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Joslyn James: This Is the Real Tiger Woods

3/18/2010 4:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joslyn James -- former porn star and alleged Tiger Woods mistress -- says she published the infamous texts because there's a lot of BS floating around ... and she wants to show the world who Tiger really is.

Joslyn James: This Is the Real Tiger Woods

Joslyn went on the "Keeler in the Morning" radio show in upstate New York today -- and said she created her website so the truth could come out and Tiger could take responsibility for his actions.

According to Joslyn -- there's more to come.


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J deezy    

Besides the fact this hoe is trash, why doesn't anyone talk crap about her. It takes 2 to consent and she obviously has no values since she slept with a married man, oh wait she is a washed up, used and abuse, has been porn star. Get a new story, Tiger will move forward in his career and life no matter what TMZ or anyone else has to report.

1619 days ago


Hard to imagine Tiger hit this! Whether he put a bag over her head, put dark shades on or just closed his eyes! This is one ugly, nasty, distorted, relentless, lopsided gutter whore. ALL OF THESE WHORES were delustional, stupid, classless, greedy whores looking for a payday! How does a professional street corner or wannabe porn star seriously think a man like Tiger would want anything more than a blow job or quick bang? What makes these sluts think he would even think of leaving his wife? The man has enough money to pay off his wife for life. Clearly, these whores who prefer it rough as Tiger prefers them toothless, are as uneducated as trailer trash can be. Thus being the reason to attempt to hang on to Tiger - Mr. Money Bags! It amazes me how american women easily drop to their knees for a big schlong or a few bucks, even a little notoriety. The sad part is, a whore is a whore is a whore!! This woman looks like a total idiot, 1. To be anywhere near Gloria Allred, 2. To continue to embarass herself chasing Tiger and 3. THE MAN IS MARRIED!! Is she so psychiotic that she doesn't care about what this is doing to his wife? Her silly ass will end up with nothing and in 3 months she'll commit suicide...3 days later she will be forgotten.

1619 days ago

Big D    

Is she ugly or what, the others were at least pretty.....move on, nobody cares.....

1619 days ago


I talk like this when it comes to sex, and I knew I wasn't the only
one. People talk dirty, that is a fact, as it deeply enhances sex.
And if you are doing sex right, you are doing everything that Tiger
Woods mentioned, plus some--actually, Tiger is a saint compared to
me. This woman who released these messages, is simply bragging--she
is no victim as she enjoyed all of it, just as long as Tiger was
sleeping with her!!!

Let me tell you, these messages have only made Tiger more desirable
to women, just check out all the love messages left to him on Perez
Hilton's story about this. It is running about 10 to 1, in favor, of Tiger with girls propositioning him and approving of every word that he used in his texting, including slapping, choking, spanking, and anal sex!!! The girls are saying they love him all the more because of it and are throwing themselves at him!!!!

TMZ's hypocrisy is hilariously funny, considering the intense sexual banter by its own reporting team on the TV show version of TMZ. This is all just normal adult (and experimental) sex, period!!!

1619 days ago


That porn star is only out there to make money on Tiger woods.

Move on with your life because Tiger has.


1619 days ago


#3 "eyeroll," excuse me, I meant #4 poster "Me" (my post #13), regarding low standards.

1619 days ago

I am so tired of whores, addicts, thieves and losers riding the coattails of celebrities to try and make a buck. It's obvious she must be broke, look at her face for Christ's sake!!

1619 days ago


Now I know what guys mean when they call a girl butter face...

1619 days ago


This is getting so old. These mistresses are only trying to keep themselves relevant. No one really cares who they are, it's time they get a life...

1619 days ago


This immoral, shameless wh**e is doing this out of spite and revenge! She wanted money from Tiger but could not get any. Well, there is no surprise here because this is what you get when you put trash with trash... more trash!!!

1619 days ago


People keep talking about how ugly this pathetic woman is.
What about Tiger? Has anyone ever taken a good look at him?
He's about as homely as they come. He looks like a voodoo man
or a chipmunk in many of his photos. Yuk.

1619 days ago


Lets not forget this woman has sex for cash!

1619 days ago


It is a sad commentary on the state of the world when people are actually on here defending this man. Sad, but he is an adulterer and a wh*remaster. Not to mention, he would never defend you.

1619 days ago


no one cares your just putting more sh!t on there relationship the spot light is off you now dont cry about it. all you are is a ---- fill in the blank woman

1619 days ago

Jama K Shabazz Martin    

How is this bitch even a "victim"? Nobody cares anymore

1619 days ago
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