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Jesse James in Arizona Rehab

3/31/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A member of the medical team at a Tucson rehab facility tells TMZ Jesse James is a patient there.

The facility -- Sierra Tucson -- specializes in drug, alcohol and sex addiction, as well as other disorders. TMZ broke the story last night.

Multiple law enforcement sources have told TMZ when a CHP officer stopped Jesse last Friday on the 10 Freeway near Blythe, CA. -- for driving without a front license plate and driving with tinted windows -- James told the officer he was going to Arizona to try to save his marriage to Sandra Bullock.

We have now learned from our law enforcement sources that James was specific -- that he was going to a rehab facility in Tucson.

A TMZ producer called Sierra Tucson and spoke with a therapist, who told us Jesse was at the facility and in fact had a 6 PM treatment Tuesday night.

Jesse's rep acknowledged he's in rehab.


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Since when does a facility like that give out personal information. More than half the things that TMZ and other media report is false. Much of that false reporting has been done on Tiger Woods and his wife as well as Sandra and Jesse.

It's time this sleaze rag stop it.

Let jesse and Sandra come to their own conclusions about their relationship, it's nobody's damn business but theirs.

1645 days ago


When a cop asks you where are you coming from and where are you going, don't tell them the truth or the big mouths will tell TMZ and your business is all over the place because of the loose lipped coppers. That cop should be fired!

1645 days ago


I agree with #51. Sex addiction is real. I've met several men who were addicted to sex. Here is the thing, though, JJ had long-term relationships with these women who were his type (look liked his past two wives). That is not the profile of a sex addict. A sex addict wants one thing, SEX. They usually hire prostitutes because it's a clear exchange. Remember how all of Tigers girls were girls who were clearly "pay for sex" types. They were not his type...they were just sex to him. That is a classic sex addict.

Remember how his apology was identical to Tiger's? Now he goes to the same rehab center? This guy is a dummy. He is not an "addict" paying for sex, he is a two timing creep who had long-term girlfriends. Watch, he will end up married to another porn star. That is his type. He is a sleaze, plain and simple.

There is no way that someone leaked this without his permission. He had to give clearance to let the nurse talk to the media. He wants pity, but he won't get it.

1645 days ago


Wow! You people will believe anything! I seriously doubt a HP would disclose what Jesse told him, and I really doubt a Therapist confirmed Jesse was there and in a therapy session. If, and this is a big IF, Jesse is in rehab, you only know about it because he and his PR people got the word out there, and if so, it is a lame attempt to get Sandra back, using rehab for sex addiction (Like Tiger) as an excuse for his actions. Give me a break men, you cheat because it's there, you can and you choose to do it. Men do not think like women. We think, weigh the consequences and then choose.

1645 days ago


folks, he WANTS people to know he is in the facility. this is a lame attempt to give sandra the ole crocodile tears, and from her record so far, she may even be dumb/codependent enough to fall for it.

but let's get to the REAL dish---the jj nazi photo that tmz promised and did not deliver, is here at last! inside edition has many shots of it on a video clip, get over there and check it out! this clown has GOT to go...out of sandra's life and pr portfolio, that is.

1645 days ago


Just read on RadarOnline that Dr. Drew Pinsky said that Jesse is a sex addict and Sandra is a love addict. LOL

1645 days ago


A public slap in the face for Sandra in front of the whole world - no way can this marriage survive.

He is just going through the motions, the man is cunning as hell. More mistresses are crawling out of the woodwork.

1645 days ago


Good Luck . You are going to need it.

1645 days ago


I totally agree with #77. He is just using this as a cheap shot to TRY and get some of his repution back. BUT ITS TOO LATE NOW NAZI!!! The thing with Tiger Woods was that it was constant. Jesse James was an on and off thing not every day like Tiger which would be a sex addition. He is just a low down snake who had everyone fooled. No clinic can help you with that. Please Sandra get as far away from him as possible - he will never change. And I don't think that he wants to. There is something wrong inside his brain. He has lived like this for too many years and he's what? in his 40's.

1645 days ago


EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING, this guy has done in the past few months straight up to today has been calculated and done for publicity! He WANTS all this garbage to come out....that's why all these "sources" are speaking....He's behind it, giving the OK on everything. Poor Sandra has been nothing but a tool and crutch that he has been USING for his own, selfish, hateful, purposes! Rehab has become as much a badge of "honor" for Hollywood as prison is for gang members.

1645 days ago


This is to all the people who think sex addiction is just a justification for your actions. If that were true, then so is every other type of addiction out there. Swallow that pill

1645 days ago


Sorry Sandy, but you shoulda known better! This guy's record spoke for itself. But you'll be allright, girl. Just get as far away from him, as fast as you can.

1645 days ago


are you kidding me

rehab is a get out of cheating free card nowadays.....lame

1645 days ago


Since they treat alcohol and drug addiction, he should have stopped and picked up Lindsay on the way!

Sandra ... they will want you in for family therapy. If you go, I will lose all respect for you! You deserve SO much better, and when you heal, you will find someone who will treat you with love and respect.

1645 days ago


Prisoner like to say they found God behind bars. Perhaps some do. But infamous celebrity rehabbers find nirvana in the form of a facial, herbal wrap, mineral bath and a sauna. Oh and the pretense they are penitent failures - that comes in a gift bag with complimentary bath salts.

1645 days ago
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