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'Wife Swap' Child: The Show Made Me Suicidal

3/23/2010 2:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An 18-year-old woman claims she's become suicidal ever since she appeared on the show "Wife Swap" -- and now she wants $100,000,000 to make things right.

Alicia Guastaferro claims she suffered severe emotional and psychological harm from her appearance on the show back when she was 15 -- when she was portrayed as a spoiled, narcissistic, terror child.

In the suit, filed in New York, Guastaferro claims she never personally agreed to be on "Swap" -- her mother did -- and she was forced by producers to spout out several scripted lines such as, "I am the most popular girl in school" and "I feel sorry for people who aren't as gorgeous as me."

Guastaferro claims the "inaccurate and exaggerated portrayal" led to all sorts of verbal and physical abuse from her peers -- and she was forced to finish her last 2 years of high school in a specially supervised program.

As a result, Guastaferro says she's now undergoing treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and moderate suicidal tendencies. She claims she's also been hospitalized for panic attacks.

Guastaferro is now going after everyone behind the show -- ABC, Disney and RDF Media.

So far, no comment from anyone.


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Jennifer Bouldack    

You know - it was really just a matter of time before the children on these reality shows became old enough to start suffering the long-term effects of these horrible shows. Along with becoming old enough to suffer the long-term damage comes becoming old enough to sue everyone who put them through it.

I look at this to just be the first drop in what will be a huge, huge bucket. Let the lawsuits begin.

1581 days ago


By the way, the parents were arrested for money laundering,tax evasion among other things..The dad is facing years and her mother I think 15 months..That is why Alicia filed wouldnt look very well if 2 people in jail for felonies claimed mishandling..She needs the money since her parents cant support that 'lifestyle' any more.

1580 days ago

#1 Alice Fan    

This girl should really be suing her mom, not the show. Her mom was the one to agree to her daughter appearing and also the one that allowed the show to create a spoiled brat image of the girl.

1582 days ago


Reading TMZ makes me suicidal. Who can I sue over this?

1582 days ago


OMG! LOL People have no shame. Anything for a buck these days. Hey Alicia, just an FYI, if you weren't depicted enough as a complete ass on the show, you sure are doing it now! You are a douche & a perfect example with one of the many things wrong with society today. Like Cooper in listing #1 said, blame your parents for 1) agreeing to be on the show & 2) creating a nasty brat like you in the first place. You're just another loser blaming someone else for their problems. Look in the mirror honey!

1582 days ago


As the claim mentions, the producers exploited her persona and exaggerated the situation by scripting her unpopular statements.

While there is no doubt that parents who subject their children to "reality" television of this nature should be held accountable for the typically negative impact this can have on a minor, they do not entirely shoulder the burden of responsibility when the producers are inciting drama for "good television". I would argue that the girl has a case for "depraved indifference".

There is a reason minors can not enter into a legitimate contract, and their parents are expected to represent their best interests. However, there is an expectation of prudence on the part of the solicitor... but these reality shows are more like predators than prudent business opportunities. A deal involving national exposure needs to be held to a higher standard since the repercussions can be permanent.

1582 days ago



1582 days ago


The show has nothing to do with it, if you are under 18 your parents had to consent to you being on the show so if she were to sue anyone for becoming depressed after the show and dealing with bullying because of how she acted then it is her parents...If your kids do not want to be on the show then you need to respect there wishes and send them to a relatives house while the show is filming.

I am pretty sure I know who this girl is, she was thin with blond hair and lived with her mother who looked like a teenager and her step dad who was a radio dj and if I am correct then YES she was a complete spoiled brat. She had never even been punished before until the other mom came in and grounded her from using her cell phone and she completely lost it.

Wife Swap does not give you a script , you act yourself and do your everyday activities and are suppose to pretend the cameras are not even there..These people all know this show is going to be seen around the world and the age this girl was when the show was filmed she was old enough to understand that and chose on showing her true colors on the show which yes you are suppose to do but she could have toned it down a little

1582 days ago


Sue the fk outta a them!! Cant these dumb producers produce a reality show without script? Damn!! This is pathetic.
How easier and cheaper of a job can these guys get and still eff it up?

Thee british version is not scripted. Why the hell cant hollywood "steal" something so simple without messing it up. Is is a disgrace.

Sue them kid!!

1582 days ago


chrissylynn... It is not my intention to rebuke your statement, but unfortunately a large percentage of the show is scripted and edited for drama. This is not unique to this particular show, either. It's a custom perpetuated by rating wars due to the massive response consumers have to this kind of degenerate television.

1582 days ago


Every reality show has scripted parts in order to spice them up, that's the whole point, nobody's life is exciting enough or scandalous enough 24/7 for a reality show to be popular lol!!! Sick to death of the whole concept, basically it's t.v producers cheap way of making programs you'll watch instead of making decent programs we'll all watch!!! Have an affair with anyone remotely a celeb and get a reality show, have your penis chopped off and get a show, have 8 kids and land a reality show (not octomum here), have sex and a kid at 16 and land a show - any questions on why the crap we watch screws with our heads and morals?!
Seems you can find a lawyer to sue anyone for anything these days and frivolous lawsuits like this are sickening!! Sue mom and child protective services who didn't stop you being on the show and exploited not the show - mum must have made enough, or has she spent it all now hm?!

1582 days ago


This broad went crazy insane when the swap mom tore up a pic of this crazy teenage wannabe. And she said to her dad." daddy you better SUE this lady for tearing up this photo and ruining my life" This family was LOOKING for a law suit to begin with.. CLEARLY.

1582 days ago


I remember that little girl and she was SOOO snotty. You cannot ask someone to act like that and be believable unless they actually DO feel that way. She was a real brat and her parents were idiots. I hope they don't make one single dollar on this suit- don't negotiate with terrorists, Disney!

1582 days ago

a john mayer mugshot    

Maybe this case, if it goes to court and has true validity to it, it will be the end of reality shows as we know them.

This is the first time I have heard of a minor who appeared on a show to have an issue develop later on.

Its sad if true, but maybe this will be the end of this insanity that is reality shows, and the negative effect they have had on our society.


1582 days ago


Give me a friggin break. She was probly a lunatic before the show and is looking for a way to blame the world for her problems...lets see.....I could go on and on about how f'd up my childhood was and yet I mansged to get a degree and raise a faimly...get over it! Grow the hell up!

1582 days ago
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