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Porn Star to Tiger:

'I Got Your Texts

Right Here'

3/18/2010 3:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned one of Tiger Woods' alleged mistresses is going public with his text messages to her, as well as other revealing items, proclaiming, "It's time to tell the truth about Tiger."

Tiger woods
We're told porn star Joslyn James will release a ton of stuff at 11 AM ET -- including scores of never-before-seen text messages from Tiger -- on the website

Joslyn acquired the domain name two weeks ago.


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Who cares?!?! We get it--he slept with a lot of tramps. This is what happens bimbos when you have an affair with a married man. The woman is a porn actress, its not like she was some innocent young girl! She is trying to get money! Crawl back under your rock sleaze bag. Your 15 minutes of fame are WAYYYY over!

1659 days ago


Here's a Google image search of this poor innocent woman. It's hard to understand why I have no empathy for her.

1659 days ago


yesterday's news honey, let it go. Jeeze...a man cheated on his wife! We're all soooo surprised! Probably at least half the people making negative comments about Tiger have done it. What a bunch of hypocrites we are to judge others no worse than ourselves.

1659 days ago


I think the best part about this story is that these "women" act as if they didn't know Tiger was married? Seriously, this is not like John Doe trying to hit you up while married, it's not very hard to find out that Tiger has a family.

I can't wait for Tiger to tee it up at the Masters, I hope he wins. Everybody loves a comeback story and lets be honest that Tiger is the best golfer of all time so it won't take long for him to win a tournament.

I think what Tiger did is disgusting and I feel horrible for his family. That said what these "women" are trying to do by cashing in by all but blackmailing him under the watch of Gloria Alldead is just sad and pathetic.

Let all the haters hate but sorry folks Tiger is still a billionaire, has endorsements, is still an icon and will have more fun and make more money betwen the hours of eight and nine this morning then you probably will in your entire life.

1659 days ago


GO AWAY GRANDMA! She is so stupid and I believe all she wants is some attention from Tiger. I am beginning to wonder if he even knows who this person is... unless of course, he has rented one of her movies...

1659 days ago

Gabe Newman    

This is almost like a former rodeo clown becoming Hugh Hefner, except Hugh Hefner is becoming a former rodeo clown. An archetype he was posed to us. We were all Tiger Woods... Hugh Hefner, whomever; and why in the world he ever stood up there, as pathetic looking as it was, and appologize for being Hugh Hefner, then I'll never understand, but it sounds like he got some bad advice. The next thing you know we'll be seeing Tiger on Judge Judy!

1659 days ago


o k.....we get f*%#ed tiger....but you feel the need to expose the texts......your family must be so proud........

1659 days ago


Right on #5, she is sCARy!!!! What was he thinking????

1659 days ago


Talk about a day late and a dollar short! This might have been interesting information if she came forward before Rachel, Jamie, or any of the other 55 women came forward. You missed your chance at 15 minutes! Sorry, you slept with Tiger Woods for nothing!!

1659 days ago


This woman has some serious issues. She just can't let go of him. Tiger, on the other hand, has lost any respect I had for him. Elin needs to have respect for herself and not allow herself to be treated the way she did.

1659 days ago


tiger is movin on with his life and this whore just wont let it be pretty obv she is doin it for attention now

1659 days ago


How old is this dusty looking skank? She looks like Leave to Beaver's mother. Where did Tiger find her, GILFS.COM?

1659 days ago


no wonder Elin is mad about the porn star....this bitch keeps coming back! i'm sorry Elin but it's time to meet up with the lawyers again....

1659 days ago


Jaundice Eye you hit the Nail on the Head. Every time I see Ms Gloria on TV I like to barf. All those women believing their can git cash for their lies, better watch out all the Gloria Aldreds in the world wont be able to help you if TW decides to turn loose all the Legal Eagles he has at his disposal. Just think, that would be hell of a Cat Fight, I pay to see this one.

1659 days ago


A swine...isn't this one of the infamous L.A. madam attorney's lucky ladies? She and the others don't seem to understand that intelligent America considers all of them low-life trailer park trash opportunists who violated a young mother and her children? Drop off the face of the Earth, please!

1659 days ago
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