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Gabourey Sidibe -- Beauty Comes in All Sizes

3/16/2010 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gabourey Sidibe -- Beauty Comes in All SizesGabourey Sidibe might have a weight problem, but it doesn't mean she's unhealthy ... this according to the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA). Yes, that's a real group.

As we first reported, a weight loss company is reaching out to the Oscar-nominated "Precious" star in an effort to help her lose weight and get healthy.

But according to a spokeswoman for NAAFA, being heavy doesn't always mean being unhealthy. Peggy Howell tells TMZ, "You cannot tell by looking at a person if they are healthy. Fat does not equal disease and thin does not equal healthy."

Howell also said NAAFA does not encourage people to get fat or stay fat and reminded us, "Achievements come in all sizes."

Gabourey Sidibe Pics


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Whatever. Fat does equal unhealthy. If she's happy the way she is, that's wonderful for her, but it's known that being significantly overweight is bad for your health, especially your heart.

It's just like people who smoke or drink. You know the risks, I'm sure she knows the risks of being her weight without people being hard on her. If she wants to lose the weight, it's up to her. No one needs to tell her to change, especially a company that wants to use her image to sell their product.

1591 days ago


I suspect that obese people and their health care professionals know when they have crossed the line into unhealthiness. They don't require us to pass judgment out of our social prejudices or make paternalistic assumptions on their behalf.

While I don't think anyone in their right mind wants to suggest that a 600-pound individual is likely to be acquiring everything they could be getting out of life, we need to distance ourselves from this narrow automatic thinking that ten or even fifty or a hundred "extra" pounds is a walking public health problem that we believe entitles us to hand down a public opinion of the individual, much less, discriminate in a more prejudicial context.

Which is exactly what this TMZ article is attempting to do, so out come all the "Fatty, fatty, two-by-four" denizens of the sandlot, who rather desperately need to grow up and realize they are much farther down the moral superiority chain than they believe.

1591 days ago



When you have so much fat on your face that you can't open your eyes more than a slit? YOU ARE TOO FAT.

1591 days ago

Happy Gal    

Yes, she is obese and that is unhealthy. However, there are a lot of other things that are just as unhealthy such as smoking or drinking. I would have to bet the majority of you don't eat properly and don't exercise on a regular basis. And no, I'm not fat. I am a 50 year old woman who still wears a size 4. I eat clean, exercise, don't smoke, and drink only on occasion so I am living a healthy lifestyle. What about you? Stop picking on this poor woman because she's obese when I'm sure the rest of you aren't so perfect yourselves. I'm sure she is perfectly aware of her size. Belittling her and making nasty comments isn't going to help her.

1591 days ago


There is such thing as big boned. You can take x-rays of people and see that people's bones differ in size and density. If all bones were the same then all thin people or all fat people would look exactly the same. This is why some people will never be size 2 (bones are larger than average) or why some people may look thin but when you hear their weight you are amazed to hear how much it is (their bones are denser and heavier). Is being obese a good thing? No. But someone being overweight is not always a direct link to being lazy or wanting to be "fat". And yes, it is possible to be healthy and be overweight.

1591 days ago


Ms. Gabourey Sidibe has secured a role on Showtime series "Big C" with a hefty salary of over 200,000 per episode. She has also secured 2 movie roles. For a "lazy, ugly, morbidly obese" woman she is doing so much better than 98% of these haters on here.
I am amazed at such fortune tellers on here. They know why she is heavy. They know she is in bad health. They know this is personally messing up their life, because they are so angry with her, calling her lazy, no will power, etc etc etc.

What is wrong with some of you? You are trying to make yourself look better by calling someone you don't know horrible things?
Is her being large, personally harming you?
I am sure you have some large person in your family, some favorite aunt, uncle, cousin, someone with a huge heart, that would give you anything. Would you like someone you don't know start calling them horrible names? Well someone of you would do it yourself, because you care nothing about anyone, least of all yourself. How much you must hate yourself to try to slam someone else to make yourself look better. You haters are going straight to Hades.

1591 days ago


I was once well over hundred pounds over weight- I didn't see it at the time, I knew I was overweight new I didn't really like that body, but lied to myself and told me that was just how it was. My father who was also obese has been dying from the effects of Diabetes- un treated for 10 year, his kidneys are failing, he suffers from congestive heart failure and at 65 looks like a very old grey man. As his health began to decline it sent me into a race for my life, I changed my diet dramatically(no pills/surgery/ diet plans) lost the weight kept it off. I recently saw a Kirsty Alley on Tv and asked my sister if I had looked like her then went back to see the pictures of me at her weight and I didn't recognise myself. Being that overweight- is not healthy it's a physical strain on the body your joints hurt, you heart races, you can't sleep properly- no it's not healthy.

1591 days ago


Yeah, look at the thin people like Brittany Murphy, Casey Johnson, Michael Jackson, Andrew Koenig, Corey Haim and Heath ledger. They were obviously healthy...NOT!

1591 days ago


Being overweight puts more stress on your joints and your heart. More stress on your heart can easily lead to a heart attack. Yes, Gabby needs to lose a LOT of weight. It's fine to be happy as you are but she cannot be considered healthy at her weight. There's a reason why a category called MORBIDLY obese exists... being that over weight CAN kill you!

1591 days ago


Give me a break. Diabetes is a few years away for her.

1591 days ago


When you are FAT and don't SEE it....get a full-length mirror from Walmart and get a grip.

When your butt follows a few steps behind you....YOU ARE FAT!

When you have NO NECK....YOU ARE FAT!

When you WADDLE instead of WALK...YOU ARE FAT!

You shouldn't NEED friend or family telling you that YOU ARE FAT!

Stop making EXCUSES...face the FAT FACT...and start getting healthy for YOURSELF!

Good Luck!

1591 days ago


Really then someone tell this to the health insurance companies as my husband and I cannot get insurance for his 18 year daughter who is 5'8" at 280 pounds, never gets sick. She is very active!!!!!!!!!! So until the insurance companies say it is not healthy does not mean a thing to the rest of us...........

1591 days ago


What do you call a cow with no legs?

Ground beef....

The only way she'll ever land another job, Precious 2

1591 days ago


BS. You are not healthy if you are significantly overweight. Period. Saying that you can be is a denial defense this group and others are using. It is true you can still be very healthy if you are a little overweight, but once you get heavy enough that extra weight starts putting unhealthy stress on your heart, joints and organs. Not to mention most overweight people are eating an unhealthy diet causing an inflammatory response in the body that then leads to all kinds of other health issues. A fat person may be able to walk into a doctors office one day and have their blood work come back perfect, but it's only a matter of time before that extra weight really starts to take its toll.

1591 days ago



1591 days ago
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