world" would make far less sense than "Coco for the win".

As for the original story: I would love to be a fly on the wall for the inevitable office meeting to determine how anyone allowed this photo to be taken. Working title of the seminar: "Understanding language, slang, and chatspeak: How to keep our boss from looking like an idiot".

1688 days ago


Yes, for about five years now FTW has meant For The Win. People who haven't heard of that are DEFINITELY behind..

1688 days ago


Oh I totally agree that it NOW means for the win, It's just that it has basically been argued here that it ALWAYS meant for the win, which is simply not the case. In this instance of the jay/coco fan pic, it is blatantly obvious that ftw means for the win. I was just trying to educate as to the original (or at least earlier) meaning of the acronym

1688 days ago

Allen Ridak    

haha, I love it when everyone gets on to tell TMZ they are wrong and completely eff it up. Morons.

TMZ For The Win!!

1688 days ago

Allen Ridak    

You're spot on #70. The word "Gay" would be a good example.

Originally meant happy, then meant homosexual and now means uncool.

1688 days ago

Fred Farkel    



Take a good long look at what a typical Conan fan looks like.

"Your honor?"

"Yes Fred?"

"Your honor??? The prosecution rests."

1688 days ago


For the Win (Ftw) is internet/nerd lingo. Get with the times people, we arent all angry anarchists anymore.

1688 days ago


You idiots, ftw has always been for the win. Since it started.
ftw and ftl

You kids are not really from the internet right?

Also, CoCo ftw.

1688 days ago

Steve Rosenberg    

I really like this website.

1688 days ago


This is obviously a skit for Jaywalking.

1688 days ago


The last time FTW stood for "f*ck the world," dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Google "ftw." "F*ck the world" doesn't even show up on the first page of hits.

1688 days ago


He had Kim Kardashian on his show recently, that means he really can't get that many big celebs.

That's what this biitch gets.

1688 days ago


This kid appears healthy, intelligent, and handsome as well; if someone is inferring that he's deficient in one respect or the other they need to take a good look at the smug, self-satisfied puss on Jay Yoko.

1688 days ago
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