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TMZ Live: McGee, Kim K. & Sandra Bullock

3/23/2010 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey and Gary took your questions on everything today -- including Michelle McGee's tattoos, the Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush break up, and Sandra Bullock's net worth.

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Plus: the NFL commissioner wanting to meet with Ben Roethlisberger ... and will Chris Brown get drunk on his 21st birthday?


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How do you feel about Jesse James now with the Nazi themed photo TMZ reported him being in?

Do you believe Michael Jackson was a molestor?

1641 days ago

Perez's Nemesis    

Why does everyone seem to take everything Michelle "Bombshell" McGee says to be the truth? She doesn't exactly come across as honest and trust-worthy.

Any chance that she's lying about this situation with James because she did not get the modelling job with his business?

1641 days ago

Rene Defourneaux    

can Tiger Woods be deposed in a Uchitel law suit?

1641 days ago

tonay Queen    

ok! do you think part of the Jackson's claim that there is more to the story includes the bodyguard's claim? Do you think there is a conspiracy surrounding MJ and more people are going to be at fault as they claim.

1641 days ago


Thanks for sharing the Micheal Jackson video in the Mall. It was classic MJ and very cool

1641 days ago


Did you notice Tigers left front tooth was tuning yellow or brown that usually means its dying i saw it on the golf ch interview

1641 days ago

Team Gary    

REPLACE Mike with Gary!!!!!!!!!! Mike sucks!

1641 days ago

gary k chainz    

did sammy sosa bleach his skin in hopes of scoring a role in the next twilight movie?

1641 days ago


Havey still want to know if your single???

1641 days ago


OMG quit "reporting" on Audrina Patridge already... she is not "news". She's just another hot body. And honestly it's geting kinda old.

BTW... Does Bombshell McGee have a heavy prison following? Just wonderin'...

1641 days ago

fallen angel    

we sit and wonder and ponder on our lives,we ask ourselves can it be any worse?........and then TMZ in all your miracoulus glory shows us that we have it made! we could be sandra...ohhh i didnt.......but ohhhh i did

1641 days ago


Harvey ~ You mentioned Obama and healthcare, so here it goes.

Why is a woman's "right to choose" more significant for this Administration than my right to govern how and when I take care of my personal health. A woman does not own her unborn child and never will. A parent is simply an earthly guardian and a separate entity from any human conceived. However, I have total ownership of my health and any free will which affects it. I own my individual physicality. My health is mine alone from start to finish and I am not obliged by any sense of morality to share it with anyone or to lessen my power over it.

We have just witnessed a bold step in the de-Americanization of this country. It started when the contrived and strategic notion of "political correctness" weaved its way into our vocabulary, and then everything started to skid downhill. It diminished your individual power by detaching your personal identity and beliefs from the working fabric of the outside world. It used to be that society reflected the morays of its people. Now it more reflects the self-absorbed rhetoric of politicians looking for power and a job, enabled by an increasingly illiterate and lazy populace. We have become a non-thinking, spineless society who gets more passionate about getting in the mall door on Black Friday than by a "dangerous" Administration hell-bent on dethroning our Constitution under the guise of taking care of those without. At what point will we no longer be "Americans"? The subtle disappearing act began on Sunday.

Obama continues to be a Chicagoan politician rather than Presidential material. His immense arrogance is very worrisome and I do not recall experiencing a President who was so obviously self-absorbed and hungry without shame. Add obviously thin-skinned and angry to the list, too. We should not take this lightly because it will weigh heavily in all that he seeks and tries to do. If this first step is any indication of what is to come, we will either be "lost" or the Democratic party will. I am putting my bets on the latter because I refuse to believe that we would really put up with any power-hungry entity, which we erroneously elected for a four year shelf life, chipping away at our precious liberty and free will. This applies to this Presidency and the equal void in Congress.

"Miss me yet?" ~ I sure as hell do.

1641 days ago


I wish they would delete anything about any Kardashian. They need to go away. What is there to like about them. They are too fake and such liars.

I do wonder if Kathie Lee has asked them to stop talking about her being their God Mother. I would think that Kathie Lee would be embarrassed as hay over it. I would disown them if I were in Kathie Lee's shoes.

1640 days ago
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