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Dr. Murray: Why Apologize? I Did Nothing Wrong

3/28/2010 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad MurrayTMZ has learned Dr. Conrad Murray has not reached out to Michael Jackson's family to apologize for the death of the singer. As for why Dr. Murray has not apologized ... he believes he did nothing improper that would have led to Jackson's death.

A source connected to Dr. Murray tells TMZ ... Dr. Murray does not believe the Propofol he administered to the singer killed him, not withstanding the L.A. County Coroner's conclusion that Jackson died from a lethal overdose of the anesthetic.

The source tells TMZ the reason Dr. Murray never told paramedics about administering Propofol is because he had no idea the drug was a factor in Jackson's demise.

As for allegedly hiding Propofol bottles in the closet at Jackson's house ... Dr. Murray's people note it was the doctor himself who informed LAPD detectives two days after Jackson's death that the bottles were in the closet.


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thats not funny

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Yeah...I don't like the "most recent" option missing either. I think ur right butterfly...another way to be able to get more hits.

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We will see what go`s

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Hello everyone...
Haven't been on much lately...I come on earlier tonight (I was on as twilightluvinmom-it wasn't letting me use twilightmom for some reason) and leave for 1 1/2 hrs, and I come back to this!

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Hi Chico!
Long time no *see* lol
How is everyone?


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1. LOL! I smell something very FISHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 9:54 PM on Mar 28, 2010 by Chico

That's your cu'nt :D

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Now I can't go past pg. 3-it tells me it is pg. 3 out of 4, but I can't get any page past 3!
Think this is a "beta". Need an upgrade/patch quick like!

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Hi Tellit

nice to meet you, lol!!!!

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That's your cu'nt :D Posted at 12:44 AM on Mar 29 , 2010 by

Fkn coward! Use ur name -chicken!


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Hai, I am from the Netherlands.

I think Murray is lying through its teeth. It's time to start the courtcase.

Justice for Michael!

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Ahh..quick patch I'm up to date. And as we can see..the a$$hats can still do their acts of cowardice. Sad, sad.

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If you have page 1, you can change it to 3 if you want to go back to page 3.


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But I'm only human...
So he won't apologize, eh? But we're not surprised, are we? And he admits to giving Michael the Prop along with all of those other benzos, but yet claims he didn't do anything to harm Michael? Utterly ludicrous! Here's what: this man knows he can act like a victim and proclaim his innocence because he and his team realize 2 things:
1. The LAPD botched it when they didn't seal Michael's house as a crime scene.
2. The "Powers that be" in LA--including the DA could care less about getting real justice for Michael because they've been against him since the allegations in '93.
Let me expand. My first point is my personal opinion of the case The only reason I can see for the low charge of Involuntary Manslaughter is because the DA realizes he doesn't have a strong enough case due to the fact that the crime scene was tainted by Janet, LaToya and others coming and going from the house. So if one of the DA's strongest points is Alvarez's testimony about the vials of Prop in that closet, the defense could use this against them because there's no way to tell who handled or moved the vials.
As for my second point, I got it from Janala on another thread. She stated that she doesn't think the LA DA and co. care about Michael and still consider him guilty of the allegations so since they couldn't convict him, now he's gotten what he deserved after all. She went on to say that they only chose that low charge to appease the fans and family. I think there's truth to this because there is no way he should've been charged with less than 2nd degree Murder. The only reason for not charging him with 1st degree, is because it would be hard to prove he had malice aforthought (premeditated,) I'm sure the DA's not up to that but 2nd degree Murder is when a person knows full well that what he's doing could be harmful to someone, yet they proceed anyway. This is EXACTLY what Murray did. Now if they could only nail down some of how he attempted to cover his tracks when he realized Michael was gone, that would definitely put the final nails in Murray's coffin.
Now the above is all well and good but in the final analysis, it's on the DA. He has to WANT to see justice for Michael and I'm having a hard time believing he does based on the weird way this case has been handled from the beginning. I personally think they're somehow linked in with the Conspiracy circle. AEG, SONY, Tohme, Dileo and Tom Barack definitely have the money and connections to pull it off. I suspect that they're going to poke enough holes in the DA's case, with him allowing it, to throw the trial. After all, if the plan was to have Murray pull the trigger, then be the fall guy, I doubt they'd let him actually go to jail. Not that it wouldn't make sense (he still gets his money) but because for some cockeyed reason,this guy LOVES being a doctor--even if he has inherited his father's ineptitude...maybe it's the "God complex"--he sure played God in Michael's case...unfortunately...
Bottom line, I guess we'll see what happens in April. I have a glimmer of hope but that's it. Problem is, finding this idiot guilty of Involuntary manslaughter is not going to bring My Michael back to me...and I miss him SO MUCH!!
-BTW: If I was a resident of LA I would seriously look into what's going on in city and state govt. there. I think it's as crooked as the day is long and will stay that way until the people demand changes. FIGHT THE POWER!!
No Peace til Justice!

1479 days ago
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