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Conan O'Brien -- Amish Chic

3/15/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While out with his family in Beverly Hills on Sunday, former "Tonight Show" host Conan O'Brien tried to go unnoticed by dressing up like an orthodox Mennonite.


It takes $32.5 million to look this good.


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OK, so Conan is a public figure and can expect some stupid pot shots; but mindlessly bashing his wife is unnecessary and low class, and meanly dissing a little kid is just plain gutless and cruel. Do you have problems with little girls, or just females in general? I'll bet that you're no perfect beauty, and it's obvious that you're not clever or funny. And you had the nerve to call this young girl dumb... (LOL)

1680 days ago


When has Conan ever done stand-up
other than on the Tonight Show or
on his Late Night show?

Yeah, he took Late Night to Chicago
and Toronto and I think San Francisco,
but he just did his usual 10 minute

Leno and Ferguson do stand-up in clubs
and Letterman used to do stand up before
he came to television.

Conan was a writer, but never a stand-up
comedian in clubs or concerts.

1680 days ago


He is taking his Tonight show loss pretty hard.He looks ridiculous.

1680 days ago


In reality, Conan probably 'only' took home around 8-10 million of that 32.5 million dollars. Half of it went to taxes right away, most likely.. then after lawyer, publicist, and agent fees he couldn't have pocketed much more than 10 million.

On a side note.. Leno still sucks.

1680 days ago


Conan has had a production company for years he had it while he was doing late night with conan obrien. no need to make nasty comments about his wife and kid .if you don't like conan fine,leave the family out of it .

1680 days ago

The Truth    

Leno stopped being funny a long time ago. When he went on primetime, he provided a poor lead-in for local NBC news across the country and for Conan's show. It was the biggest primetime bust in television history. People who watch Leno's show probably watch it for its sleep-inducing effect than for entertainment. Sad.

1680 days ago


CONAN SUCKS. How disgusting he looks. ugly kid, and ugly wife.

Just look at CONAN, that is the answer.

1680 days ago


His wife is fat? How can you even tell? Grow up.

1680 days ago


It's funny how people are so uninformed with their information here. I don't even know where to start....
Also, the awful comments about his wife and child- seriously how low can you go? It makes me sick reading MUST be a Leno supporter to be that shameless.


1680 days ago


If I were Jay it would bother me that all my fans are such cruel, dumb, unfunny people. But that's just me.

1680 days ago


Conan. GO AWAY. FOREVER. You are NOT funny. You were plucked from obscurity years ago on the whim of an NBC executive. Your stupid traveling road show looks lame. Please Conan and your idiotic Mac-toting hipsters, GO AWAY.

1680 days ago


And the look is more '70s Charlie Daniels than Amish or Mennonite—two different religions, BTW. (The Amish were a Mennonite splinter group.)

1680 days ago


This is a clear sign he is depressed by the way he is letting himself go. See a psychologist Conan! Money truly doesn't buy happiness.

1680 days ago


Jay, would you actually go up to his family and say that to their face? If not, I'd like to see you grow the b*lls to do it before you make a comment like that.

I hate spineless people who viciously slander but are just whimpering losers who can't say anything without a computer in front of them.

1680 days ago


Keep on keeping on Coco!! I'll dare Leno to attempt to fill even one of the thirty venues Conan will this Spring/Summer. Don't be jealous Leno...

1680 days ago
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