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Michael Jackson Bodyguard Fired

3/29/2010 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alberto AlvarezTMZ has learned the bodyguard who says Dr. Conrad Murray asked him to help hide Propofol in Michael Jackson's house the day he died was fired from his job Friday by the Jackson family.

Alvarez had been working at the Jackson family compound in Encino since the singer died last June.

Alberto Alvarez is the bodyguard who called 911 from Jackson's house. Last week it was reported that Alvarez told LAPD detectives ... that before paramedics arrived on scene Dr. Murray asked him to put bottles of Propofol in a bag.

Alvarez -- who is sometimes referred to as Jackson's "logistics director" -- did not tell detectives about the alleged cover-up the day Jackson died, but rather two months later. The story about the alleged cover-up broke last Monday.

As for why Alvarez was fired, the Jackson family isn't talking.


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Zig Zag    

In the end it will be the BeLIEvers who will be left heartbroken. I'm sorry.

1637 days ago


Your Boss Is Dead

Bosso No Come Backo

1637 days ago


I think he was fired because they discovered he was the one who talked to TMZ about the stun gun incident.

1637 days ago


I thought Alberto and another bodyguard tried to talk to the police right after this happened,but the LAPD kept putting them off.

1637 days ago


@OhWell roflmao

BOSSO sometimes comes backo

Hey, nothing to say about the Alvarez pic?

1637 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Recall recently 3 other security guards who said they knew Michael 24/7 and were close but were out of town when he died, indicated they knew nought about Michael's Propofol habit.

Similarly Kenny Ortega and Frank DiLeo who were close say they didn't know what the doc was doing or the Propofol.

Did Alvarez know or not know?

It's been reported he gave his revised statement after 2 months and in the office of a lawyer who reportedly do work for the Jackson family and Alvarez was working for the Jackson family?

If all those extremely close to Michael didn't have a clue about Michael's drug habit, shows what a great liar Michael was?

Joe Jackson cut out the will so employs Barry Oxman to pursue mattters, to seek the truth or for financial reasons?

In his statement to the police Murray said he went over to Michael's place after a call from Michael, does that indicate Murray may not have been staying every night?

Joe's papers claim Murray initially was not at Michael's house, thus confirming his statement to the police?

Frank DiLeo and others have said Michael go what he want and I'm in no doubt Propofol was no exception to that rule. A friend of the family and the nutrionist have claimed Michael said he would, 'pay whatever was required' for Propofol.

Anyone claiming Michael didn't know the risks in taking Propofol are living in cloud cuckoo land.

1637 days ago

Steve England    

Wasn't it said 'security' found Jermaine's son Jaffa Cake with the stun gun....just a thought.

1637 days ago

Brian N. Everett    

Yes there is a "Conspiracy"...Go to MJ files Mystery of the Moonwalker to read about the 1993 "set-up", it will be on TMZ, after it breaks.

1637 days ago


Michael didn't choose the people around him because of their color. He said he wasn't going to spend his life being a color. I think he judged people for themselves not what color they were, and that's how we all should live our lives. I think there alot of questions about Mr. Alverez's role in all of this. Hopefully these questions will be answered in the trial next week. As for those asking why TMZ keeps running stories about MJ. Don't you people know there is a trial coming up for Murray? Some of us are interested in hearing the details of it. The rest of you haters go find something to do besides talk disrespectful about the dead. I would hate to be all of you because you must be very unhappy people to sit in front of your computer and talk disrespectful about a man who is no longer here to defend himself. You haters caused MJ alot of pain in his life, and we fans hate you all for that! Go fix your lives and get off here!

1637 days ago


If anyone is to blame about the delays, it's the LAPD THEMSELVES not anybody else! Why did they leave it that late to interview such prominent people in the case. It's the same with what happened to Karen. They seemed reluctant to take her information that she had.

After all these delays, one wonders WHY all these delays, again remember there were disagreements btwn the DA and LAPD. IS THERE SOMETHING BEING COVERED UP, THAT THEY DON'T WANT US TO KNOW ABOUT?????

Remember Randy took to his twitter, and even said it himself, that he WONDERED WHO THE DA IS COVERING UP. I think there's a lot that went on, that we don't even know about, that i pray and hope we will get to someday.

As to why Alvarez was fired, that i don't know, and i like everybody else would want to know why. But i don't think it's about the inconsistencies of his statements to the police. I really doubt that, i think it's something else. Was he the one leaking info from the compound??? Just wondering, and by the way am not saying he is.

1637 days ago


Watch Access Hollywood tonight Jaafar Jackson is on with dad Jermaine Jackson talking about the "Famous Stun Gun" episode. Check your local listings for times. The plot thickens!!!!

1637 days ago


I must say he's not a bad looking guy.

Hey TMZ, whatever happened to the upgrade from last night? Change your mind?

1637 days ago

John Stuart    

He was fired to cover up the fact that, "MJ," was a dope addict. He just told the truth and the family did not like that. They just keep riding his coat tails is all

1637 days ago


Watch Access Hollywood tonight Jaafar Jackson is on with dad Jermaine Jackson talking about the famous "Stun Gun Episode". The plot thickens!!!

1637 days ago



... I know, I know!!!

1637 days ago
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