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Jesse James Nazi Salute Photo Coming Soon

3/21/2010 4:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned there is a photo of Jesse James making the rounds and in it he is wearing a hat that looks identical to the one Michelle McGee is wearing in her Nazi photos ... and he is making the Nazi salute.

Jesse James, Michelle McGee

We've seen the photo -- which reportedly was taken two years ago -- and there is no mistaking it's Jesse. The hat Jesse is wearing is nearly identical to the one Michelle has on in the infamous photos, except for the rope across the front (see above).

In the photo, Jesse is holding up his right hand in a "Heil Hitler" pose ... and with his left hand he is sort of covering his mouth with two fingers (almost like mimicking Hitler's mustache).

The woman selling the photo told TMZ she didn't actually take the pic -- it belonged to a friend who worked with Jesse and the friend does not know she is selling it.


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It's ironic that this comes to light now when Sandra said, "I thought he was a bigot when I first met him." Guess she should have followed her instincts.

1675 days ago


What would Sandra Bullock be doing with someone that was a "bigot" considering what she obviously believes in. SHe just gave a very heartfelt speech about equal opportunity, and avoiding prejudice at the Oscars, if Jesse James was some hardcore racist, or whatever, Sandra Bullock would have known that along time ago and never married him. And if he was that kind of guy, he would have never been okay with his wife starring in the Blindside considering the storyline... Is it that hard to figure out?

1675 days ago


Why anyone wants to be famous is beyond me. The media builds you up, just to rip you down. Then it's all about the "come back" story, or who gets the 1st photo or interview since the scandal broke. It's all so predictable.

Women are very attracted to power and that's why politicians and celebrities are their prey. Lately, though, it seems as if these women might be in it for the publicity and $$$ after the affair/fling ends.

To all the cheaters out there: If you know you can't resist temptation...then DON'T get married!!!

1675 days ago

Lin McKay    

If the photo surfaces for reader viewing I would say Jesse James has likely ended his career along with his marriage. He must be without a brain to allow something so disgusting to be photographed. Sandra Bullock can do better than him. The court should give her custody of the children, all of them. James is a loser, McGee is a loser and the three children have lost the most. Sandra Bullock can rebound but will the children be able to do that same with their loser father raising them? Sad day for the James/Bullock family.

1675 days ago

river rat    

Wow, Sharpie eyebrows! This is an ugly b i t c h !!

1675 days ago


If TMZ had such a photo it would be up by now. They just wanted everyone here for the non event that was Tigers interview. Theres no photo, this was a tease.

1675 days ago


Sandra is not off the hook as far as I'm concerned. How do you not know your husband is a white supremacist? He's f@cking a whore who is taking pictures posted as a Nazi and he's posing in a picture dressed as a Nazi as well. Come on. Out of all of the time they were married, I'm sure there were several red flags. Now I'm just waiting for stories about Sandra's Nazi activities. I'm sure more will be coming out in the days to come.

1675 days ago


she looks like that idiot on the adams familey.if i were sandra i would get fumigated and shower for day'safter finding out what he was with

1675 days ago


If this is true more people will buy his clothes because they know that Nazi's are cool, and want to be just like him.

1675 days ago


Ya, if that pic is for real, it's game over for the marriage- nothing personal, dude- you're just too toxic for my career.

Now his excessive apology makes more sense..... Go back to beating tin, dude- the glory days are over.

1675 days ago


Define Soon.

1675 days ago


He might as well kiss the Hollywood life on the A-list goodbye. He has just sealed his fate. I was hoping that the allegations regarding his infidelity was untrue. It is horrible that he would do that to his family. However, I guess he is not accustomed to being around decent people, like his wife. He needs to be around porn stars and strippers with tatoos, drug problems, and that are sometime violent.

1675 days ago


Sandra very likely knew Jesse for what he was and continues to be.
America's Sweetheart, my arse. No wonder she's in hiding.
It's fine and dandy to like creeps like JJ but Sandra should at least own up to her part in this.
Some of you people are so naive. You see a actor in a movie and think they're that person in real life.

1675 days ago


What an ugly girl she looks like an extra from exorcist. Barf and Ruff

1675 days ago


Why can't you leave these people alone at this difficult time?
Let them work it out in private. It's nobody elses business!!!

1675 days ago
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