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French Prez Gasses Up D.C.

3/30/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

French Prez Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife challenged their bowels at lunch today in America's capitol.

Nicolas Sarkozy: Click to View!
Sarkozy dared to dine at Ben's Chilibowl about an hour ago, ordering a chili dog with fries and a coke. In a radical break from French tradition, Sarkozy's wife ordered a turkey burger ... but didn't dare to eat a bite.

Our chili spies say Nic tipped $100.


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I'm from DC and that is the place where Obama first came to eat between the election and the inauguration to show how "cool he is with the normal folk". He gave a large tip too, I'm pretty sure. I highly doubt that it's a coincidence that of ALL of the restaurants to choose from, Sarkozy chose that one. He's been up Obama's a$$ since minute one.

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do tizzy ever go all hibby^^^Jibby^^^? Cheap tassys I`d rather write on a tomb stone than here at least in the grave yard TMZ an`t stinkin up the place

1669 days ago


Meryl Streep: "Ben Karlin licked my dog's crack" (NEW YORK) Five time Academy award winning actress Meryl Streep claimed today that Comedy Central producer Ben Karlin "

1669 days ago


Comedy Central's Ben Karlin: "I Am the Comedy World's Leading Homophobe."

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Jon Stewart: "Viacom General Counsel Must Be Insane" (NEW YORK)America's favorite comedian Jon Stewart rushed right to the point of a recent controversy top restaurants

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Ordering a Turkey burger and eating none of it is a slap in the face to Americans. it says "you Americans are culturely unfit." I would have respected her more if she had just gone to a resturant and order French wine only.

1669 days ago


No.1. Waa Waa Waa. Why are you conservative republicans doing nothing but crying. Geez, I threw up listening the those Republican Congressmen and Senators wimpering each and every day. The only things they had to contribute was the word "no" and "lets start this health care debate over." You all had 8 years to do something about the health care in this country and you couldn't find your a*s from a hole in the ground. Then.....when Obama started on his quest to insure Americans, overnight, you all became minsa grads. You knew everything....but you knew squat. So stop the crying. And one more thing. You all need to get off your high just don't look good up there.

1669 days ago

C'mon TMZ    

9. Ordering a Turkey burger and eating none of it is a slap in the face to Americans. it says "you Americans are culturely unfit." I would have respected her more if she had just gone to a resturant and order French wine only.
Posted at 5:42PM on Mar 30th 2010 by justsaying

Well her face looks like the "cat lady's" now! she got some bad work done.

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Ben's Chili Bowl is a DC institution. Ton's of BIG names go when they go to DC. It's right near a ton of popular clubs and bars. On any given weekend night around last call, the line to get in can be blocks long. If you go to DC you gotta go to Ben's. Their visit seems a little forced but it's awesome that they went!

1669 days ago


Prez "Bling-Bling" Sarko and his whore for a wife are just the biggest pieces of trash! France is suffering one of their worst economic recession since 1968 and this douche bag is leaving food un-eaten and dropping hundies!!! What an insult to his people.

1669 days ago

Elvis Twin    

No doubt paid for by the US taxpayer.

1668 days ago


I've never left a comment on here, but I just couldn't ignore a couple things. I realize it's TMZ, but how disappointing that this story has 13 comments and the one with Speidi adopting flipping native american names has 3 times as many comments...I can just feel the apocalypse approaching. FIRST OFF - It's CapitAl...not CapitOl - when in DC it is the nation's capital...when in the building it is the capitol. And don't even try to correct me on capitalization - I've had some wine and it's called baby steps. Let's learn how to recognize a captial and a capitol before we take on capitalization wiseguy. NEXT - the first comment cracks me up. THIRD - Regarding comment #9: if you want to try and insult people by calling them 'minsa grads' you better know what the hell you are talking about. I'm not going to argue health care with you because clearly you are full of intelligent arguments, but it is called learn your insults before you start slinging them around. And finally, what is with Sarkozy's wife ordering food, but not eating it?! I saw this place on the Travel Channel and immediately started drooling because those chili dogs look awesome - what is wrong with her?

1668 days ago


NO ONE should ever eat a friggin' turkey burger at a place called Ben's Chili Bowk..
Roll up and press out a turkey burger patty....the feel of it will make you cringe.
There is no such thing as a "turkey" burger for real people.
god bless the French.

1668 days ago

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