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Anna Nicole Smith Estate

Takes Another Hit

3/23/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Someone wants a posthumous piece of Anna Nicole Smith.

The State of California has filed a $45,308 tax lien against Smith's estate for a 2008 delinquency. She died in 2007.

It's been a tough week for Anna Nicole's estate. Last week a United States Court of Appeals shut down the estate's claim that she was entitled to $300 million from the estate of her late husband, J. Howard Marshall.

Calls to estate reps have not been returned.

Annna Nicole Smith


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1641 days ago

just an opinion    

I feel bad for her kid! That $$$ was hers!

1641 days ago


I feel bad for her daughter.

1641 days ago


That dead whore managed to live it up on money that wasn't hers. The goons caught up in her wake are now getting what they deserve...nothing. Watch and see her brat turn out just like her...another street whore.

1641 days ago


I thought it was:
Beans, beans, good for your heart.
The more ya eat, the more ya fart!

1641 days ago

just an opinion    

It isn't her daughter's fault her mother was a gold digger! Let the damn girl grow up in peace!!! The damned media drives people nutso (e.g. Brittney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, etc.). Leave this CHILD alone so she can grow up with some semblance of a normal childhood you vultures!!!!!

1641 days ago

Allred Tree    

Once a thief, always a thief and this is not surprising in the least. The court who appointed Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead as admistrators are at fault here imo. They were in cahoots and all one needs do is review this case from the beginning to see all the money that those two received under false pretenses. They also lied and wasted hours of the courts time at taxpayer expense, not to mention the grief and expense to VIRGIE, Anna's mother.

How much more of the estate is being mishandled and bills not paid by whomever is responsible?

I was thrilled to read that Dannielynn Birkhead and Anna's estate will not ever receive one red cent from Howard Marshall recently. Look how Anna and HKS went after that money they weren't entitled to and he used that "carrot" to keep himself involved with her.

If not for the greed of Howard K. Stern and his family, Anna would probably be alive today.

1641 days ago


1641 days ago

Hawaii spring break    

No Marshall millions for Dannielyn and greedy fornicator Virgie Arthur will never have control over Anna's child and her $2M Trust Fund.
I like what Larry Birkhead said to Virgie: "I have more money on my bank account than Virgie and her whole family's trailers are worth."

1640 days ago

chicken head    

funny-- this whore - I mean UNTALENTED SLUT died because she LOVED her drugs and she LOVED her $$$$$ - sad how she made that family suffer suing for that much money- and good on you Mr Stern- Hope your ass is in jail soon-

1640 days ago


Get your facts straight people. The money never was Anna's nor was it or should it be her daughters. Marshall had a living will stipulating where the money would go long before Marshall ever even met Anna. Anna and Marshall were married for a total of 14 months, not 44 years. In 14 months he gave her over
$7 Million dollars. You marry someone for 14 months and see if you get that much. Anna didn't deserve more money, the daughter certainly never deserves anything and I'm thrilled with this finding. Let Mrs. Larry Jerkhead Stern support the girl.

1640 days ago


#4 jfp Could you be any more ignorant? Maybe she will meet your mother, daughter, or sister on the street. You are one nasty thing.

1640 days ago


I feel bad for the little girl...I bet daddy will not care too much about her now that he knows she is not the free lunch he was expecting. Very sad that girl will turn out to be another ANS.

1640 days ago


i truly think larry loved anna and he has her with him everyday through dannylynn and he loves his baby girl so much and you cannot fake that for sure. he is such a good daddy and dannylynn looks so happy; it would not have been that way if anna were alive, dannylynn would be a crack head already.

1640 days ago

London not England    

#10 & #13

Kerrick Ross aside.....and Anna DID surround herself with many "GAY GUYS"....

She was GIVEN millions of dollars when that old fart was alive....she SQUANDERED IT! Thinking that he'd last, or she'd last....and neither of them did!

SO.....Mr. Giveshead got the little girl, he sad that's all he wanted, so NOW get a job and pay for your daughter!

IF Anna were still alive, she might have been given some sort of additional settlement, but since she's NOT....C'est la vie!

Larry can go back to being the quiet homosexual, or bi-Dad he fought so hard with Howard Stern to become....
Amazing how money will turn a Gay man straight, and a straight man Gay!

1640 days ago
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