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Native American Backlash Over Speidi Names

4/1/2010 1:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Running Bear and White Wolf aren't exactly being embraced by the community they hoped to join ... in fact, several Native American groups are lashing out at the reality stars over their "ignorant" name changes.

After the people formally known as Heidi and Spencer announced their new names, TMZ spoke with a rep from the Rosebud Sioux Tribe of South Dakota, who told us, "Continued stereotyping such as this by people ignorant of our traditional ways is very disrespectful and only hurts our efforts to curtail these stereotypes."

The rep claims they're especially upset because "the names they have given themselves are legitimate names in our tribe." And they're not the only ones pissed at the MTV couple ...

The National Indian Education Association tells us, "they have taken an inaccurate stereotypical approach to enhance their public image which is offensive to our diverse American Indian cultures."

They add, "We hope they are taking their 'self-improvement' journey seriously."

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What kind of f**king moron takes someones heritage because it suits their fancy? Speidi doesn't have the honor required of a Native American name. I believe the Native Americans have suffered enough, they don't need this crap. Way to offend, Speidi. Too bad the plastic surgeons couldn't inject intelligence.

1635 days ago


"Sioux" is a french word that means snake in the grass because we were so good at being stealthy and they didnt know we were coming till it was to late, so u dont wanna be represented by a tribe that was so feared they gave us that name? and we picked our own land, it is sacred, it is only a fraction of what it originally was but we still picked it and werent forced onto a reservation or completely wiped out like every other tribe in the nation. maybe you should just get over it.

1635 days ago

Embracing Mediocrity    


1635 days ago

doc murry    

haha looks like the injuns are going on warpath again...cant you guys get along....break out the peace pipe and fire water and make up boys

1635 days ago

Jay Red Eagle    

They are white wannabes. They should have named theirselves Luke Warmwater and Leena Littlecloser.

1635 days ago

Someone who remembers    

Giving yourself Indian names is about as "unspiritual" as you can get. Naming has always had special meaning in Indian communities and are given in ceremonies, by an Elder or a family member depending upon what tribe your from. And unless you can say your name in your native tribal tongue, the Creator will not know who you are. Even if they learn how to say it, it won't matter anyway because they are not Indian. All they are doing is exploiting Native people for attention.

If they want meaningless Indian names, I'll be happy to give them one: White Plastic Dumb Chick and Dances With Brain Damage.

There ya go: Legitimate Indian names from an Indian! :)

1635 days ago


I am al-kay-e-bah (one who followed the war). I am a Native American Woman, I am a wartime veteran and I was given that name when I earned the title Marine at the age of 18, my name was passed down for a countless number of generations. I normally don't comment on stupid stuff like this, but I have never been so offended in my entire life.

1635 days ago


The show that these two are star in is call The Hills, not The Mountains or The Teepee. They should change their names back before something bad will hit them both where they least know.

1635 days ago


As sad and pathetic as these two morons are, if they need to resort to ridiculous measures like this to get attention, then their feeble attempt at having any type of career is disgusting to say the least. These names they chose for themselves aren't going to make a difference either way, its not like anybody is going to be like OH WOW! they are so much more than a bag of botox who was so unhappy with herself she resorted to mutilation, which in turn made her look like an old even more clueless dumb blonde (if that is possible), and a guy who has no talent/career and a creepy looking flesh colored man-gina on his face. They will always, and forever be known as 2 talent-less attention whores with nothing better to do than exploit themselves in the most embarrassing ways possible. So I wouldn't waste my time getting a petition together, or get some kinda protest going, because that just gives them the exposure they are looking for, even if it is negative.

1635 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

There's nothing wrong with these two that a .50 cal can't resolve...

1635 days ago

Leon Leader Charge    

First you come to our homelands then you impose your language, beliefs and religion on us. Then you rape mother earth for profit ..after forced colonization through your "doctrine of discovery" you want to be lakota,have lakota names,and be part of the great Sicangu Nation (Rosebud Sioux Tribe), make a mockery of one of the seven of our most holy ceremonies of the sacered canupa for publicity gain without our consent..Those are great honorable names of Headmen (Chiefs)... Leon Leader Charge Sicangu Lakota ( legitimate Rosebud Sioux Tribal Member)

1635 days ago


I thought they were born again christians. Native American beliefs do not coincide with christianity at all. Didn't he just get babtized? Wouldn't this be a slap in the face of billy baldwin and other christians (besides the ignorance of the use of the American native culture)

1635 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Most of the Sioux Indians have always had a problem with Washitsus (honkeys) and will always believe that they had stolen their land. They care not for the white man and they continually whinge about how unfair they were treated a hundred years ago. They have never moved on and became part of society, so they stay on the reservation without jobs and except no help all because of their 'pride'.

I should know - my best friend I grew up with is Sioux, and she never let the fact that she was Sioux stop her from entering into the 'White' world. Call her an apple if you want, but at least she - along with many others - moved on.

1634 days ago


"First you come to our homelands then you impose your language, beliefs and religion on us. Then you rape mother earth for profit ...."

Will you please stop your pathetic whinging about how badly you were treated by the Washichu. That happened over a hundred years ago. Let it go and move on into the present. Your anger will only drive you into an early grave and all you'll have to speak of is your pride. Join the rest of the world and stop isolating yourselves. Not everyone who isn't Indian isn't your enemy.

1634 days ago


I could see if these was smart respectable people that wanted to learn about the Native American culture, but they are a big time joke. What do they do? Someone please

1634 days ago
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