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Judge to Keyshia Cole

Are You Illiterate?!

3/26/2010 2:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Judge to Keyshia Cole -- Are You Illiterate?! Keyshia Cole was ripped apart by a judge in New Jersey yesterday -- a judge who called the singer's testimony "nonsensical" and then questioned her literacy.

Cole -- a platinum-selling artist -- was being sued by an event promoter who claims she blew off an appearance in 2006 after he paid her $15,000 up front.

The judge not only ruled against Cole, but she blasted the singer in her written opinion, saying Cole's testimony was "confused and at times nonsensical."

But the judge's biggest shot: Cole appeared so reluctant to read certain documents while testifying, "that it appears at times that she was not literate."

Eventually, the judge realized Cole was literate -- when Cole managed to read documents that she thought helped her case.

Ultimately, Cole was ordered to fork over nearly $160k in damages.


No Avatar

Why am I not surprised? GO FIGURE.

1650 days ago


Huh? Who on earth is this person? I've never heard of her!

1650 days ago

Oh and I'm FIRST. You want to know why? Cause I was FIRST and you weren't.


1650 days ago


First she attacks PETA and says she's proud to wear dead animals to try to get famous and now this. This girl is a trainwreck. a has-been before she ever got any fame.

1650 days ago


(from the court reporter)

"I ain't no illeterates I'm a christian!"

1650 days ago

Not Crazy    

To lisamorunning do you live under a rock or something, and why comment if you don't even know who she is? She has sold millions of albums (Just Like You, A Different Me) and has had numerous top 10 hit songs, tv shows etc. To Aaliyah, don't be such a hater, who cares about PETA you geek? I wish I could afford a nice chinchilla right now, and if PETA attacks me with red paint I will be shooting first asking questions later (self-defense)!! I bet you she can READ those checks she is taking to the bank...

1650 days ago



@ victorpark
everybody loves chicken

1650 days ago


This sounds like a job for .... Shug Knight!

1650 days ago

to blanket jackson and barak obama

too funny

1650 days ago


That's what happen when you're acting all diva like, ladies - to common folks, you're all acting like idiots.

1649 days ago

Not Crazy    

@ barak obama... Funny you are commenting about her being illiterate, when you need learn how to spell, its BaraCk Obama (your President), and who are you describing that had a bone through their nose Bam Bam from the Flintstones? Lmao, fact is Africans were building Pyramids when white people were still living in caves. Oh and BTW what race makes up the majority of those on welfare?? Answer is white people. All you racist jerks need to go suck the biggest, fattest, blackest banana you can find on that tree, because you know you want too!

1649 days ago

Ms. X    

@ barak obama got a wake up call from OMG.

1649 days ago

die a painful death already Hollywood    

pay up bioatch ! stop stiffin dem promoters !

1649 days ago


I dont get it, if you did not show, give the check back! Why do some of these stars do that?!! It does not make sense.

1649 days ago

Henry Douglas    

I don't know that she is right or wrong but i its a publicity stand diffidently because everyone want to be famous.

1649 days ago
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