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Michelle 'Bombshell' McGee -- I've Been Shot

3/23/2010 9:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A gunshot ripped through Michelle "Bombshell" McGee's tattooed flesh -- leaving a gaping wound on her upper right leg ... but shockingly, it all went down long before she allegedly got in between Jesse James and Sandra Bullock.


McGee pointed out her scar during an interview for last year, telling the people behind the modeling site she was shot because she used to "hang out with a bad crowd and gang members."

It's unclear when she was actually hit -- but McGee now sports a tattoo around the wound that says "Heaven Sent."


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Blah Blah    

Just read an article that her former nanny said the gun shot wound is a lie, she got it from crashing her scooter. I used to know a girl also named Michelle that used to lie like this, she lied about losing a child in a car accident that put her in a coma for a while and that the child was about two and a twin to her other son. Totally bogus, she lost the child within 24 hours after birth, he was not a twin and she had never been in a coma. This was just one of the MANY lies she told to get attention.
So most of the crap you see her friends defending her for are all storied Michelle told them so how does anyone know anything she says is true if they learned it from her. I don't care how good of a mom she seems to be on the surface her kids will be screwed up growing up and uncovering her lies she will tell over the years.

1675 days ago

Lisa H    

not a bullet wound.. she flipped her vespa.. probably a dirty vibrator accident

1674 days ago

The Running Back    

That's a little hard to believe. It looks like a 9mm or 45 caliber scare. A bullet that leaves that big a scare should have gone through and left a gaping wound on the other side. It's surprising she did not bleed to death.

1674 days ago


My gf (over forty but ex Israeli military) saw the Nazi spread of this b*tch and said "Give me five minutes to 'talk with her alone. I promise you she would drop all the racist sh*t - or I would knock a few of the pieces loose form that human jigsaw puzzle).

1674 days ago

Crissy Angela    

That person was a bad shot.

1677 days ago


i'll believe that when i see the police and medical reports prooving it... she's got way too many lies already

1677 days ago


This chick is so nasty! Why on earth would you tattoo your face? Its just crazy and hes the stupidest guy ever for treating Sandra so badly. After all this dies down I'm sure we will never hear of him again, hes pretty much sealed that fate!

1677 days ago

Harry Kunt    

It goes nice with her jailhouse tattoos.

1677 days ago


Can someone PLEASE stop writing "Bombshell" when writing this tramps name. She is a dirty looking whore who looks like she does not bath! Eeeeewwwwwww Freakin Disgusting!!! Skank... too bad that bullet didn't do more

1677 days ago



1677 days ago


Oh, is this like when she said she grew up Amish and left her family at 16? That turned out to be a lie. I would not believe anything that comes out of this wh*re's mouth. She will do and say anything to keep her 15 minutes of infamy going.

1677 days ago

oh yeah    

she used to hang out with bad company?. white power? she still does. now i'm not racist, i'm black, but no ethinicity is better or smatter than the other. white people invented the air we breath they invented everythin.... newsflash the credit should go to the real inventor. the devil whom they worship. there is a spiritial world. go to youtuBe and listen too escape from darkness. you will see where the inventions that we are all using came from. maNy other ex satanist give the same testimonmy. the world richest got theiR riches from the devil. these white men are very weealthy and rul the world. don't be jealous of them. it all came with a price. listen to the testimonies of ex illuminati members. albert einstein was an illuminati member. they create bombs, computeres. cars.

1677 days ago


so where's the celeb story here?

So she's a whacked out, homewrecking freak!

We figured that out 23 stories ago.

can we just move on???????

1677 days ago


THIS is what Jesse James decided he wanted MORE than Sandra Bullock? That man must be mortified that we all know he actually touched that. Just to get off? You have a hand dude.

She is just trash, plain ans simple trash. WHY in the world would she have came out with this secret when it was over for months now?

All the money in the world that she could potentcialy make, would NEVER be worth my reputation being ruined, having to endure all the remarks from the public, having the paps chasing me around and then to find out this thing has reproduced?!

Whats next a Playboy spread? She is more of the Hustler type I'm thinkin', the magazine with the chicks who will do anything on camera.

Just another example of the stupid women epidemic going in this coutry. It is just endless.....

1677 days ago


Geeeez, this biatch is a mess..jesse james must have inhaled too many fumes in his garage.

1677 days ago
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