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Weight Loss Company Targets Gabourey Sidibe

3/15/2010 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A weight loss company claims "Precious" star Gabourey Sidibe shouldn't be worried about her appearance ... but rather her health.

Gabourey Sidibe
is reaching out to the Oscar nominated star, noting that obesity is a "major epidemic" in the U.S. and they want to help her fight what they call "this terrible affliction."

The company is offering her a one year supply of the product in return for an endorsement -- provided she loses weight.

The CEO wrote a letter to Sidibe, urging her, "The only way you can reach your goal of someday winning that Oscar is by being active, fit, and most of all, healthy!"

A rep for Sidibe could not be reached for comment.


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Damn... Leave this girl alone. If she wants to do it, let her. If she doesn't... it's none of anyone's business. Yall need to get a life.

1682 days ago


They do have a point because Gabourey's weight is very unhealthy but Gabourey should forget diets because they often don't work long term (studies have shown this) and do something like the Paul McKenna method (which is about eating slowly, recognising hunger/stopping when full and improving self-esteem).

1682 days ago

Blue Lake    

I've never heard of this company and they have some nerve suggesting their crappy product would have any bearing on Gabby's career status. She has done quite nicely on her own. If she wants to lose weight, any major diet product company would be happy to offer her a huge check -- one that wouldn't bounce, from a company that will be around in six months.

1682 days ago


That is complete and utter bull saying that she has to be active and fit to win an Oscar. They should be ashamed of themselves for trying to get her with that angle.

1682 days ago


"The only way you can reach your goal of someday winning that Oscar is by being active, fit, and most of all, healthy!"

hmmm i thought the way to win an oscar is by the acadamy voting because they thought an actor/actress's performace in a movie was amazing or watever...ok yea shes big but so wat!! its her life and if she wants to lose weight its her choice and no one has a right to say she fat cause news flast we r all fat we re all human get over it...shes got an amazing personality and shes very talented

1682 days ago


I have seen close up pictures of her face and she is pretty. If Gabourey would lose a lot of weight from her face and body she will be goregous.

If she stays at her current weight Gabourey will NOT be getting too many rolls in Hollywood unless it's for a fat person to act as a maid or the underdog in a picture.

People can say what they want to but Hollywood is not into fat people and I dont't care what color you are. Hollywood has never has been this way and never will be.

1682 days ago


They just trying to cash in her fame. There is no miracle to losing weight, exercise daily and moderate portions is the only sure way. BTW, starving yourself just keeps your metabolism down and the fat won't burn anywhere.

1682 days ago


There were no fat people in Avatar. The only thing in her future is her belly.

1682 days ago


Personally I think she is absolutely gross she's so over weight. She definitely needs to get on some kind of weight control program. I don't know if it should be this company but she definitely needs help with her weight. I haven't seen the movie Precious and don't plan on seeing it but from the clips I saw of it at the Oscars it amazed me that she was hired for the part, but then maybe it was a part for an overweight person and she sure fits that category.

1682 days ago


The good thing about a fat person is HEART disease.Does she not have a mirror?

1682 days ago

And thats the truth    

10. They just trying to cash in her fame. There is no miracle to losing weight, exercise daily and moderate portions is the only sure way. BTW, starving yourself just keeps your metabolism down and the fat won't burn anywhere.

Posted at 4:02AM on Mar 15th 2010 by kromen

I could not agree with you more. I found out that I had a mild case of type 2 diabetes about a year ago. I have always been overweight because my parents thought that feeding me was "love". My doctor did not tell me that if I lose weight I could reverse the diabetes. She just wrote me a prescription for a list of meds.

I was watching a special from Dr. Oz on the Discovery Health channel and he put this guy on a diet that had type 2 diabetes and he reversed it. I did not even know you could do that! I did a lot of research on the internet and I changed my eating habits (I did not go on a diet), cut out the sugar, took 30 minute walks at least 5 times a week and low and behold the weight fell off. I have lost 60 pounds and my diabetes has reversed, my cholesterol went down at least 40 points in around 4 months and my blood pressure is under 120/80. All of this in about 6 - 8 months.

She really needs to lose weight or else she may end up with type 2 diabetes. Let me tell you it is not fun to live with. You have to watch everything you eat when you have it, so why not watch what you eat and either lose weight or maintain a healthy weight because you are going to have to do this when you have diabetes anyway.

She is not going to lose weight until she wants to. I just hope she decides to lose weight before it starts affecting her health.

1682 days ago


I hope Oprah sues the crap out of this company for using her name. From what I understand Oprah did not endorse this company, she had one show about the health benefits of Acai Berries, nothing more. They need to leave this woman alone. Losing weight is a personal choice and no one else's business. Gabourey is a very talented actress with a bright future! I hope she tells this company where to stick their berries.

1682 days ago

phalcon 352    

The truth is,because of her weight and ethnicity she is doomed to a very early death. She will probably never get another note worthy part in movies. I mean how many extremely obese movie STARS are out there today. NONE beside her. I'm not a " Fat Hater " I'm obese myself so I know of what I speak, but I think it's sick that this company goes after her publicly ( or privately ) It's entirely her decision about her weight. ( I prefer Gastric Banding ) You Go Girl!!!

1682 days ago


I think it's disgusting that they're after her to lose weight. I'm guessing that she has had to work twice as hard to get where she is today just because she's overweight. Health aside, something is seriously wrong with Hollywood, women can't be overweight but MEN sure can be. No male overweight stars? Maybe not now due to untimely deaths (yes, mostly linked to weight and complications) but there have been very overweight major stars. John Candy ring a bell or have y'all already forgotten about him? I mean really, look at most over 40 male actors...I bet that at least 3/4 of them are technically deemed overweight by medical standards, as is most of the US if you listen to the media. Fact is, she's obviously a strong woman and people are intimidated by that. Women in Hollywood get tossed aside for gaining as little as 10 pounds they're "overweight", when most of them are actually at a nice, healthy weight. Hollywood sure needs to get it's act together or we'll just end up having to watch more walking skeletons in our romantic comedies - disgusting! It is possible to be a beautiful, strong, decent person without being a size 2. Girl, you do what you want. If you lose the weight, make it for YOURSELF and not cause somebody is tossing money at you.

1682 days ago
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