Conan O'Brien Laughs It Up With Jimmy Fallon .... Hilarious Return To Late Night


Conan O'Brien took a trip down memory lane in his return to late-night TV, telling Jimmy Fallon it felt "weird" coming back to the NBC building and joking about how Kelly Clarkson hijacked his studio.

The former host showed up Tuesday as a guest on "The Tonight Show," sitting down with Jimmy for an interview in which the comedian mostly reminisced about his time at the network.

At one point, Conan started talking about how strange it was to be back on "this floor" after hosting "Late Night" from 1993 to 2009 at NYC's Rockefeller Center. He then took the reins of "The Tonight Show" in L.A. before he was fired after just 7 months in 2010.

Conan O'Brien Stoked Over 'Tonight Show' Return ... Late Night's Here to Stay!!!


Conan O'Brien is looking forward to his return to "The Tonight Show" 14 years after his messy exit ... telling TMZ there's no bad blood, and that he's excited to hit the stage again.

We caught up with the comedian outside the Whitby Hotel in NYC Tuesday -- just as he was on his way to film his 'TS' appearance at 30 Rock -- where he told us how he was feeling heading into his highly-anticipated late-night comeback.

As Conan puts it ... he's jazzed to be in front of the camera again in that environment -- as he has nothing but fond memories about his time there, which is interesting considering he was fired by NBC in 2010 ... and rather unceremoniously too.

Jay Leno Named Wife Mavis' Conservator ... Amid Her Dementia Battle

Jay Leno has officially been named the conservator for his wife, Mavis, amid her battle with dementia ... TMZ has confirmed.

The former 'Tonight Show' host was granted the conservatorship of his longtime spouse in a hearing in Los Angeles on Tuesday, where -- according to People -- Mavis' lawyer spoke in favor of Jay taking on the official role of looking out for his wife's best interests.

A judge also reportedly praised the 73-year-old comedian for the care he has provided Mavis, who Jay married in November 1980.

STEPHEN COLBERT FIGHTS BACK TEARS ... As 'Late Show' Mourns Staffer's Death


Stephen Colbert was choked up as he mourned the loss of his longtime executive assistant, Amy Cole.

The heartbreaking news came at the end of Monday's episode of 'The Late Show' ... and you can see Stephen struggling to talk, and looking somber as he walked off stage before a black title card popped up, saying, "Dedicated to our dear friend Amy Cole, 1970-2024."

LateNighter reports audience members who were at the taping mentioned the show started with the usual fun and games. But then, out of nowhere, things took a serious turn.



James Corden walked away from his "Late Late Show" hosting gig on his own terms ... but people in his native UK just can't quite believe he wasn't fired, at least according to him.

The Brit explained on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Tuesday that despite him assuring people he and his wife Julia moved back across the pond so their 3 kids could be closer to their grandparents, people are convinced he's lying ... and think CBS canned him.

James says he's had his fair share of pub convos about his talk show departure ... and no matter how many times he tries to set the record straight, he says, "People will honestly be like, 'You don't have to give me that bull***. It's fine, mate. If you got fired, you got fired!'"

Stephen Colbert Abraza el rumor de que el príncipe William tiene una aventura

Hablando de la Realeza

La saga de Kate Middleton continúa y ahora Stephen Colbert se está inclinando por un nuevo rumor y es que el príncipe Guillermo podría estar teniendo una supuesta aventura.

El anfitrión del "Late Show" habló de la realeza durante su monólogo de apertura el martes y abrazó por completo la infundada especulación e insinuación de que tal vez Bill la esté engañando, un rumor que ha estado circulando desde hace un tiempo en los tabloides, etc.

La supuesta "otra mujer" en cuestión es Lady Rose Hanbury, la marquesa de Cholmondeley, que lleva años en la órbita íntima de Guillermo y Kate como amiga.

Como hemos dicho, esto nunca se ha confirmado, pero se ha hablado de ello durante mucho tiempo, y ahora, en medio de la misteriosa ausencia de Kate, se ha puesto en marcha nuevamente con algunos sugiriendo que tiene algo que ver con el motivo por el que Kate Middleton ha estado fuera de los focos últimamente.

Colbert no parecía muy interesado en conectar los puntos, pero estaba feliz de burlarse de los titulares que han teorizado sobre esto, haciendo bromas a costa de Will y Kate.

Incluso se burló de un informe que sugiere que Kate se habría enfrentado a su marido por esto y que el príncipe supuestamente "se habría reído" y le habría dicho que no es nada.

Como informamos, William ha mantenido la calma y continúa con sus deberes reales mientras Kate sigue recuperándose de su cirugía abdominal a puerta cerrada. Aunque se han podido ver destellos de ella por aquí y por allá desde su procedimiento en enero.

Por supuesto, su fallido intento de Photoshop el fin de semana, que ha asumido explícitamente como su responsabilidad, solo añadió más leña al fuego sobre lo que realmente está pasando con ella.

El hecho es que casi nadie cree que la foto haya sido tomada cuando el Palacio de Kensington dice, y con este nuevo rumor circulando, Will y Kate solo tienen otra capa más con la que lidiar mientras la gente sigue analizando teoría tras teoría.

El Palacio de Kensington ha estado callado en casi todo esto y se ha negado a hacer más comentarios. Nos pusimos en contacto con ellos una vez más después de este último desarrollo, pero no hemos recibido nada de vuelta todavía.

Stephen Colbert Leans Into William, Kate Affair Rumor Amid Ongoing Speculation

Talking Royal-tea

The Kate Middleton saga continues -- and now, Stephen Colbert is leaning into a new salacious rumor ... namely, that Prince William might allegedly be having an affair.

The 'Late Show' host made the Royals one of his topics on Tuesday night's opening monologue -- and he completely embraced unfounded speculation and innuendo that Bill is, perhaps, cheating ... a rumor that has been floating around for a while in tabloids, etc.

The alleged "other woman" in question is Lady Rose Hanbury -- the Marchioness of Cholmondeley -- who's been in William and Kate's inner orbit, as a friend, for years.

Like we said, this has never been confirmed ... but it's been gossiped about for a long time -- and now, amid Kate's mysterious absence, it's kicked into high gear again ... with some suggesting that it somehow has something to do with why KM's been out of the spotlight.

Colbert didn't seem all that interested in connecting the dots -- but he was happy to poke fun at the headlines that have theorized this ... cracking jokes at Will and Kate's expense.

He even made fun of a report that suggested Kate had confronted her husband about this ... to which the Prince allegedly "laughed it off" and said it was much ado about nothing.

As we reported ... William has been keeping calm and carrying on with his Royal duties as Kate continues to recover from her abdominal surgery behind closed doors -- although, slight glimpses of her have been seen here and there ever since her procedure in January.


Of course, her failed Photoshop attempt over the weekend -- which she has explicitly taken the blame for -- only added more fuel to the fire on what exactly is going on with her.

Fact is ... hardly anybody believes the picture was taken when Kensington Palace says it was -- and with this new affair rumor now making its way into the mainstream ... it's just another layer that Will and Kate have to combat as people keep digging into theory after theory.

Kensington Palace has been mum on just about all of it ... refusing to comment further. We've reached out to them yet again on this latest development ... nothing back yet.

Joe Biden Will Taylor Swift Endorse Me In 2024? ... That's Classified!!!

It's Classified

President Joe Biden was out on the campaign trail Monday, sitting down for an interview with Seth Meyers – and joking about potentially getting Taylor Swift's "classified" endorsement.

The 46th U.S. President sported his signature Aviator glasses while parked on a couch next to comedian Amy Poehler during his visit to "Late Night With Seth Meyers."  Of course, Seth was seated at his desk in front of Joe and the two covered a wide range of mostly political issues.

At one point, Seth told Joe that 18 percent of Americans believe he's working in "cahoots" with Taylor to reelect him in the 2024 presidential race against the Republican nominee, likely Donald Trump.

Seth showed a message Joe posted on the social media app, "X," after the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 to win this year's Super Bowl. The one-liner read, "Just like we drew it up."

The host then asked Joe, "Now, can you confirm or deny that there is an active conspiracy here between you and Ms. Swift?"

Joe went along with the joke, replying, "Where are you getting this information? It's classified. But I will tell you she did endorse me in 2020."

Seth agreed, asking if Taylor would support Joe this time around. But Joe wouldn't give an inch, repeating, "I told you. It's classified."

TMZ Studios

Fun stuff from Commander in Chief.

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Matt Damon is disavowing the most talked about Super Bowl ad -- at least creatively, and instead he's laying blame/giving credit to his BFF Ben Affleck.

Of course, Matt and Ben teamed up with Tom Brady to hilariously debut their boyband, The DunKings, for the splashy Dunkin ad -- which cost $15 mil just for the airtime -- all sporting bright orange tracksuits.

The spot was the standout Super Bowl Sunday commercial, but Tuesday night, when 'Late Show' host Stephen Colbert showed Matt a pic of him in the DunKing getup ... he immediately made it crystal clear he wasn't the brains behind it!

TBF, it does have "Ben Affleck" written all over it.

MD did own this detail ... at the end of the commercial he tells Ben, '"Remember how I said I would do anything for you? This is anything" -- a line he actually said IRL to his pal.

He says Ben just decided to put it in the ad.

Matt jokingly acknowledged being in The DunKings wasn't exclusive to the Boston trio ... 'cause the only qualification needed to be in the band was the willingness to slide into those visually loud tracksuits.

Though, it seems like dressing the part ain't an issue for lots of coffee and donut lovers ... as Dunkin' sold out of the tracksuits in just 19 minutes after going up for sale on their site.

In fact, demand's so high that new stock is on the way ... with the track pants listed for pre-sale.

TMZ Studios

Dunkin's SB spot certainly seemed to sweeten the deal for them -- with staff from various DD locations telling us they've busy as hell since Sunday.

Bottom line: Donut underestimate the power of baked goods.

Matt Damon ¡¡¡Los dunkings no fueron idea mía!!! Comparte detalles en el set

No fue mi idea...

Matt Damon está renegando del anuncio más comentado del Super Bowl, al menos creativamente, y en su lugar le está echando la culpa a su mejor amigo Ben Affleck.

Por supuesto, Matt y Ben se asociaron con Tom Brady para formar la pandilla The DunKings para el impactante anuncio de Dunkin, que costó 15 millones de dólares solo por el tiempo de emisión, y todos vistieron chaquetas de color naranja brillante.

El anuncio fue uno de los más destacados del Super Bowl, aunque cuando Stephen Colbert, presentador de "Late Show" le mostró a Matt una foto con el atuendo de los DunKings, ¡dejó claro que no fue el cerebro detrás del anuncio!

Para ser justos, el anuncio tiene escrito "Ben Affleck" por todas partes.

Matt Damon dice que aportó con un detalle al final del anuncio, cuando le dice a Ben: "¿Recuerdas que te dije que haría cualquier cosa por ti? Esto es cualquier cosa", una línea que de verdad le dijo en la vida real a su amigo.

Y que Ben decidió incluirla en el anuncio.

También reconoció en broma que estar en The DunKings no era exclusivo del trío de Boston, porque el único requisito necesario para ser parte de la banda es la voluntad de ponerse esos buzos naranjos.

Ahora, parece que vestir estas prendas no es un problema para los amantes del café y las donas. Solo 19 minutos después de que salieran a la venta, los conjuntos se agotaron.

De hecho, la demanda ha sido tan alta que están en camino nuevas acciones, como por ejemplo, la pre-venta de los pantalones del conjunto.

TMZ investiga
TMZ Studios

El anuncio fue tan exitoso para Dunkin, que varios empleados de diferentes puntos de venta nos han dicho que han estado súper ocupados desde el domingo.

Katy Perry Anuncia que deja "American Idol" Tiene nuevos planes musicales...

Hacia un nuevo capítulo

Katy Perry acaba de hacer un anuncio sorprendente y es que planea dejar atrás su capítulo con "American Idol".

La icónica cantante estuvo en "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" el lunes por la noche, donde dejó caer la bomba después de 7 años como jueza junto a Lionel Richie y Luke Bryan.

Jimmy dio el pistoletazo de salida al preguntarle si iba a continuar en el programa o no.

Al principio, Katy no respondió tan directamente y dijo que estaba deseando actuar en el festival de música Rock in Río de Brasil este otoño.

Y luego dio la inesperada noticia: "Creo que este será mi último show, mi última temporada para 'Idol'. Me encanta 'Idol', me ha conectado con el corazón del país. Pero siento que necesito salir para sentir ese pulso de mi propio latido".

Muchos en la audiencia sonaban desanimados por la noticia, pero Katy lo manejó como una profesional experimentada con sus sonrisas y su comportamiento optimista, haciendo que todos volvieron a un estado anímico positivo.

De salida

Sin embargo, Jimmy parecía un poco sorprendido y presionó a Katy sobre lo que sus compañeros Lionel y Lucas pensaban de su salida.

Katy respondió: "Bueno, ellos se enterarán esta noche", indicando que los dos solo sabían que tenía algunos nuevos proyectos en marcha.

TMZ investiga
TMZ Studios

Está programado que la última temporada de "American Idol" comience el 18 de febrero y el programa de competencia de canto, en tanto, ya lleva 22 años en marcha.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

No hay palabra todavía sobre quién podría sustituir a Katy en la silla del juez, pero debería saberse en algún momento.

Katy Perry Moving On From 'American Idol' ... Announces New Music Plans

Onto The Next Chapter

Katy Perry just made a stunning announcement ... she's dunzo with "American Idol."

The iconic singer appeared on Monday night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" dropping the bombshell after 7 years as an 'Idol' judge alongside Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.

Jimmy kicked things off, asking Katy point blank if she was going to continue with the show.

At first, Katy didn't answer the question directly, responding that she was looking forward to performing in Brazil's Rock in Rio music festival this fall.

Then she delivered the 'Idol' shocker ...  "I think this will be my last show, my last season for 'Idol.' I love 'Idol' so much, it’s connected me with the heart of America. But I feel like I need to go out to feel that pulse of my own beat."

Many in the audience sounded bummed by the news, but Katy handled it like a seasoned pro with her smiles and upbeat demeanor, turning the mood back to a positive vibe.


Yet, Jimmy seemed a bit startled, pressing Katy on what her fellow judges -- Lionel and Luke -- thought about her exit.

Katy replied, "Well, they'll find out about it tonight," indicating the two were only aware she had some new projects in the works.

TMZ Studios

Her last season is scheduled to start on February 18 as the singing competition TV series hits the 22-year mark.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

No word yet on who might replace Katy in the judge's chair ... but that should be coming down the pike at some point.

Elisabeth Moss ¡¡Revela que está embarazada!!


Elisabeth Moss, estrella de la distópica serie "The Handmaid's Tale", cuyo tema central son las mujeres que son obligadas a tener hijos, ¡ahora va a tener un bebé en la vida real!

La actriz, ganadora de un Emmy, se sentó con Jimmy Kimmel en su programa nocturno el martes por la noche, mostrando su enorme barriguita a todos en televisión nacional.

Jimmy comenzó con una broma: "¿Estás embarazada o simplemente eres una actriz increíblemente comprometida?".

Moss se rio entre dientes y le respondió: "un poco de las dos cosas", confirmando que está embarazada de su primer hijo y que el proceso ha ido "muy bien".

A continuación, le pidió consejos a Jimmy, quien tiene cuatro hijos. Este hizo una broma diciendo que su compañero de televisión Guillermo Rodríguez era su quinto hijo, y luego compartió algunas palabras de sabiduría con Elisabeth.

Jimmy le dijo que sus amigos y familia la colmarán con un montón de "cosas" para el bebé y luego mencionó lo que el actor Bill Murray le dijo una vez a su esposa Molly McNearney.

Según Jimmy, Bill le dijo a su mujer que "llevaran luces de Navidad para colgar o cuentas de algún tipo [en la sala de partos]", junto con una luz nocturna y música.

Bill también recomendó prender velas, pero Jimmy acabó utilizando velas a pilas para evitar una explosión por el oxígeno de la habitación.

Elisabeth parecía abierta a las ideas y calificó de romántico el ambiente iluminado con velas. Jimmy estuvo de acuerdo y dijo que era mucho mejor que la iluminación habitual en la sala de partos, estilo Walmart.

TMZ investiga
TMZ Studios

La charla sobre el bebé luego terminó, pues ella no quiso compartir más detalles sobre su embarazo.

Un poco de historia sobre Elisabeth ... Estuvo casada con el cómico Fred Armisen en 2009, pero se divorciaron al año siguiente. Ha ganado dos premios Emmy a la "Actriz Principal Sobresaliente en una Serie Dramática" por su papel de June Osborne en "The Handmaid's Tale" de Hulu.

'The Handmaid's Tale' Actress Elisabeth Moss Breaks Big Baby News ... I'm Preggers!!!

pregnant not acting !!!

Elisabeth Moss -- star of the dystopian fictional TV drama "The Handmaid's Tale" about women forced to bear children -- is now having a baby in real life!

The Emmy Award-winning actress sat down with Jimmy Kimmel on his late night show Tuesday night, displaying her massive baby bump to everyone on national TV.

Jimmy started with a joke, "Are you pregnant or just an incredibly committed method actor?"

Moss chuckled, responding, "a little bit of both," confirming that she's preggers with her first child and the process has been going "really well."

She then asked for advice from Jimmy, who has four children of his own. Jimmy made a wisecrack about his TV sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez being his fifth kid, then he delivered some words of wisdom to Elisabeth.

Jimmy said friends and family will shower Elisabeth with a lot of "stuff" for the newborn before getting into what actor Bill Murray once told his wife, Molly McNearney.

According to Jimmy, Bill said to "bring Christmas lights to hang or beads of some kind [in the delivery room]," along with a night light and music.

Bill also recommended burning candles, but Jimmy ended up using battery-powered candles to prevent an explosion from the oxygen in the room.

Elisabeth seemed open to the ideas, calling the candlelit atmosphere romantic. Jimmy agreed, saying it was much better than the usual Walmart-style lighting in the delivery room.

TMZ Studios

The baby talk then ended with the actress not sharing any more details on her pregnancy.

A little background on Elisabeth ... she was married to comic Fred Armisen in 2009, but they divorced the following year. She has won two Emmy Awards for "Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series" for her role as June Osborne in Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale."

Justin Timberlake canta "Sanctified" del álbum "EITIW" en "SNL"

Justin Timberlake se reunió con su coprotagonista de "Social Network" en "SNL" e interpretó una segunda canción de su nuevo álbum.

Justin fue el invitado musical en el programa conducido por Dakota Johnson y dio a conocer su sencillo, "Sanctified", que aparece en su nuevo álbum, "Everything I Thought It Was".

También interpretó "Selfish", que fue el primer single del álbum.

Justin también apareció con Dakota y Jimmy Fallon en la última edición de "The Barry Gibb Talk Show".

Como probablemente sabes, Justin ha sido boicoteado por los seguidores                  de Britney, quienes se han vuelto locos comprando el single de 2011 de Britney - "Selfish"- solo para hacer caer a la versión de Justin.

Este es un álbum importante para Justin. El último no estuvo ni cerca de rozar el millón de ventas y si a este no le va bien, puede que se convierta en un intérprete del recuerdo.

tmz investiga
TMZ Studios

El álbum saldrá a la venta el 15 de marzo.

Justin Timberlake Unveils Second Song from new Album on 'SNL'

Justin Timberlake reunited with his "Social Network" costar on "SNL" and performed a second song from his new album.

JT was the musical guest on the show hosted by Dakota Johnson, and he unveiled his single, "Sanctified," which appears on his new album, "Everything I Thought It Was."

He also performed "Selfish," which was the first single from the album to drop.

Justin also appeared with Dakota and Jimmy Fallon in the latest edition of "The Barry Gibb Talk Show."

As you probably know, JT's been dragged by Britney Spears' supporters, who have been going wild buying Britney's 2011 single "Selfish" to drag down Justin's version.

This is a huge album for Justin. His last one did not come close to cracking the 1 million sales number and if this one doesn't do well he may well become a legacy performer.

TMZ Studios

The album is due out March 15.

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