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Corey Feldman -- Haim's Death 2 Much to Bear

3/17/2010 7:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Feldman skipped his best friend's funeral yesterday, but he found his own way to pay tribute to Corey Haim last night -- getting a big ol' tattoo.

Corey Feldman

Corey mourned his friend at T-Man Tattoo, a San Fernando Valley ink shop. The art features the numbers, 222. On his blog, in his open letter to Haim, Corey said correctly, "Nobody will understand the magic of 22/222."


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Joe Smith    

Just another loser, media-whore douche-bag, just like his dead friend....

1647 days ago


That is a dumb looking tattoo! He does not look like the grieving best friend to me. Looks like his only way of getting press coverage is off dead people. Weirdo. He is full of bologna.

1647 days ago


Corey F, you did everything you could to help your friend. Sooner or later something bad was bound to happen no matter how much you or anyone else did to keep your friend safe and sane. It was a death that was written in the cards and was just a matter of time. Be strong, young sir, don't blame yourself. Your friend is with God now and his suffering here on earth has ended. Live on with the good/happy memories and use those memories to make you a better person. Celebrate the life, move forward, and never give up.

1647 days ago


Candian Girl??,,Ya right,,,nice try Cory. Now go hang with Spencer and Heidi.

1647 days ago


I feel for Feldman. Yes, he does silly things but you guys think about his past. He was molested, his parents blew through his $$ so he divorced them, he's been through two divorces, drug addiction, losing a best friend, etc. Cut the dude some slack.

1647 days ago


Unless you are sick as hell, in a gurney, in a hospital bed, etc. how could you miss a funeral? I was a pallbearer when I had the flu really bad.

This is unreal, and I googled 222, it seems its asprin with codiene? If they were best friends also you would think Feldman would have done everything he could in his power to help his friend. I know that is difficult i've had friends in simaler states that I did what I could do. But a tattoo of a narcotic? Doesn't sound like he was much of a friend.

1647 days ago


hey Robyn,you're right.EVERYBODY has crap and downfalls in life,but this moron always seems to find a shovel and dig himself deeper. he's a douchebag.

1647 days ago


The number 222 carries a much significance in the world of numerology . Many positive characteristics are attached with it like Duality, Polarity, Choice, Cooperation, Service, Harmony, Support, Waiting, Diplomacy, Patience, Intuition, Adaptability, Empathy, Partnership, Collecting, Reproduction, Balancing of Opposites

The number 222 signifies that the person is on the right path and he/she will face fewer obstacles. This number shows that the person is doing right work and the person is going in the right direction as well.

1647 days ago


That is the worst tattoo art I've ever seen!! Did a kid draw it?

1647 days ago


Don't judge till you walk in someone elses shoes. Shame on some of you people!!!

1647 days ago


What a freakin nerd!!! Are you kidding me with the cig and no shirt? Get a grip you washed up has been!

1647 days ago


Feldman IS allowed in Canada- he shot Lost Boy's 2 there...
Haim was the one who technically shouldn't have been in the US but duped US consulate into issuing him a visa by allowing tests for ILLEGAL DRUGS knowing that it was popping prescription pills left and right.

As someone mentioned 222 is the code in Canada for codeine and 22 could be in reference to Bill 22 which gave pharmaceutical companies a reprieve from expensive licensing- which helps keeps the cost of drugs low.

There's the magic...The two Corey's smuggling inexpensive Canadian pharmaceuticals in their underpants.

1647 days ago


2 gether
2 long
2 forget

1647 days ago


As far as I know papparazi are not allowed into an establishment with their cameras unless invited. Clearly the photographer is inside the tattoo shop. How did TMZ know he was going to be there? I doubt they are following him around all day. He must have called them himself. Pseudo-celebs do it all the time.

1647 days ago

demis bicycle seat    

75. Unless you are sick as hell, in a gurney, in a hospital bed, etc. how could you miss a funeral? I was a pallbearer when I had the flu really bad.

i didnt go to my fathers funeral and i was closer to him then anyone else in the world LOVE AND MISS YOU POP!!!

1647 days ago
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