Conan O'Brien Stoked Over 'Tonight Show' Return ... Late Night's Here to Stay!!!


Conan O'Brien is looking forward to his return to "The Tonight Show" 14 years after his messy exit ... telling TMZ there's no bad blood, and that he's excited to hit the stage again.

We caught up with the comedian outside the Whitby Hotel in NYC Tuesday -- just as he was on his way to film his 'TS' appearance at 30 Rock -- where he told us how he was feeling heading into his highly-anticipated late-night comeback.

As Conan puts it ... he's jazzed to be in front of the camera again in that environment -- as he has nothing but fond memories about his time there, which is interesting considering he was fired by NBC in 2010 ... and rather unceremoniously too.

Jacob Elordi Let Me Get A Whiff of Myself ... Sniffs/Licks 'Elordi Bathwater' Candle


Jacob Elordi's new movie "Saltburn" has a bathtub scene that has many stomachs turning, while others are pending money to smell his bathwater ... and now the actor himself's getting a big whiff!

He came face-to-wick Thursday night on 'The Tonight Show' as Jimmy Fallon whipped out a very distinct scented candle. If the marketing can be believed, the candle smells like JE's scent -- mind you, it's fan-made.

Jacob said he was already aware of the candles, thanks to his "Priscilla" costar Cailee Spaeny -- but, he says he's not seeing a dollar off the product.

Of course, he couldn't leave without taking a big old sniff of himself ... and even got his mouth involved a la Barry Keoghan's character in "Saltburn."

We won't give away too much, but all ya gotta know is BK's character, Oliver, slurps up some very spicy bathwater after Jacob's character, Felix, does much more than just soak in it.

Like we said, stomach-turning!

As for how well the candle captures Jacob's essence -- the Australian actor seemed a bit unimpressed, noting it smells more like laundry detergent than him.

"Saltburn" is taking the world by storm right now, racking up nominations this awards season ... and Elordi's stayin' busy too with an 'SNL' hosting gig coming up Saturday.

Breathe deep, folks!!!

Jacob Elordi Prueba supuesta vela con su propio aroma... En The Tonight Show

Huele esto...

¡La nueva película de Jacob Elordi "Saltburn" tiene una escena en la bañera que tiene a muchos con los estómagos revueltos, mientras que otros están dispuestos a pagar por oler su agua de baño y ahora el propio actor está recibiendo una gran bocanada de ella!

En el programa "The Tonight Show", del jueves por la noche, Jimmy Fallon sacó una vela perfumada muy especial. Si podemos confiar en lo que dice el marketing, la vela huele exactamente como Jacob Elordi. Se pueden imaginar que esto está hecho para los fans.

Jacob dijo que ya estaba al tanto de las velas, gracias a su coprotagonista en "Priscilla", Cailee Spaeny, pero dice que no está viendo ni un dólar por el producto.

Por supuesto, no pudo evitar dar una gran olfateada de sí mismo e incluso involucró su boca en ello, tal como el personaje de Barry Keoghan en "Saltburn".

No vamos a revelar demasiado, pero todo lo que tienes que saber es que el personaje de Barry, Oliver, chupetea un poco del agua de baño después de que el personaje de Jacob, Felix, se había estado dando un buen baño en ella.

Como hemos dicho, ¡estómago revuelto!

En cuanto a lo bien que la vela captura la esencia de Jacob, el actor australiano parecía un poco impresionado, señalando que huele más a detergente que a sí mismo.

"Saltburn" se ha convertido en un éxito, con varias nominaciones en esta temporada de premios y Elordi también se mantiene muy ocupado con su actuación como anfitrión de 'Saturday Night Live' el próximo sábado.

¡Respiren hondo, amigos!

Jungkook & Latto 'Seven' Goes Platinum 💿 BTS Star Busts Out MJ Moves!!!

BTS' Jungkook just dropped his debut solo album, entitled "Golden" ... but he can go ahead and bust out some platinum instead for a big celebration.

His "Seven" collab with Latto just crossed the million sales mark, a milestone that comes on the heels of the track becoming the fastest to reach one billion streams on Spotify!!!

Jimmy Fallon broke the news to Jungkook on 'The Tonight Show' last night -- prompting the pop star to hit his best rendition of Michael Jackson moves!!!

Later on in the interview, JK attempted to teach Jimmy the dance to his new single "Standing Next to You" ... but the talk show host couldn't get down with the MJ-esque crotch grab at the end of the routine!!!


TMZ Hip Hop recently spoke to Latto and the "777" rapper told us the No. 1 collab expanded her global audience ... and she's standing by on a call for their next pairing.

Pete Davidson Good Genes Or Good Docs?!

Pete Davidson's looks over the years have made quite the 'transformation!'

Here is a younger 17-year-old version of the "Bupkis" star when he'd just begun his comedy journey ... already thriving on stage at a comedy club back in 2011 (left). This was just a few years prior to him scoring big on "Saturday Night Live."

And, 12 years later the comedian-turned-actor recently brought his charming smile to "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" just ahead of his next movie premiere, "Transformers: Rise Of Beasts" (right).

It's a fact, some of Hollywood's hottest stars are down for some Pete, but the question here is ...

Pete Davidson...

Jimmy Fallon 'Tonight Show' Staffer Claims ... You Don't Really Support Striking Writers!!!

Jimmy Fallon says he wouldn't have a late-night show without his writers, and he supports them in their strike, but a 'Tonight Show' staffer begs to differ ... claiming Jimmy's all talk.

Sarah Kobos, a senior photo research coordinator on Jimmy's talk show, ripped him Tuesday on social media as the writers' strike began, saying ... "He wasn't even at the meeting this morning to tell us we won't get paid after this week."

Sarah tagged Jimmy in her tweet, adding ... "@jimmyfallon please support your staff. Had fun bowling with ya last week, but a fun party won't pay my rent."

Jimmy, like all other late-night hosts, is scrambling to figure out how to handle personnel matters during the writer's strike, which will affect all employees -- including non-writers -- because all the network talk shows are shutting down.

Monday at the Met Gala, Jimmy was asked about the strike and told Variety, "I wouldn’t have a show if it wasn't for my writers, I support them all the way."

In follow-up tweets, Sarah says she's not a striking worker because she isn't a member of the Writers Guild of America, but again ... with all the shows airing reruns, her livelihood will be impacted nonetheless.

She adds 'Tonight Show' employees were told "NBC decided to stop paying us after this week and end our health insurance after this month if the strike is ongoing. They won't even tell us if we will technically be furloughed. Just active employees who aren't paid."

Fairly or not, Sarah also openly compared Jimmy to Seth Meyers, who hosts 'Late Night' on NBC ... saying she was told Seth was on a Zoom meeting telling his staff and crew he would try to take care of them financially "after NBC stops paying."

We reached out to Jimmy and NBC ... no word back yet.

Freddie Gibbs Loading 'Zipper Bagz' For Next 'SSS' Single!!!


11:35 AM PT -- The full "Zipper Bagz" video has just been uploaded to YouTube on Thursday, directed by Ben “Lambo” Lambert, Harley Astorga and Freddie Gibbs himself!!!


Freddie Gibbs is still going full steam ahead with his "SSS" album ... with plans to roll out the track "Zipper Bagz" as the next music video.

TMZ Hip Hop obtained stills of Gangsta Gibbs we're told are from the upcoming visual, which we're hearing could drop sometime this week.

The video's plotline is still under wraps but the Grammy-nominated rapper appears to be having a terse conversation with a woman in one scene ... while another shot features Freddie in front of a motel sign — and later suspiciously peering out of the window!!!

"SSS" marked Freddie's major label album debut and he's been pretty visible since its release ... most recently, rocking "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" with Anderson .Paak and The Roots.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

He's currently embarked on a mini-spring tour with Def Jam rapper Maxo and yes, we can confirm "Zipper Bags" will be on all the concerts' setlists!!!

Derek Jeter Yeah, I Wore A Golden Thong Once ... I Had To Get Out Of A Slump!!!

Derek Jeter says he was slumping so terribly back in the 2004 season -- he turned to none other than a golden thong to get him out of his rut.


The former Yankees captain made the surprising -- and hilarious -- revelation while playing a game called "True Confessions" with Jimmy Fallon and Rita Ora on Wednesday night's "The Tonight Show."

Jeter was forced to pick one of two topics, and his two cohosts had to guess if he was telling the truth or not.

"I once wore a thong, in public, in front of thousands of people," Jeter said.

Both Fallon and Ora thought it was a fib -- but the ex-NY shortstop said it was, in fact, a real tale.

Jeter explained ... back in 2002, he got a new teammate who swore up and down that wearing a golden thong would get him out of any slump.

Jeter initially thought it was a load of B.S. -- but at the start of the '04 season, he hit an offensive rut that he had never seen before.

"Every day I'd walk in, [my teammate] would point at the thong," Jeter said. "So, finally, I wore the thong."

First pitch of his first at-bat? Home run for Jeets.

"Yes, yes," Jeter said. "That is true."

The game was said to be the Yanks' April 29, 2004 contest against the Oakland A's. Records show he was in an 0-for-32 skid before cracking a dinger off Barry Zito at Yankee Stadium.

As for who the golden thong's true owner was? According to a 2015 interview on the Dan Le Batard Show, it was none other than Jason Giambi.

"The golden thong is legendary," JG said during the '15 discussion on ESPN Radio. "It's never not gotten a hit."

By the way, if you're wondering about the hygiene of it all -- don't worry, Jeter said there was no thong-to-skin contact.

"I had shorts on underneath," he said. "I put the thong over the shorts."


Jay Leno I Won't Stop Riding Motorcycles ... Despite Bone-Breaking Crash


2:29 PM PT -- We got this footage of Jay picking up food from Philly's Best in Burbank one day after the accident. He's wearing a sling.


Jay Leno isn't letting a few broken bones stop him from getting back on his motorcycle ... telling us he's got no plans to quit riding despite a recent scary accident.

Jay tells TMZ ... everyone's telling him to stop riding motorcycles, but "when you're 72, crashing a motorcycle is better than slipping in a walk-in bathtub."

As we reported ... Jay recently revealed he crashed his vintage motorbike January 17, suffering a broken collarbone, two fractured ribs and two cracked kneecaps during the accident -- an incident that flew under the radar.

Jay tells us he still plans on riding motorcycles despite the accident, because ... "Once men get past the age of 40 you can't teach them anything!"

The TV host says he didn't even realize how badly injured he was after flying off his motorcycle when he was clotheslined by an unmarked wire stretching across a parking lot ... he says he actually drove himself to the doctor, where he was diagnosed with broken bones.

As for the bike, Jay says it kept going after he was knocked off ... crashing into a building. He tells us the bike is at his famous Burbank garage and he plans on fixing it.

Jay's shouldering the blame for the incident ... telling us he's not going to sue whoever strung up the wire without hanging a flag from it, because he's not a "lawsuit guy."


The former 'Tonight Show' host is having some pretty scary accidents of late ... back in November, he sustained severe facial burns and other injuries in a car fire at his garage.


Jay insists he's fine, though ... telling us he plans to perform Sunday night at The Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, CA for a sold-out crowd.

Originally Published -- 12:31 PM PT

Aaron Judge Anthony Rizzo's Dog Convinced Me ... To Re-Sign With Yankees

The Yankees gave Aaron Judge 360 million reasons to return to New York, but it wasn't just about the money ... #99's adorable puppy is best friends with teammate and friend Anthony Rizzo's little pup, and the MVP couldn't split them up!

Judge -- who signed a 9-year, $360 million deal with the Yanks this offseason -- joined Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show' where he revealed Rizzo's dog Kevin was one of the reasons he ultimately came back.

Judge, whose pending free agency hung over the team as he met with different organizations who pitched him on leaving NYC -- told Fallon that Rizzo texted and called him daily, letting the slugger know he needs to resign!

But, that wasn't all Rizzo did ... the 4x-time Gold Glove first baseman pulled on Judge's heartstrings, constantly reminding him of the bond that his dog shares with Aaron's dog, Penny -- and it worked!!

AJ said Penny and Kevin are best friends, adding that Rizzo leaned into their relationship to convince him to return to the Yankees.

Following his MVP season, Judge was the hottest free agent in baseball, and former Yankees like Derek Jeter and Nick Swisher publicly said the team should do whatever it takes to bring him back.

Rizzo understood the assignment.

Last month, after Aaron signed his huge deal, the Yanks named Judge the 16th captain in the franchise's history, joining a list of storied icons.

Jimmy Fallon Dunks Hot Dog In Beer, Devours Both In Seconds ... At Rangers Game

Jimmy Fallon did his best Joey Chestnut impression during last night's Rangers playoff game in NYC  ... the late-night talk show host dunked his hot dog -- bun and all -- in his beer before devouring both, and spilling everywhere!

'The Tonight Show' host was in the building for game 5 of the Conference Finals game between the NYR and Tampa Bay Lightning ... when Fallon found himself on the big screen at Madison Square Garden, hot dog and beer in hand.

Fallon, a NY native, has clearly seen a Nathan's hot dog eating competition or two in his time ... Jimmy softened up the bun using his brew, before it all went down the hatch.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Of course, if you've watched competitive eating, you know that's the preferred method for eating quickly.

FYI, Chestnut's record is 76 hot dogs/buns in 10 minutes. He routinely puts away over 70.

For Rangers fans, the antics off the ice were far more entertaining ... the team lost game 5 by a score of 3-1, and now trails in the series, 3-2. And, now the team must go on the road to Tampa ... where NY is 0-2 this series.

It's reminiscent of the New York Knicks fan a few years back who was captured on camera dunking chicken nuggets into her soda.

Jimmy, got plans on July 4th?? There's a hot dog eating comp in Coney Island ...

Peyton Manning Peyton In Paris?!? ... QB Predicting 'Big Part' On 'Emily In Paris' After 'SNL' Hit


Hall of Fame QB now ... Emily Cooper's new love interest next?!?

Peyton Manning says that might just be his path ... telling "The Tonight Show" on Monday that after his hilarious "Emily In Paris" skit over the weekend, he could be getting a huge role in the next season of the hit show.

The NFL legend broke it all down for Jimmy Fallon ... explaining the reaction to his "Saturday Night Live" appearance has been so great -- it could lead to him rubbin' elbows with Emily on Netflix in France soon.

"I think I'm going to be asked to be in Season 3," Manning said. "Like, a big part."

Manning wasn't being entirely serious with the prediction -- but it certainly wouldn't be farfetched given the response to his "Emily In Paris" jokes on Saturday.

If you missed it ... Manning hilariously told Colin Jost that he missed NFL playoff games because he was binge-watching Season 2 of the Netflix show instead.

Manning fired off punchline after punchline about the show -- and even broke out a telestrator to explain it all. It was laugh-out-loud funny.

The wildest part about it all, though? Manning told Fallon on Monday he's actually never watched an episode of it!

Season 3 reportedly begins filming later this year -- so there's still time to brush up on it all before a potential big call.

Tiffany Haddish Addresses DUI Bust with Fallon ... My Prayers Were Answered

Tiffany Haddish is laughing off her DUI -- well, sorta ... let's just say she's taking it in stride.

The comedian gave a little insight into what happened -- from her perspective, anyway -- during an appearance Monday on the 'Tonight Show' with Jimmy Fallon, to whom she described her Georgia bust with some humor to spare.

Jimmy asked if she was willing to talk about it, and sure enough, Tiffany was ... starting out the story by saying she'd been asking God for a new man in her life. Well, he answered her prayers, it seems, but might've overcompensated ... 'cause TH says she got more than she bargained for.

Instead of one man, Tiff says she was blessed with 4 ... and they were all in uniform -- which got a chuckle out of Fallon and the audience. She then says she's got a good lawyer and they're dealing with the sitch now, without elaborating much more about it.

TMZ broke the story ... Tiffany was arrested earlier this month when local residents in Peachtree City reported a driver who’d apparently fallen asleep on the side of the road. Cops eventually tracked down Tiffany's car, where they eventually got her in cuffs ... suspecting she'd been smoking weed. She was booked for DUI and improper stopping on a roadway.

The arrest follows Tiffany losing a number of friends and family, including her grandmother, her longtime producer, her dog and close comic pal Bob Saget.

Jay Leno Pops Up on Front of Airplane!!! Wild Stunt Freaks Out Pals

Spike's Car Radio

Jay Leno's a well-known motorhead, but apparently he's a stuntman too ... based on this crazy footage of him gripping the nose of an airplane in mid-flight!!!

The former 'Tonight Show' host is on Wednesday's ep of "Spike's Car Radio" hosted by comedian and auto enthusiast Spike Feresten, and along with talkin' cars ... Jay reminisced about a fun, and seemingly risky, flight he took with friends.

Spike's Car Radio

Leno says they were on a small plane flying off the coast of Catalina Island, and he knew the nose of the aircraft opened up from the inside ... so he decided to give them a little surprise.

After opening the nose hatch, Jay was totally hanging off the front of the plane!!! It looks insanely dangerous, but must not be all that risky, at least to pilots.

Leno gave a big thumbs up as he pretended to climb toward the windshield ... prompting his friends to snap shots of "Super Jay" in action. Who knew Jay had a little Tom Cruise in him. We give this "Mission Impossible" two thumbs up.

Questlove One Regret DJ-Ing the Oscars ... I Wanted To Play Long-Winded Winners Off Stage!!!


Questlove says he had the time of his life DJ-ing the Oscars over the weekend, but his one regret ... he couldn't shoo away winners who took forever with their acceptance speeches.

We got "The Tonight Show" band frontman heading into work Tuesday at NBC Studios in NYC and he told our guy he was ordered by Oscars producer Steven Soderbergh to stand down on playing any kind of wrap-up-your-speech music.

The famous DJ said compiling his walk-off music was one of the first tasks he completed when he got the gig ... but Soderbergh, one of 3 producers of the Oscars, foiled the plan.

That's too bad ... 'cause Questlove said his playlist was tight and a perfect sendoff to long-winded winners.

All good though ... Questlove says he's been going to the Oscars for a decade now and really enjoyed the new format. So much so ... he said he hopes it's the new normal.

There were some pretty cool moments (albeit scripted) ... like when Questlove played EU's classic "Da Butt" and got Glenn Close to play along and dance her ass off.


Addison Rae Gives Props to Black Creators for Fallon Bit ... Let's Collab!!!


Addison Rae says she loves and respects all the TikTok dance creators who made up the moves she taught Jimmy Fallon ... and she hopes they can work together following the controversy she and Jimmy have sparked.

We got the TikTok star out in L.A. Monday ... in the midst of her catching flak for her 'Tonight Show' segment Friday ... which has been criticized for stealing from Black entertainers without giving due credit.

ICYMI ... Addison performed 8 popular TikTok dances to teach Jimmy how it's done, but people -- notably The View's Sunny Hostin -- took issue with the fact it appeared the moves were hers, when they were not.

Addison tells us this was definitely not her intention, and that proper attribution was given on the YouTube video ... just not during the show.

That's beside the point though, and Addison does give props to the original creators and says she didn't even do them justice. She adds she'd love to collab with them going forward ... and already has plans in the works to do just that.

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