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Octomom -- Her Cups Runneth Over

3/22/2010 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom Nadya Suleman is having a hard time making house payments, but we know for a fact she's having no problem feeding her children.



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OK OK ...............she's stil gross looking.

1639 days ago


Hmmmm- pay the mortgage or get bigger tits? Awwww, some sucker will pay off my house for me.

1639 days ago


omg whatta diva XD

1639 days ago


Those new fake boobs aren't feeding her babies - the taxpayers are doing that!! She is never around enough to feed the kids. Her choice was to pay the mortgage or get MORE plastic surgery? This b!tch is seriously insane!!

1639 days ago


Ha Ha She's getting ready for her debut!
All of you bleeding hearts take a good, long look.
There is the house payment! Now go google her
address and send her YOUR paycheck, because she
probably needs a new designer outfit.

1639 days ago


That's no way to dress for a job intervew. Wait, she's not going to a job interview because that's what people do when they need money but she has babies for that reason. Seriously TMZ, it's time to walk away from this loser. If she was African American you wouldn't even know her name. She should seriously have her children taken away from her if she can't provide for them. I know you can say that about the average job but the average job is not stupid enough to have this many for the purpose of trying to get a reality show. Octomon is just slime, seriously I can't think any lower of her. Even that piece of tatooed garbage that did James has a job, what's wrong with Octomom?

1639 days ago


I'd flip her over and bang her right in the a$$ then blow my load on her face while she laps it up like the dog she is.

1639 days ago

Super Dave    

All the hater's are women. I'd hit that, even with the lights on. How many hater's out there are getting tagged with the light's on?

1639 days ago


I would hit that, but man her vag has got to be blown out!! How many kids does she have? It would be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway!!! lol

1639 days ago


RE:::13. Ha ! "Booya" called her "quite fetching"..... who the hell talks that way?

Posted at 1:46PM on Mar 22nd 2010 by jrad247

.....people from the UK talk that way ;-)

No matter what ya think of this one,you gotta give her credit for doing whatever to get back in shape
& I haven't heard of her cheating on or with anyone,.....yet.Who knows.....she does have a big bill due soon & it seems all the rage now to bed a married celeb,kiss & tell,etc

1639 days ago


Shame on you TMZ.I get your little catch fraze. Knowone else picked it up because everyone who works for TMZ or reads your articles probably doesnt read or even consider the Bible as truth. I would beware of using Gods words for your company. That is crossing the line and its classless. Keep Jesus's words out of your garbage please. Thanks and God Bless

1639 days ago

chicken head    

love to smack her in the head over and over and over
spoiled bitch ! its all about ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!!!!!!

1639 days ago


I'd take my time and suck every drop of milk out of her big boobs.Then bend her over and do her in the a$$.

1639 days ago


She looks errrrr... I mean she seems like a nice girl.Sounds like sour grapes all these comments from these haterwomen.Most likely women who can't have kids and women who are ashamed of thier bodies.Just because she can have lots of kids and still have a body to kill for,don't be a hater.Rejoice in her good fortune.She must work hard at keeping a hot body like that,so instead of complain about her looks,try working on yourself and maybe people will find you attractive and get your pregnant.I will never understand the American people,you all have everything but still complain.

1639 days ago


I KNOW THE PERFECT MALE MATCH FOR HER! SIMON MONJACK! Both of them are delusional and con artists and as they say, "madness is considered normal in a mad house" so they wouldn't mind each other.
Hell, Sharon could even move in and help take care of the kids while octomom and Con jack continue to be media whores and exploit and milk their fifteen. Damn, I'm good. NEXT.

1639 days ago
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