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Dr. Murray: Why Apologize? I Did Nothing Wrong

3/28/2010 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad MurrayTMZ has learned Dr. Conrad Murray has not reached out to Michael Jackson's family to apologize for the death of the singer. As for why Dr. Murray has not apologized ... he believes he did nothing improper that would have led to Jackson's death.

A source connected to Dr. Murray tells TMZ ... Dr. Murray does not believe the Propofol he administered to the singer killed him, not withstanding the L.A. County Coroner's conclusion that Jackson died from a lethal overdose of the anesthetic.

The source tells TMZ the reason Dr. Murray never told paramedics about administering Propofol is because he had no idea the drug was a factor in Jackson's demise.

As for allegedly hiding Propofol bottles in the closet at Jackson's house ... Dr. Murray's people note it was the doctor himself who informed LAPD detectives two days after Jackson's death that the bottles were in the closet.


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Long post .Let's take it step by step :

MJ was diagnosed with discoid lupus in the early 80s and there's enough evidence to suggest that it had turned at some point into systemic.This is something most of the fans know... there are pictures of him with the typical "butterfly rash "on his cheeks can find them online.

you said "And yes, the left lung had bronchiolitis"

The clinical picture of his lungs does not show just bronchiolitis but scarring and other abnormalities in his lungs. In short, interstitial pneumonia.

you say "something the good murray should have known, did the cardiologist have a stethoscope???

Probably yes.

"No mention if this was a chronic or an acute infection"

Infections are not the only cause of interstitial lung diseases
one of the causes is automune disorders themselves.

"Was there ever any bloodwork done to detect poss. infections"

Sure there was..Cherilyn Lee arranged a blookwork test for Michael that showed no infections...not to mention the 4 hour physical that he took and passed "with flying colors".

"Coroners statement;It did not play a role in his death."

No, but it certainly plays a role in other parts of the story.


We know that already... however when it's administered in low doses it merely acts as sedative.

"This is what killed Michael"

Let the fall guy have his day in court. You cult members have double standards.

"not his past substance abuse"

Well,according to your opinion a guy who gets to the point of addiction that he's unable to sleep without a needle in his arm, who visits doctor's offices to get his milk done, lies, turns his bedroom into a vampire's den is not responsible for his own dimise.I beg to differ.

1613 days ago


This guy has no heart. He killed The King of Pop then tried to hide the drugs he killed him with then lied about the whole thing. If its anything this guy better make an hour long apology if he wants to be forgiven. but he won't be forgiven by me. I can't stand Dr. Murray. He's a coldblooded killer who doesn't take responsibility to what he did. And plus I'm a major MJ fan. And anyone who's got a problem with that can die slow and painful.

1613 days ago


When the truth is come out? And how do we know it is true??

1612 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

I have learn´t recently that Michael was supposed to have lupus.
The lupus discussion was so mixed up with his vitiligo that I did not get a clear picture of it.I am here referring to the discussions of late.I was not a fan in the 80ies as I rarely had time to listen to popular music. Whenever I happened to hear one
I liked what I heard. -The very first time I really became aware of a peson/musician Michael Jackson was in the mid 80ies during a visit to Haiti. Most of my knowledge is from recent posts after his death and that includes his music.Sure in the late 80ies and 90
ies,and later I read sporadic accounts.I am impressed by the width of his musical production, some songs beeing my favorites.-Now the presecent "uproar re the death of an icon" the legal and medical
implications intrigue me.As result of some very personal circumstances I have a bit of time on my hands too.
Now to return to the combination :murray/Michael Jackson. If he really suffered from SLE, that is systematic lupus, good murray
should have run away as fast as he could when first suggested he be
the treating physician 24/7.A physician takes a thorough medical history, performs a physical examination including current labwork,
and continues following up on the physical condition of his patient. His labwork arraigned by Cheryl Lee, what did it include?
abnormal auto antibodies??. Even so SLE has a fluctuating course and labwork done weeks or months earlier is not sufficient. SLE,ie systematic lupus is extremely variable in its course and severity.
It is a serious disease, among symptoms it includes an abnormal EEG in70% ,brainsyndromes including seizures and psychosis.At times there are relat. symptomfree interwalls,but spontaneous remissions are rare. I have not come across any info that Michael has seizures.If such do occur Propofol is contraindicated even in hospital anaesthesia.Before starting a long strech of illegal iv administrations of Propofol it would be a good idea to take an EEG.
But acting so far out of any ethical boundaries murray probably could not take these cautionary steps. There is the acute phase that resulted in Michaels death and the past history.Re past history,if he really had SLE,that even during partial remissions he suffered from fatigue and pain,20-30% do, even during these quiet periods,and if he had it,SLE, I do feel really,really bad for him.Having such a serious disaese and attempting to have his musical carrier also.As stated earlier I did not follow Michaels carrier closely and also recently my computer malfunctioned and was in for an overhaul for 10 days. I might have missed out on some relevant info.Still I feel the question of SLE and vitiligo+creams to evn out skincolour reman uncler to me. And how
come he ended up with this s.b. murray? "by not a bot" stated he could not have had that many cosmetic surgeries had he had lupus. There is something to that. So did he or not? I have seen 1 pic. of face close-up,he was impersonationg Charlie Chaplin and it was there to confirm vitiligo.-More past hx: he was allgedly given propofol 2x by a German doc. during a tour.The fist introduction to this fatal magic.He first started w opioids in connection w the
Chandler affair.Was sent for rehab in UK. Then the marriage to LMP
and he seemed the most happy and and naturally relaxed during the early stages of that marriage.More was to come and later he fled to Bahrain(?), I doubt he got hold of any drugs there. The latest,
his income dwinding , creditors + unsavory charachters creeping up from the woodwork- all for the money- help was offered by the idea of 10 ,then 50 shows.Cruel stuff for an ailing man, including sc murray for the coup de ....?Ofcourse the extreme stress of all this must have increased any illness he might have had and w sc murray the continuous access to the magical&deadly propofol.He need
ded real doctors and should have turned to UCLA professors and such for advice.There do exist ways of getting people on their feet
even when deeply messed up.He was totally stressed out,& maybe out of his mind, physically not fit like in his 30ies.--Conspiracy- I do not easily believe..but..-Thome-Thome said Michael has to be treated as an institution..obviously and really now more profitable dead than alive.One fact remains and will do so despite all arguments:PROPOFOL SHOULD NEVER EVER BE ADMINISTERED OURSIDE
HOSPITAL SETTING OR CLINIC WITH COMPARABLE murray then w a MD to his name cannot escape that.murray DID WRONG and now
has to face the music.
P.S. Propofol should be administered by anaethesioligist, not by surgeon or other dr performing some proceedure. In a hospital some preliminary checks would have been done as well.Just thinking about the lung inflamation, a chest x-ray in order among other things.I know that propofol is now used by a minority of drugabusers, its use increasing slowly but steadily.Let this be a

1612 days ago

r.s first comment    

where did my response to"by not a bot" disappear?

1612 days ago

r.s first comment    

look at post 23 by bka62223, it makes a brief and relevant point.

1612 days ago

r.s first comment    

to "by not a a bot". My responce to you disappeared.-To be brief; if MJ was so ill w SLE as you claim,esp referring to his inflamed lung,it was cause for murray to keep all the more updated on his current physical condition:Labwork on urine&blood incl.pathogenic antibodies ,as in autoimmune diseases.Chest x-rays, no such done weeks or months earlier.SLE has a fluctuating course and can affect the brain as EEG also in order.This would have been done in a hospital had he a hx & anysuspicion on current flare up.
He should have run away as fast as he could,when suggested he take on Michael.Another dr did just that = no legal problems.

1612 days ago



Lupus was no news to MJ. Dr. Murray was picked by MJ to treat him for insomnia (or at least that's what he complained about-he couldn't sleep).He wasn't supposed to deal with everything...not necessarily...that's why i say he's the fall guy.
The autopsy shows a serious condition in his lungs that was probably going on for a while (chronic) better wonder HOW could a man with such a condition pass a physical test with "flying colors".

1612 days ago

r.s first comment    

to"by not a bot".Yes I know that was the pt´s presenting complaint.
A doctor is not supposed to have" tubular vision." I am a specialist for the right side eye, to give an example" Many other and
better examples I have heard, but do not come to mind just now.
No way propofol is indicated fot insomnia.There are specialists in sleepdisorders and I´m sure clinics for that.Did murray ever consult w. such a specialist?I presume his hands were tied as he
practised(malpractised) so far out of any medical standards and ethics.This also hindering him from following-up properly on his pt´s physical condition w. repeated, current and appropriate, ie not
only routine labwork, esp. if SLE was a possibility,+ chest x-rays.
If he had a stethoscope and used it he must have been aware that all was not allright w. the left(?) lung,if it was affected to the degre you mentioned."The toes of my R foot seem to be rotting away"
"Oh, lets just inject some lokal anaesthtic and put some pancake
cream to cover,they will look good enough and you will not feel discomfort".

1612 days ago


Ok I did not have the autopsy report in the computer last night but now i do and lets talk with facts.
From the autopsy report:

Histopathologic findings of his lungs

There is widespread bronchioloalveolar histiocytic infiltration and patchy histiocytic desquamation.Centriacinar derangement is noted with and without chronic inflammation.Two small arteries are observed that contain organizing/recanalizing thromboemboli.One of the vessels with a thromboembolus(base of upper lobe) is associated with a localized,subpleural area of hemorrhage.
Eosinophils are often noted within capillaries and other vascular channels, and are also seen occasionally within interstitial tissues of the lung.In two instances,an air space was observed that contained cells consistent with respiratory lining cells that have undergone squamous metaplasia.Histiocytes often contained birefringent particulates in association with anthracotic pigment.Birefringent particles were absent elsewhere in the lung.Slight chronic inflammation was seen in the bronchial section.The foregoing findings were in part observed in the "K" section of the uniflated lung (H&E stained section),PAS and iron stains of Slides D and K were reviewed.


Marked diffuse congestion and patchy hemorrhage of right and left lungs.
Marked respiratory bronchiolitis,histiocytic desquamation, and multifocal chronic interstitial pneumonitis.
Multifocal fibrocollagenousscars with and without congestion and hemorrhage.
Organizing and recanalizing thromboemboli of two small arteries.
Intravascular eosinophilia with occasional interstitial eosinophilic infitrate.
Suggestive focal desquamation of respiratory lining cells with squamous metaplasia.

Do you know what INTERSTITIAL PNEUMONIA is? Have you done any research about it?
You cult members just took whatever the media put out on headlines and run with it ie :"mj the healthy junkie".
Interstitial Pneumonia is DEATH. And considering Michael's general heath,appearance,weight i wouldn't have given him more than maybe a month.
The cult members paid more attention to Michael's scrotum..and that's what probably the media wanned you to do than a real issue here.
I know you are going to tell me:but,the immediate cause of death was accute propofol intoxication".
Maybe,or maybe not..and i know you wanna see Murray jailed but you are also missing other important issues here.
So take the stuff above , make a serious research about it then come back and we can discuss.

I 'll give you a couple of links to start from.

1611 days ago


MJ had lupus red spots on his cheeks in 1983. No cream caused that.
He couldn't turn entirely colorless because of a "bleaching cream".
No one can entirely take all the pigment out everywhere.
Some creams fade the light skin color but he still vhad spots all over his body, especially the legs. He covered up with tons of make-up in the 1980s so not even his fans saw the diseases.

1611 days ago


I thought the report said it was chronic which can have a different outcome vs labels starting with acute. I recall from the report thinking NO way he was going to sing thru these concerts but it would be top of the line lip synching or whatever the term is that says he moves his mouth to pre recorded vocals...that and some kick rear backup singers.
Dead in a month seems extreme but with the chronic he would have recurring bronchitis and possibly pneumonia bouts if not caught and treated early. Just the act of trying to sing thru the concerts would inflame the lungs more and create asthma like conditions in his breathing.
His lung function was down and he must have known it (and it had to come up in the pre physical..seriously) Maybe it is why he planned to put on a visual show like no other to compensate.

1611 days ago


No cream caused that. He couldn't turn entirely colorless because of a "bleaching cream".No one can entirely take all the pigment out fan

Do people not suffering from vitiligo EVER get tired of typing without researching. I can take the pigment out everywhere I use this cream, and I would have it out EVERYwhere if I had the funds to keep buying the tiny rip off priced tubes. You have no idea what it is like and what is available to those of us that choose to depigment.


Benoquin Cream 20% contains a potent depigmenting agent and is not a cosmetic skin bleach. Use of Benoquin Cream 20% is contraindicated in any conditions other than disseminated vitiligo. Benoquin Cream 20% frequently produces irreversible depigmentation, and it must not be used as a substitute for hydroquinone.


Benoquin Cream 20% is a potent depigmenting agent, not a mild cosmetic bleach. Do not use except for final depigmentation in extensive vitiligo.

1611 days ago


this mutha****** really truly thought he did NOTHING wrong?? he WASN'T SUPPOSED TO PRACTICE MEDICINE IN CALI,HE ADMINISTERED A POWERFUL ANESTHETIC ONLY TO BE ADMINISTERED IN HOSPITALS!!! HE HONESTLY ******* THINKS HIS CRAZY *** DID NOTHING WRONG??! he needs to apologize RIGHT. STAT. *******. NOW. the wierd part is that he thought that the propofol had nothing to do with it!!
COMMOM SENSE should've told him THIS IS AN ANESTHETIC!! as for Mike,he should'nt have been takin the drugs in the first place. BUT conrad went out of his rabbit *** mind and WAITED to call 911 and everything . Dumb *****

1611 days ago


Yes it is chronic, which means he had it for awhile,but chronic does not necessarily make it better..sometimes it can progress rapidly.

What do you think about the physical? no way he could've passed that fairly.

1611 days ago
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