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'Dancing' Dudes

Who'd You Rather?

3/24/2010 2:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Dancing with the Stars" toe tapper Mark Ballas, ice shaker Evan Lysacek and moon walker Buzz Aldrin all showed up at the same event in L.A. on Tuesday.

Mark, Evan and Buzz
Question is ...


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I didn't see an option for "none of the above"

1638 days ago


Why does TMZ always post the ages of the women they show on "Who'd you rather?" but never of the men?? NOT FAIR!

1638 days ago


Seriously, 25% for Buzz?! Who's answering these polls?

1638 days ago

Dirt Burger    

Buzz needs to lay off the plastic surgery, he's starting to look like he came from the mon!

1638 days ago


Are you serious, why did the guy in the middle leave his house dressed like that. He looks like one of those European tourists you see on Rodeo who think popping the collar is cool.

1638 days ago


I would think that Harvey would choose Buzz because as a former space man I'm sure he has cases of Astro Glide sitting around the house.

1638 days ago


Buzz Aldrin is an American Hero. I've read some stories about how Mr. Aldrin performs in bed that would make your head spin. Also, he's the only man in the world that gives special rings to the women in his life.....shiny rocks from the moon. Specially cut and they look more spectacular than diamonds.

This man commands respect and respect is readily given. I salute you Mr. Aldrin.

1638 days ago

Dirty Martini    


Seriously. None. By the way, saw Buzz give a speech at lunch time at an industry gig. They turned the lights down for his speech, and he droned on and on and on and on. He went on FOREVER. His wife was on the dias and even she fell asleep. If your wife can't stay awake while you are talking, waht about the rest of us? I was near the front of the room, and when he finally finished, I turned around.....and everyone at tables behind us had already left while he was talking--the place was totally empty.

It turned into the joke of the industry here. It was about 10 years ago, but every year at this same luncheon, every one says "well it can't be as bad as Buzz ALdrin...."

1638 days ago


@#10 Dirty Martini ROTFL LMAO That is hilarious! LOL Did you get the idea that he likes to hear himself talk and talk and talk. That is funny LOL WITH YOU.

1638 days ago


I said Buzz cause I think he's the only straight one. I can have buzz and the other two can do each other.

1638 days ago


Buzz for me... the other 2 look gay.
Cant Buzz do better than that monster he is married too. She looks like the cat lady only 100 years old.

1638 days ago


Evan has the gayest face ever

1638 days ago


How come OchoCinco aint one of the choices? Racism?

1638 days ago


why can't they lay off the fake tan and embrace their natural color. people are not orange...

1637 days ago


I agree with the guy who asked who the 25% are that chose Buzz. Harvey, please note this and get another gimmick; these "poll" are just a joke anymore...especially since there's no "none of the above" to choose. As for the sexuality of the three contenders: Buzz is straight (we presume),Mark is straight (my gaydar says so), and Evan was straight until he started talking...not that there's anything wrong with that, right? But please, Evan, keep the hair off your face...the early Beatle's look is not for you.

1637 days ago
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