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Erin Andrews' Stalker Sentenced to 30 Months

3/15/2010 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Erin Andrews' stalker, Michael David Barrett, was just sentenced to 30 months in prison.

Erin Andrews

Barrett -- who pled guilty in December to one count of interstate stalking -- has until noon on May 3 to turn himself in. Barrett also has to stay 100 yards away from Erin and her family at all times.

Barrett was accused of secretly videotaping Andrews while she was naked in multiple hotel rooms.

During a news conference after the hearing, Erin said she wished Barrett was sentenced to more time behind bars. She also said she considers Barrett a sexual predator.

Erin Andrews'

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No Avatar

love her!    

she's full of crap! ohhh i have a stalker...ohhh 30 months isnt enough time...case closed time to strip down into next to nothing and grind on a dude for America's love on Dancing with the Stars. Attention whore! PS ur not a star

1681 days ago


Our long national nightmare is finally over. Who are these people again?

1681 days ago


@ #16

Exactly, granted this is't the only woman he's done it to, but SHE needs to shut her mouth about it. You can't bitch that your privacy was invaded and then turn around and let millions watch you on TV nearly naked on a dance show. Does not compute.

1681 days ago


WAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! I'm a victim!! Can everyone see me? I'm a VICTIM!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

1681 days ago


Let the guy walk. he didnt do anything wrong. 30 months in jair is cruel and unjust punishment. Her tits are about average and 30 months is too long just for her ass. her as is juicy though

1681 days ago


I missed this interview, but did she say when she will be shooting another movie? her last one was okay, but it was short and the film was grainy...hopefully she will get a different photographer next time !!!!

1681 days ago


30 months for giving someone a career. sounds kinda harsh, hope she at least bought him a going away present.

1681 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

This is justice? Ummm, ok. In September a man in Missouri got probation for 3 felony counts of molesting a little girl repeatedly from the time she was 5 until she was 12--Probation---no jail time at all!
Last month a man in Novato, Ca got 150 days (5 months) for molesting a 13 year old girl, etc etc etc. Did you pathetic bleeding-hearts speak out against those sickos??? Where's your outcries for justice for those little girls????? Some of you celebrity-worshipping losers disgust me.

1681 days ago


kinda sad this guy got 30 months?? I mean.. he recorded her naked he didnt rape her. Only in the US imo. we segregate and make nudity so taboo that one guy being drawn to a nude woman costs him prison time? She should have either been more careful where she walked around naked or not gotten naked. Should he have distributed it? No but not on a criminal level just on a moral level. Thats like someone recording me taking a piss in the park and putting it online and me having a fit about it. I shouldnt have done it. Well not identical but sorta similar. It was wrong but not "creepY" the guy wanted to see a naked blonde, who wouldnt. He shouldnt have been looking through peep holes but condemn him as a predator and give him years in jail for trying to catch a glimpse of some chick recklessly walking around naked? cmon..

1681 days ago

Mike Hunt    

Shut up Andrews, you whining bimbo. You were hired for your looks, not your small brain. You should just do porn films and shut up already.

1681 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Erin is just pissed because now everyone has seen she is fat and flabby, plus a crappy dancer.
He will be out in 6 months, then sell the video for a million.
Erin will be forgotten by then, she was at 14:59 anyway.

1681 days ago


At least the guys behind bars!! He did this to at least 16 other women/girls too and for all of you feeling such sympathy for him remember this - rapists and paedo's all start out peeking through windows, jerking their pervert little selves off, then when that's no longer good enough for their fantasy they go the whole way and attack some innoccent child/girl/woman to rape them!! If this was Joe Bloggs in the street and it was your kid or loved one attacked you'd all get your macho little booties on and feel perfectly entitled to beat the living crap out of him! Doesn't matter if you hate Erin, she wasn't the only victim of this pervert! He'll be out in 15 months or less anway due to probation, he should be forced to register as a sex offender then because hey, he may be in your neighbourhood next hm?!!!

1681 days ago


she deserved it

1681 days ago


30 months in prison for looking at some boobies? Let's put things in perspective here. This is ridiculous.

1681 days ago


Who curls their hair naked?

1681 days ago
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