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Drug Stash Found at Michael Jackson's

3/26/2010 8:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A newly-released search warrant details what cops found at Michael Jackson's home in the wake of his death -- and the list is long. It includes:

- 3 - 10 mg/ml 1% lydocaine vials (2 empty, 1 3/4 full)
- 1 empty bottle propofol 200 mg
- 1 pulse monometer
- 1 empty vial lorazepam 4 mg
- 2 empty vials midazolam 10mg
- 1 empty vial propofol 1g/100ml
- 1 black nylon bag
- 1 dark blue costco bag
- 1 light blue canvas bag
- 1 pill bottle with 13 tablets containing 25 mg ephedrine, 200 mg caffeine, 80 mg aspirin
- 4 vials propofol 200mg/20ml
- 2 vials 5 mg flumazenil
- 1 vial lorazepam
- 1 vial lidocane
- 200mg vials of propofol (1 full, 1 1/4 full)
- 1 empty bag I.V. drip of sodium chloride with syringe
- 1 ziplock baggy containing 18 tubes of Benoquin

Note that one of the items seized was a canvas bag. Bodyguard Alberto Alvarez told cops Dr. Murray told him to put vials of propofol in a plastic bag and put that bag in a canvas bag.


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Ugh!! Not another story about the drugs found on the scene--we've already been here, haven't we? Okay so I realize it's about proving Alvarez was telling the truth about a canvas bag Murray told him to stuff with vials of Prop, but why doubt his story? I'm sure he only repeating what he told LAPD in the first place.
No Peace till Justice!

1671 days ago


Yes I am a huge Michael Jackson fan, and yes Michael had a drug problem, thats no secret. He admitted he did after he got burned rehearsing the pepsi commercial in the eighties. He used propofol to sleep. Dr. Conrad Murray thinks he has nothing to apologize for because he did no wrong....HMMM well if that is the case why did he tell people to hid vials of the things found in Michaels system?? Because he did wrong....Why did he wait to call 911??? Because he did wrong....Was Dr. Conrad Murray legally allowed to be giving intravenous medication? His practice which is being sued by a party unrelated to this case??? He is a quack who thinks he superseeds the law and can give whatever medication to whomever he pleases......he had a hand in killing Michael just as much as Michael did....May you be at peace finally Michael and in the presence of gods comfort.....R.I.P Angel....

1670 days ago


The media said Michael Jackson was a junkie who used cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and XTC to get high. Lies!!!!!!
Only the anesthesia drugs Dr. Murray administered to Michael Jackson were found at the house and also only propofol killed the singer.

1669 days ago


Wacko Looks Like He Already Died
In This Picture.

1674 days ago



1674 days ago


That's sad, I guess now we know what Jacko was all "Whacked up" on.

1674 days ago


Costco bag?

1674 days ago

Jacko WAS wacko    

It's not a big loss, finally those kids can go out in the real world and be with normal
people instead of that freak.

1674 days ago


Fame was like a drug, what was even more like a drug were the drugs.

1674 days ago


Yeesh... Michael Jackson was a grown man... he made his own stupid choices in life. Yes Dr. Murray played a part in it, but if anyone had ever stood up to Michael and made him realize he was not Peter Pan, he would have been a lot better off.

1674 days ago


ALVAREZ and MURRAY are the two man who make the change, one by calling911, and MURRAY his fake doctor, all this is FAKE , MICHAEL is healthy, MURRAY was in MICHAEL'S TRIAL on 2005, and all this was planned after his trial, MICHAEL was humiliated by tabloid, and he wants to show them who is he, I LOVE YOU MICHAEL SO MUCH, love love love

1674 days ago


Oh The Wacko Fans Aren't Going To Like This.
I Can Just Hear Them Now: "No No mj Would Never
Do Drugs He Loved The World He Was The Greatest
Thing Since cheese whiz", Bla....Bla....Bla...

{And "I Am Going To Fax TMZ And Tell On You"}

1674 days ago

Jacko WAS wacko    

Dr. Murray,
Thank you for your service to our country and the world.
The world is a much better place without that child molesting
Good job!!!!

1674 days ago


Good Grief - get a reality check.

There is no question that Michael is dead. They did an autopsy on a body, confirmed to be Michael.

I'll share a secret with you... shh... don't tell anyone. That body, the one that was Michael... The cut that bitch up to do all kinds of test on it! They cut open the head and looked at his brains. Poked and prodded them they did! Fo Sho!

His liver, stomach, and other organs... they are probably in a jar! Evidence!

They buried him. He's dead. Your having delusions and need help. I suggest you get some.


1674 days ago


How could Conrad Murray witness Michael Jackson die, be sure he was dead, know why, and then leave ALL the evidence for police to find? Bizarre, don't you think? Maybe it's not the real evidence, maybe it's a frameup. Maybe it was Joe Jackson.

1674 days ago
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