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Corey Feldman -- The Ink Explanation

3/18/2010 1:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Feldman's new Corey Haim/hot air balloon/floating eyes tattoo is definitely out there -- so we'll just let him be the one to try and explain it.

Corey Feldman: Click to watch


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Yes, Corey Feldman has a son, and no his son is not dead. I don't know why the balloon is supposed to be going up into the clouds, but it's not because his son is dead. It's definitely a crazy looking tattoo, but so what? These 2 guys had a lot of history together. If he wants to get some crazy tattoo as a memorial, good for him. I think the 2 of them had a lot of 'unfinished business' between them and now Feldman has to deal with all that on his own, it's probably pretty tough. I'm sad that Haim is dead and I wish Feldman all the best.

1649 days ago

richard g    

i hope corey takes care of himself and gets some well rest..
..i plan to support anything he does,i plan on seeing him more on tv and movies and watch him climb back up! i felt so proud for him we he spoke so positive on larry king he owned it for his buddy!! hes not a bad guy at all- people who talk all that bad stuff are just loosers with no jobs just posting responses to boards all over the internet all day.......because the internet is pure truth in their miserable lifes.

1649 days ago


I think 99% of the favorable pro-Feldman posts were written by Feldman himself. They sound just like him. And who else would be so into Corey Feldman?

1649 days ago

pink floyd    

this clown is sarting to make me sick.i think the wrong corey died.

1649 days ago


Corey F doesn't strike me as a bad guy but it's obvious that he has a lot of problems. If you ever watched the old reality show The Surreal Life with Feldman, you'll know what I mean. Haim must also have had some serious mental health issues to be prescribed anti-psychotics. Mental and emotional health issues are real problems for some people. Be thankful if you're not one of them and don't be judgemental about the way people mourn the loss of a loved one.

1649 days ago


It looks like Corey went over to the moms house and finished all the drugs up! What a wack job!

1649 days ago

Frankies Crab House    

Hopefully when the drama of another "drug addict drops dead" is over, this loser will disappear. You can tell by this that he's either high or brain damaged.

1649 days ago


I love you, Mouth!

1648 days ago


He looks great! What a nice gesture

1648 days ago


Corey .... stop the B.S. Go get a job delivering pizzas or something!

1648 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Carey Haim and Corey Feldman were child actors.
Neither was a great actor. Neither could make that tranisition ,as most child actors cannot do,into adult roles. Neither could accept this fact and more on. Both are soley the blame, as with other child actors, for their self-destructive behavior.
Both were long term drug addicts.
Haim died.Feldman is still alive, and appears to be clean and sober a few years now. Good for him.
Feldman is not well in that he still hasan addiction .He is addicted to fame and to a long lost dream that he is going to be an actor. He is not an actor.
He needs to move on and really get better.
His claim tofameis anywa he canand now he is getting some pr by Haim's death.
Feldman will TELL what their little 22 thing means sooner or later becsuse he will get some pr from that.

1648 days ago


Media wh*re has struck again. Feldman has no shame. Disgusting.

1648 days ago


21. this clown is sarting to make me sick.i think the wrong corey died.


Nice gesture but cheesy. Where did he get his Michael Jackson in memoriam tattoo? On his peen?

1648 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

It's a shout-out to that old 70's TV show "Room 222"
High school tv show.

1648 days ago


Yes, it's a crazy looking tattoo and yes it seems that Feldman might go off the edge soon. He's had a really rough life and being in Hollywood is making things worse (he just doesn't realize it). I'm praying for him.

1648 days ago
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