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Joslyn James: This Is the Real Tiger Woods

3/18/2010 4:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joslyn James -- former porn star and alleged Tiger Woods mistress -- says she published the infamous texts because there's a lot of BS floating around ... and she wants to show the world who Tiger really is.

Joslyn James: This Is the Real Tiger Woods

Joslyn went on the "Keeler in the Morning" radio show in upstate New York today -- and said she created her website so the truth could come out and Tiger could take responsibility for his actions.

According to Joslyn -- there's more to come.


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gov in martinsville    

okay people, let's get real, most of us probably have some "skeletons in our closet", tiger (nor does any one person) does not define the great sport of golf..we have heard so much about how tiger's return would mean so much to the sport and how he has been missed...frankly, i enjoyed the past few weeks of watching golf, in that i did not have to see "the great tiger"!!..all of us who grew up in the 50's & 60's know who really made golf what it is today - Arnie & Jack & Gary...unfortunately we will have to "grin and bear it" again this year at augusta when the "the great tiger" makes his "triumphant" return for me, i will watch the masters(the greatest tournament - and the one i always pretended i was in while playing as a kid at our local club with my father) after playing locally with some of my closest friends and then cooking some good pork on the grill!..oh yeah..go john daly, fred couples, rocco and let's give a shout to some of the upcoming talent - rory and anthony

1657 days ago


this chic puzzles me, she knew he was married but went a head n messed with him, they r both wrong
two: that's so last year, he moved on, apologized, therapy, he is back to his Golf.
get a life b/i/t/c/h

1657 days ago


She's a pig porn star that got paid for the same things she did with Tiger, and now she is crying? She's only in it so she can get money. What he did was wrong, but she'll ride this bandwagon so she gets her piece of the pie.

1657 days ago


Why does TMZ keep writing these stories about Tiger Woods. This is old news and the former porn star is just out to make as much money as she can before the story disappears. Please stop acknowledging these sluts. Anybody that would have an affair with a married man is a slut. Let Tiger and Elin move on with their lives. It seems that TMZ is rooting for a break-up, and that is why they continue to post this crap in the hopes that Elin will leave Tiger for good. Then TMZ would have a lot more crap to right about. This is literally last years news.

1657 days ago


This whore with the PTA Mom haircut isn't fooling any one with those crocodile tears.

Tiger is a pig we know. You're an opportunist slut we also know. Story told. Now go away.

1657 days ago


Obviously she is trying to black mail Tiger. Pay me a few million and I won't release anymore of the text messages. And why is Gloria Allred still involved in this mess?

1657 days ago


Joslyn James should take responsibility for what she did to his family. TO ALL WHORES/HOMEWREKING WHORES: you break the families up, when all you have to say do is say NOOOOOO...Man, what do these woman and men think when they cheat, doesn"t ne one know of all the diseases out there. People like that are what spreads diseases...That's just disgusting, and as for Jesse James' and Tiger WTF are you thinking you have the hottest ladies who probably would do anything for you (well not now) and yet ur still not satisfied

1657 days ago


I just think she need to get a life. she is mad cause she was just a jump off and she look like a crack head wanting money.Tiger needs his head checked cause he will sleep with anything with a pulse all of them need to go see a doctor and get tested for every thing an I mean EVERY THING.

1656 days ago


Um I think she is a little slow...didn't Tiger already take responsibility for his actions on NATIONAL TELEVISION!!! What a WHORE! He was just starting to get his life back. WTF!!

1656 days ago


no one cares about the so-called mistress(s) nothing to's over and get a load of the compassion for his 2kids ...the more she and gloria come out and try to drop bombs makes them look very very bad... Elin should research suing some of these women for getting in between those kids and their family life,no one is naive to think these women honestly didn't know who TW was; and for just one to get 75thou to tell the worse TW story is offensive; it's a he said she said and any woman who saves texts,email and or dresses is acting with pre-meditation and now we see it in action ...shameful

1638 days ago


who the hell is she to tell Tiger he should be more oncerned on home?
That nasty skank knew he is married,It was just another groupy wanting her 15 minutes of fame.
She might have a nice body but she really needs to do something about that face...Maybe Tiger carry's a bag with him

1636 days ago


I can't believe how much fame she's getting for this. And now she's acting crazy following him around from town to town working whatever strip club in the area. Asif it wasn't bad enough for the other clubs that aren't in the immediate area of where ever the golf tour is, jj decides she's going to come in and feature at a major club taking would be customers(money) away from the girls in the other clubs. F***** Stripper!!!!

1614 days ago

Ray Turner    

I don't condone cheating, Tiger was wrong! Since he decided to
be unfaithful, why on earth, did he choose a skanty, fithy,
whore like this. If you are going to steal, don't risk everything for chump change.I am a man, and I can understand the
temptation that a rich, famous, and good looking guy like Tiger is constantly faced with. I also think that it is an unrealistic
expectation for the wife of someone like this to expect him to
be faithful. I beleive that most men are just like that.

1542 days ago
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