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Native American Backlash Over Speidi Names

4/1/2010 1:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Running Bear and White Wolf aren't exactly being embraced by the community they hoped to join ... in fact, several Native American groups are lashing out at the reality stars over their "ignorant" name changes.

After the people formally known as Heidi and Spencer announced their new names, TMZ spoke with a rep from the Rosebud Sioux Tribe of South Dakota, who told us, "Continued stereotyping such as this by people ignorant of our traditional ways is very disrespectful and only hurts our efforts to curtail these stereotypes."

The rep claims they're especially upset because "the names they have given themselves are legitimate names in our tribe." And they're not the only ones pissed at the MTV couple ...

The National Indian Education Association tells us, "they have taken an inaccurate stereotypical approach to enhance their public image which is offensive to our diverse American Indian cultures."

They add, "We hope they are taking their 'self-improvement' journey seriously."

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Noel, that's why they're called actors.

1664 days ago


To 75, Chief Lackanookie aka Lackabrain

You are despicable. My your hands rot off writing such a nasty
note to Leon Leader Charge. Not all Americans feel like you do, thank God. Some of us feel shame for what our white people did to the original inhabitants of this country--even if the white people were not our actual ancestors.

1664 days ago


Mr. & Mrs. Douchebag

1664 days ago


Well said, Georgia, you speak for a lot of people.
Trooper Tom, those two are the bottom of the barrel wanna be's.

1664 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

The new (better!) names given in these reader comments are HILARIOUS!

1664 days ago


He's a better name for the both of them-- Beatting Dead Horse!

1664 days ago


These two IDOTS can't get any lower. They will do or say anything just to get attention. As if the native-ameicans don't have enough problems!

1664 days ago


Stop reporting about them. They don't have any talent. They are attention whores who saw that nobody cared about them so they try something else. Let them go away. We'll end up seeing one homeless and the other at some cheesy strip club working Wednesday afternoons.

1664 days ago


WHY TMZ do you keep doing stories on these two talentless idiots who clearly have no talent what so ever the blonde mindless bimbo proved that with her record sales WOW wasn't that successful HAHA and no one still does not know what spencer does, what a waste of two people. The only thing they are good for is to call the paparazzi and let them know where the are going to be. WHO CARES!!!! Please let them disappear STOP making these stupid stories on them. When did the talentless and idiots of the world get so much coverage. I ASK YOU PLEASE STOP REPORTING STORIES ON THESE TWO MORONS, Hey Jacka** 1&2 GO AWAY AND DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE.

1664 days ago


You know, I watch tons of Animal Planet and I've never seen a bear run very fast or a wolf that's actually white. I'm just sayin'

1664 days ago


i am a member or the oglala lakota on the pine ridge reservation and i have a native american name, not indian for all those who used the term because we are not from india, y does it bother everyone so much, i asked my grandfather what he thought and he said some people are just fools so let em be fools. and its mitakuye oyasin.

1664 days ago


Who appointed these soux indians the spokepeople for native americans? their women are nasty, the men are pretty lazy, and they dont have enough brain power in all the dakotas to power a christmas bulb. Do all the countries native americans a favor and quit acting like you dictate all matters pertaining to native americans.
And we like having sports teams after our likeness and we are not embarased to have our likeness on sports logos and such.

1664 days ago


well apparantly Reggie, everyone did, dont hate just cause we the most well known tribe and they called us so get over it.

1664 days ago


I'm not Native American and I'm offended by this stupidity. Is there no one even trying to counsel these idiots on what the real people of the world think of them? Please no more air time for these poor excuses of human beings.

1664 days ago


Well you soux all should know better than that. You know who sent you to those bad lands and we are never going to be represented by no snake in the grass. Better humble yourselves and quit acting like you are the only natives.

1664 days ago
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