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Bindi Irwin Comes to Hollywood

3/20/2010 1:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When you watch this video, please keep in mind Bindi Irwin is 11 years old.

Bindi Irwin

She's got a movie coming out, plays with non-venomous snakes, and doesn't think people should wear wildlife.

She's 11.


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11 going on 40. She'll be an old lady in 5 years.

1614 days ago


she's a cutie

1614 days ago


Adorable. She is too freakin cute. And so smart. Her father would be so proud.

1614 days ago


This child is amazing! Finally, a real role model for young girls. She showed more grace and intelligence than any of the celebrities tmz hounds.

1614 days ago


Awww, how cute is SHE!? :-)

1614 days ago


...and she's looking more like her Dad every day. :-)

1614 days ago


Adorable!! It seems like she is doing very well. I remember seeing her at her dads memorial service and I busted into tears. She is a sweet girl who loves animals. Also, she is so much smarter than 95% of the people you talk about TMZ. Good on you.

1614 days ago


LOOK OUT WORLD. Here comes Bindi! What a poised young lady! She will no doubt go far and have a far reaching impact on conservation.

1614 days ago


Ok, stop referring to other comments by their number. All it takes is one comment to get deleted by the admin and chaos ensues.

And Bindi is awesome!

1614 days ago


Adorable, refreshing, intelligent and graciously polite young actress....WOW Her parent's gifts to this child and her little brother are quite evident. Wish there were more children like her....and I wish the pre-teens of the USA would emulate her instead of the Brittany Spears clones.

1614 days ago


It is extremely annoying to hear this guy keep the rumor going that pit bulls are dangerous. The Pit Bull breed is not inherently dangerous at all. It is the owners that train the dogs to be vicious. Sick people, not sick animals.

1614 days ago


I wonder how many parents MAKE their kids go to football practice, soccer games, dance recitals, clarinet lessons, and PUSH them to GO GO GO in order for them to get scholarships? How many parents force their kids to eat a certain way for their sport, rehearse for their craft, and behave in a way the parent deems fit in order for them to "have a bright future?" How many kids want to quit basketball when it stops being fun, and it becomes the parent's goal, or drops out of tap lessons, or maybe puts down the baseball bat because it's no longer about the game, it's about the parent's expectations? To suggest this child is any kind of meal-ticket is ignorant and unjust. I suppose every kid out there practicing something they adore is only there to fund the parent's hopes and dreams? Well then, I guess we should all put down the banners and let our kids sit in front of the tube and net all day long. Bright future in that, of course.

Well done, Bindi.

1614 days ago


BTW...I agree the TMZ guy did a lousy fact even at my age, I would have handled this and quite frankly other interviews he's done, much differently. Just so happens TMZ...I do need a job!

1614 days ago


this is very nice to see what a eloquent young women you can tell her mother and father raised her right (RIP Steve) this is so charming i dont think it belongs on this site haha i mean there's no snooki no jessica simpson and no kristen stewart ANYWHERE???

1614 days ago


Bindi is adorable and she handled herself well. I am surprised TMZ approached an 11 year old.

1614 days ago
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