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Jesse James: I'm Sorry for My 'Poor Judgment'

3/18/2010 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James has issued a vague public apology to Sandra Bullock and his children, following a woman's claims that he's been having an affair with her.

Jesse James: I'm Sorry for My 'Poor Judgment'

In the apology, James never directly admits to having an affair, but says, "There is only one person to blame for this whole situation, and that is me."

James says a "vast majority" of the allegations made against him are "untrue and unfounded," but says, "It's because of my poor judgment that I deserve everything bad that is coming my way."

Jesse goes on to say, "This has caused my wife and kids pain and embarrassment beyond comprehension and I am extremely saddened to have brought this on them. I am truly very sorry for the grief I have caused them. I hope one day they can find it in their hearts to forgive me."


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Jesse, Saying you are sorry for POOR JUDGMENT is like putting a band aid on an open heart surgery incision. It is meaningless. The bigger issues Jesse is the fact you have NO MORALS, NO CHARACTER, NO HONOR. Judgment you are only saying because you got caught. You have major issues Jesse and not worth Sandra's time. Poor Judgment should be the least of your concerns.

1643 days ago

grossed out.    

Scott you are a moron. That IS Jesse James. If you are making a very bad attempt at being funny, then why trash TMZ? You obviously like it or you wouldn't be reading it.

1643 days ago


This is truly dissapointing. I mean come's Sandra Bullock !! She is beautiful and funny and smart and I've never heard a complaint about her....I know there could be problems in their personal life, but men should respect their wives enough to NOT cheat on them. She should drop him and move on..she is WAY too good to put up with that.

1642 days ago


Way to go Jesse! Teach your daughters how a man should treat them. SMH...

1642 days ago


All of you should take a good look in the mirror and ask yourselves if you've ever done anything out of poor judgement. Everybody is insulting Jesse for allegedly having had an affair. Yet I'm pretty sure none of you are honorable and decent human beings, because if you were you wouldn't be insulting him for allegations that are speculative--at the moment. If you want to take out your anger on a cheating spouse maybe you should be insulting said spouse, and not a person who is only being accused of as of yet.

1642 days ago

Brenda Hahn    

Please give them a chance to figure out there own problem, Love hurts,So give them some healing time...your in my thoughts...

1642 days ago

deb c    

It's really sad that when a man starts getting older and losing his looks he has to go and have an affair to have his ego stroked or whatever. Sandra waited all this time to find the right person and settle down and look what he goes and does. Shame on you Jesse James. Sandra deserves lots better! If he couldn't be faithful he never should have married and put her through this. I will now step down off my soapbox.

1642 days ago


I feel so sad for Sandra Bullock. The man that she publically thanked for having her back, stepped aside and left her open for the blind tackle at the most pinnacle moment of her life. What a colossal creep.

1642 days ago


sometimes i dont get my fellow man, why cheat when u have a beautiful wife,and especially cheating with someone that looks like a hoe and not pretty at all. to jesse u f@#5 up big time my friend. and to all man in the world dudes stick to one woman. if you already are have someone in your life enjoy ur life with that person, but if you dont feel love anymore for that person.DONT CHEAT. be a man, show that u have ur balls in the right place and tell your partner. that you don't feel anything for her.then start dating someone else not while ur with someone.

peace to all

1642 days ago


Well, he had me fooled. I thought he was different than all of those hollywood yuppies. That's why I thought him and Sandy went so good together. She's so normal and down to Earth. Poor girl, I feel bad for her. How embarassing. What a total jerk. I hope he gets dragged through the mud for this. What is wrong with people?
And I swear, if I see one more celebrity going to "rehab" for their "addiction" I'm gonna' start slappin' grannies. Someone yells a racist remark, they make BFF's with Rev. Jesse Jackson. You cheat on your wife because you're a hoe, and you go to "rehab" for sex addiction. Someone finally catches you snorting lines on film, suddenlt you're a drug addict in rehab.
Gosh, Hollywood is getting so lame. Just admit it people. You cheated, you're a racist, you're a druggie.... whatever. Just admit it!

1642 days ago


I can't believe James had an affair with that skank. Bullock is a beautiful woman, he would take a chance of losing Bullock over THAT ugly shank. And from the looks of the skank, I pray that he didn't carry some nasty disease to Bullock.

1642 days ago


Jesse James' mistress Michelle "Bombshell" McGee is a NAZI supporter...Enough Said...

1642 days ago


This guy is married to one of the hottest, funniest, and nicest people in the world, let alone Hollywood, and he screwed around on her with a disgusting skank who posed as a Nazi?

Sandy really doesn't deserve this, and if it's true, she's gotta leave. If she doesn't, she'll look desperate and weak. It's a shame that this happened while there is a child involved, because if they break up she'll probably never be in that kids life much anymore. So because he likes to hump ugly skanks, Sandy's heart gets broken at least twice.

Revenge is a dish best served during divorce proceedings and I hope she milks him dry, even though we all know she makes more money than he does. What a total douche.

1642 days ago


Crushing America's Sweetheart.....JJ, kiss your career goodbye. Bye Bye--- Wal-Mart deals, the clothing at Neiman's the Hollywood connections, Businessmen with needy egos who wait 1 year for bikes with death wobbles....all drying up as we speak. The only people who will celebrate this kind of galactic f*ckup will be the hoodrats...looks like you are going right back to where you started. I just hope this doesnt reflect on the people out there that have his "look", but not his behavior problems. Get help Jesse, and get humble.

1642 days ago


How sad but I hope she leaves him and moves on. He is very stupid!

1642 days ago
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