James Corden Burns Trump with McCartney Parody ... 'Maybe I'm Immune'!!!

James Corden did his best Paul McCartney to make fun of President Trump's coronavirus crisis -- and some people are saying he deserves a Grammy for this biting little diddy.

The 'Late Late Show' host opened Tuesday night's show with a musical segment, playing a song parody on McCartney's "Maybe I'm Amazed" -- with James sitting at a piano and belting out tweaked lyrics to the '70s hit. JC aptly titled his rendition ... "Maybe I'm Immune."

You gotta watch it for yourself -- James weaves in lots of recent Trump-y 'rona topics that are both timely and hilarious ... like Trump's doctors saying he's responding very well to treatments, Trump's trouble with breathing, his bizarre drive-by outside Walter Reed and, of course, his offhand remark he might be immune to the virus after just a few days.

BTW, James kills it on both the keys and in the vocals department -- dude is seriously talented ... he seems to be playing live and is definitely singing his heart out. Sir Paul, or his publishing company, would approve!

Corden wrapped up the tune with a look into the not-so-distant future ... as in, Nov. 3. Just watch ... we're thinking POTUS would NOT approve.

Jennifer Lopez Oh, That Guy Behind Me in the Gym??? ... That Was Just Zoom

Jennifer Lopez finally dished on a mystery people have been trying to ID for weeks now -- revealing the creepy floating face that popped up in one of her latest gym selfies.

She made the revelation on a recent appearance on 'The Tonight Show' with Jimmy Fallon, eventually getting past the pleasantries and asking what America wanted to really know ... WHO THE HELL WAS THAT GUY WITH A HAND OVER HIS MOUTH?!?

The answer's not as salacious as some might've expected -- J Lo says it was just a dude her fiance, Alex Rodriguez, was talking to on Zoom on the other side of their gym window.

We'll let Jen explain for herself here, but basically ... with the way they have their gym set up, and where they have one of their laptops perched for Zoom chats, the two just happened to overlap and captured this guy A-Rod was chatting up in a very scary pose.

She doesn't know for sure who exactly it was -- other than the fact that he's in real estate -- or why he had his hand over his face (might've been a sneeze or a cough) ... but the good news is that it wasn't some rando creepin' on Jennifer from behind. That's low-key what some folks thought it was at first, and thank God that didn't turn out to be the case.

Thanks for clearing that up, J Lo! We can finally rest easy now.

Carole Baskin Responds to Prank Interview ... She's Actually a Good Sport

Breaking News

8:41 AM PT -- 5/4 -- Carole Baskin has responded to the fake interview she was duped into giving by a couple of YouTubers -- and she's actually taking the whole thing in stride with a good attitude.

She tells TMZ ... "I was suspicious as we were doing it because the questions appeared taped. But had no idea it would turn out to be such a fun prank." Carole goes on to say, "It gave us a very welcome good laugh. I appreciate their cleverness and that they created their video in a way that I don't feel was in any way mean spirited."

If anything, this sounds like she's totally cool with chatting ... just so long as ya don't bring up her disappeared husband, Don. That's the apparent rule. Duly noted, CB.

Carole Baskin has been impossible to get a hold of for an interview in the wake of 'Tiger King' -- but two clever Brits got her to open her yap ... under incredibly false pretenses.

The two dudes are Archie Manners and Josh Pieters, who are two YouTube pranksters who go around tricking celebs into giving phony interviews with what the duped believe to be late-night talk show hosts. They've had a lot of success ... now, they wanted Carole.

Check out their in-depth video of how they pulled it off -- it's pretty freakin' elaborate (and hilarious). Long story very short ... they posed as producers for "The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon" and reached out to Carole via email for a possible Skype/Zoom interview.

At first, she shot them down ... citing the blanket policy Carole and her current hubby, Howard, have been giving just about everyone these days -- no interview, no dice. They also regurgitated the line that they believe Netflix falsely suggested and/or implied she had something to do with her first husband, Don's disappearance and presumed death.

The dudes kept at it though, insisting they would NOT talk about anything 'Tiger King'-related with Jimmy, and promised to keep the topic strictly on cats and her sanctuary.

You gotta watch the rest, 'cause the lady bought it and agreed to do it under those terms. As for how they got JF's voice on there, that's a thing of beauty too -- they pulled old audio clips of him interviewing other celebs and tossed 'em to her live during the interview.

It's literally the oldest trick in the book -- and kinda reminiscent of that famous "True Lies" scene -- but the greatest part ... CAROLE BASKIN FELL FOR IT!!! Hook, line and sinker.

Check out what she had to say about how she and Howard are dealing in quarantine, and how they're handling all her big cats. Oh yeah, they also got her to put on her flower crown.

Bow down to these viral geniuses ... we are not worthy!!!

Originally Published -- 5/3 2:41 PM PT

Jay Leno Roadside Mechanic to the Rescue ... Right Up His Alley Too!!!

Exclusive Details

If you're ever stranded along the side of the road in L.A. ... don't be surprised if you see Jay Leno pull up and ask you to pop the hood so he can get a good look at what's up.

That's exactly what happened Sunday to luxury real estate agent Dwayne Henry of Westside Estate Agency, who had a little car trouble off the Sunset Strip ... and was somewhat rescued by none other than the legendary late night talk show host in the flesh.

Dwayne tells TMZ ... he took his 1953 Mercedes-Benz -- a classic car if there ever was one -- out for a spin 'cause of the nice weather and to beat the quarantine blues, and almost immediately ... he knew something wasn't right mechanically. So, naturally, he pulled over.

DH says the issue was so bad, he called a tow truck right away ... but between the time he called and the truck arriving, Jay pulled up with his wife in a Tesla seemingly out of nowhere. Sure enough, Dwayne says Jay walked over and asked to have a peek inside.

Of course, Jay is the owner of SEVERAL classic cars -- including an even older Mercedes-Benz than this one. So, it's no wonder he spotted this whip -- but wild he actually reacted.

Anywho, as Jay was fiddling around in there, the tow truck driver showed and tossed Jay a wrench so he could tinker some more. Eventually, Dwayne tells us Jay had the diagnosis ... a brake issue that was also screwing with his fluid. Unfortunately, we're told he wasn't able to band-aid it on the spot, but hey ... an official car workup from JL ain't too shabby.

And, yes, Dwayne snapped a shot with Jay ... and he tells us it made his day. What a guy!

Floyd Mayweather I'm 43, So Help Me Celebrate!!!


Floyd Mayweather celebrated his 43rd Birthday in grand fashion Friday night ... with tons of celebs to help him out.

Floyd and co. shut down the Sunset Eden nightclub in Hollywood where hundreds of folks lit up the room, including Snoop Dogg, French Montana, Lil' Kim, Reggie Bush, Tiffany Haddish and Quavo.

There were sexy ladies riding "Air Mayweather" planes flying up and down with smoke and fire. Check out the woman on the shoulders of a man surrounded by golden flares.

There were plenty of 100 bills with Floyd's face on them.


Floyd told us as he left he's down for a Conor McGregor rematch, adding if the price is right he'll "whoop his ass again." There's rumbling the next one should be a UFC fight, but that almost certainly ain't gonna happen.

David Letterman Trump Pigs Out ... Bloomberg Eats Like a Bird


Forget elephants and donkeys, David Letterman says our choice for President could come down to this ... do we want a wealthy man who eats like a pig, or one who eats like a bird?!?

We got Letterman Thursday in Los Angeles after lunch at Canter's Deli, and our guy asks which presidential candidate is more fun to have dinner with, Donald Trump or Michael Bloomberg???

Dave knows both men well, and he tells us why Trump and Bloomberg are at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to the dinner table.

Sorry Mike, Letterman says you're coming up short as far as appetites go. You've seen Bloomberg eat ice cream, right?!?

It's pretty funny ... Letterman launches into one of his classic bits when we try to grill him about the candidate with the gift of gab ... but he's definitely down for our table talk.

One thing both sides can agree on ... hors d'oeuvres don't belong near a toilet!!!

NBA All-Star Weekend 3,000 Strippers Descend On Chicago ... Offset, Kid Capri Hosting


The strip club cavalry has arrived in Chicago with THOUSANDS of dancers, literally, making sure NBA superstars and fans are well entertained during All-Star Weekend!!!

The good folks at Ocean Gentleman's Club, Factory and Club O tell TMZ Sports ... they've hired Last Coast Entertainment to promote events at all the clubs this weekend. We're told that means 3,000 strippers will be swarming around poles all over Chi-town.


The forecast calls for some serious rain, because we're told each club will have $450,000 in single dollar bills on deck each day for customers -- NBA and otherwise -- to spend on the dancers. The clubs are ready to bring in the Brinks trucks too, if they need even more Washingtons.

As for who's leading all this fun ... Offset will be front and center hosting an epic after-party Sunday at Ocean Gentleman's Club, following the All-Star Game. Also, Kid Capri's hosed that club's Saturday night bash.

The clubs also tell us they already have 10 tables reserved each night, exclusively for NBA ballers -- and their kitchens will be working OT to serve up lamb chops, burgers, wings and shrimp. BIG dudes have BIG appetites!

BTW, NBA All-Star Weekend is like an annual Super Bowl for the strippers ... so there's high-demand to get work in the host cities each year. We're told the dancers have to fork over $300 to $350 per night to a club just to get their high heels in the door.

Other gentlemen's clubs around Chicago -- like Scores and Rick's Cabaret -- are adopting NBA themes. Dancers will wear basketball uniforms, to start anyway, and of course, there will be VIP sections just for NBA studs.

And, get this ... one club tells us they're flying in girls from New York, Los Angeles and Miami to diversify their lineup. Now that's thoughtful!!

Kanye West to David Letterman Mental Illness is Like a 'Sprained Brain' ... And People Do Everything to Make it Worse


Kanye West described in vivid detail what it's like to have a bipolar episode, and he grouses people just don't get it ... and actually made it way worse for him.

Ye opened up about his mental health struggles to David Letterman for his Netflix show, 'My Next Guest Needs No Introduction' -- and we got hold of the footage where he tries to get people to imagine a sprained ankle and then transfer that concept to a sprained brain.

Listen to Kanye ... it's a revelation when you think of a people bearing down on a sprained ankle, causing pain and exacerbating the injury. Now, think of doctors and society doing the same sort of thing to a cerebrum.

TMZ broke the story ... Kanye had what seemed like a nervous breakdown back in 2016, which turned out to be a bipolar episode. He was handcuffed to a hospital bed and left alone, which -- as he explains in this clip -- only made things worse.

He says he's opening up about all this to start a conversation about the way we treat bipolar disorder ... and has been applauded for his efforts in speaking about it so candidly.

The entire season -- which also includes interviews with Ellen DeGeneres and Melinda Gates -- drops Friday on Netflix and we're told through it all, Kanye is for the most part very cogent and clear.

Liam Neeson Can't Take the Heat ... Reportedly Cancels 'Late Show' Appearance

Breaking News

Liam Neeson is on the ropes and ducking faster than a pro boxer -- he's reportedly pulled out of an interview with Stephen Colbert on the heels of his tale of seeking race-based revenge.

Neeson's backed out of a scheduled Friday night appearance on the 'Late Show' ... according to The Wrap. He's clearly doing everything he can to avoid any further questions about his confession this week that 40 years ago he went out trying to kill any "black bastard" ... to avenge a friend who'd been raped.

We've reached out to Liam's camp and 'The Late Show' for comment ... so far, no word back.

The cancellation comes on the heels of Lionsgate pulling the plug on the red carpet for the NYC premiere of Liam's new movie, "Cold Pursuit" -- again, effectively dodging questions.


Talk about a PR nightmare -- Neeson made the bizarre revelation to The Independent on Monday. His follow-up interview on 'GMA' didn't help cool things down ... in fact, the backlash only intensified.

Liam has expressed regret for his sick thoughts from way back then, but it's obviously not enough.

Jimmy Kimmel Pal's Arrest Largely Based on Wife's ID


Jimmy Kimmel's good friend who was arrested for allegedly making criminal threats from inside his beachside rental home got busted because of a key ear-witness -- his estranged wife ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us famous chef and best selling author Adam Perry Lang's arrest was based in large part on the 911 recording -- in which a man said he was inside Jimmy's Hermosa Beach rental home with explosives and had assaulted his girlfriend with a high-powered rifle.

Our law enforcement sources say cops went to the home of Lang's estranged wife at around 3 AM Sunday and asked her if she could ID the voice on the call. We're told she said it could be Adam and it sounded like him, except for a Canadian phrase the caller used at the end.


Cops tell us there was other evidence that led to Lang's arrest, although they would not be specific. We're told cops on scene talked with Lang when he came out of the house and claim his voice sounded like the 911 caller.

Lang's lawyer, Glen T. Jonas, begs to differ, saying his client absolutely did not call the cops and insists the 8-hour standoff occurred because he had his ringer off and was sound asleep.

Jonas tells TMZ, "He immediately cooperated once he was notified of the commotion. Mr. Lang was the victim of 'swatting.' The person that called 911 gave the address which is consistent with swatting. There is no landline at the residence and his cellphone logs show he made no calls to 911. We are confident he will be fully exonerated."

Jimmy told us Sunday he was told by cops it was a swatting incident, but cops later told us they did not believe it was swatting.

Jimmy Kimmel Beach Rental Home Targeted Man Threatens Explosives


6:20 PM PT -- Lang's lawyer, Glen T. Jonas, tells TMZ, "The 'male' that called 911 was absolutely not Adam Perry Lang. Mr. Lang will be cleared of any wrongdoing. He was fast asleep with his ringer off. He immediately cooperated once he was notified of the commotion."

3:15 PM PT -- We've learned Lang was booked on making felony criminal threats and his bail was set at $50,000. Now this is interesting ... according to the cops, when they arrived at the house they tried for "several hours" to make contact with Lang. When they finally did, a police official tells us the crisis team "made telephone contact with the male who ultimately agreed to exit the residence." The word "ultimately" could be telling ... it makes it sound like Lang was not immediately willing to exit.

2:30 PM PT -- Hermosa Beach police just told us they are not calling this a swatting situation. One officer said, "There is a reason we arrested him [Lang]. There is evidence detectives are now processing." This is in contrast to what we were told by Jimmy's people. A rep for Jimmy tells us Kimmel was told specifically by a lieutenant they believed it was a case of swatting.

A beach house owned by Jimmy Kimmel was the scene of a massive police presence Saturday just before midnight ... in what may be a swatting situation ... TMZ has learned.

Eyewitnesses tell us a slew of cops swarmed Kimmel's Hermosa Beach home -- a house that is not his primary residence. We're told Jimmy and his family were not there. A friend of his -- Adam Perry Lang -- was staying at the house and sleeping. Lang is a chef and best selling author.

Police helicopters were flying above, and there was also at least one police-operated drone. We're told houses adjacent to Kimmel's corner lot were evacuated as a precaution. Cops tell us they were there for 8 hours before they were able to establish contact with Lang.


TMZ has obtained dispatch audio of cops explaining ... a male called 911 saying he had two explosives in the home and he'd assaulted his girlfriend with a rifle.


We've learned one person was taken into custody -- Lang, who apparently woke up, walked outside and was escorted to a police car without incident.

Jimmy went to the Hermosa Beach Police Department Sunday at around noon and bailed his friend out. We're told cops have not yet formally cleared Lang.

Cops found no explosives, weapons or any evidence of a shooting inside the house.

Police tell us no one involved in the incident was injured.

Cardi B Cuts Loose on 'Carpool Karaoke' Gets Driving Lesson & More

Cardi B was James Corden's latest copilot for "Carpool Karaoke" ... and she did NOT disappoint.

The Bronx MC rode shotgun on the 'Late Late Show' host's newest singing segment, where the two of them ran through a medley of Cardi songs and mostly rapped 'em ... complete with water bottle microphones and out-the-window hype. Just watch ...

There were also a few surprises along the way ... like James giving Cardi an impromptu driving lesson (with hilarious results) and Cardi getting hit on by an old timer.

Unclear when exactly this was filmed, but there's no mention of all the Offset drama Cardi's been dealing with lately.

Just good old-fashioned Cardi antics over Cardi slaps. We'll take it!

Conan O'Brien White House's Acosta Vid Should Win Best Comedy Award!!!


Conan O'Brien's laughing his ass off a lot these days, courtesy President Trump and co. -- but the problem is they're also stomping all over the late night host's turf ... according to Conan.

We got COB out in the Big Apple Thursday and asked him to weigh in on the White House yanking Jim Acosta's press credentials after his head-to-head with the Prez. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders uploaded a vid she said supported the decision -- but the clip is clearly sped up to make it appear Acosta shoved an intern.

Conan's take? Great production skills on the part of Trump's team!

Conan joked with us about how Trump's news conference antics are inspiring his own creativity.

Sounds like he'd be down to hire Trump's comedy writers ... assuming they're available. People do tend to leave the White House.

'All the Boys' Star Noah Centineo Team Went into Damage Control Over Busy's Ghosting Story


Hollywood heartthrob Noah Centineo got called out by Busy Philipps on TV for ghosting her pal, which made his team go into overdrive trying to protect his rep ... TMZ has learned.

Noah and Busy both appeared on James Corden's 'Late Late Show' Wednesday and, at one point, she revealed the Netflix stud had completely stopped talking to a friend of hers, whom he'd apparently been chatting up. It was slightly awkward, but mostly light-hearted.


As it turns out ... we're told the actual convo ran longer than the clip that aired, and that wasn't by chance. Sources close to the situation tell us Noah's team were worried about the segment, and asked Corden's people to heavily edit it down.

We're told Busy went into detail about how Noah met one of her writers on a dating app, and dragged him for ghosting her. Our sources say Noah's team feared the story would ruin his boy-next-door image.

You can tell 'Late Late Show' execs obliged -- there's an obvious edit at about 56 seconds, plus they didn't post it on their YouTube channel ... as they usually do with noteworthy segments.

Noah blew up this year after starring in Netflix's rom-com, "To All the Boys I've Loved Before."

Plus, he was Camila Cabello's love interest in the "Havana" music vid, and he's in People's new Sexiest Man Alive issue.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Hits Perfect Floss ... I Can Do Anything!!

Zlatan can run ... Zlatan can score ... Zlatan CAN DANCE!!!

The soccer legend went on "The Late Late Show With James Corden" and proved there's a lot of walk behind all his talk -- nailing a perfect floss dance right on cue.

In fact ... Corden was so impressed -- he wanted some lessons!!!

So, what was the reason for the night-time dance party?? James needed to figure out if Zlatan really CAN do anything.

The first test? Name three Kardashians.

The second test? Open a jar of pickles.

The third test? Hit the floss.

Done, done and BIG-TIME done.

Then, for good measure, he pronounced his full name with a mouth full of marshmallows. Impressive.

Ibrahimovic and the L.A. Galaxy next take the field Sunday for their regular-season finale with the Houston Dynamo ... and pretty sure we just found Z's new goal celebration.

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