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Tiger's Teacher: You Owe Me an Apology

4/2/2010 3:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' kindergarten teacher has something in common with his wife Elin Nordegren -- she's tired of his lies and she's not gonna take it anymore!

Gloria Allred

Maureen Decker, alongside her trusty attorney Gloria Allred, just finished her presser, re-iterating that she believes Tiger's tale of childhood racism never happened. She wants a personal apology, saying, "I am asking Tiger for a private and public apology to put my mind at ease and set the record straight."

Tiger WoodsMs. Decker also said she was suffering from migraines and elevated blood pressure as a result of this ordeal ... and colitis.


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Yeah -- just picture Eldrick Tont Woods coming home from school with the n word sprayed on him, and his bashful, laid back father Earl doing nothing!!! Eldrick learned to lie at an early age.

1665 days ago


"Iris" #322, you Tiger apologists are laughable. Tiger is a grown man who knows right from wrong. It doesn't take a brain surgeon for a husband and father to know that having sex with legions of whores, sex workers, and porn stars is wrong if a guy is married and has two small children.

That bit about him being a kid in a candy store is hysterically funny. You Tiger enablers should just be quiet. He's a grown man and can defend himself. In this case, however, there's no excuse or defense for what he's done to the mother of his children and therefore to the children also.

Oh yes, and where is his doting mother in all this? She should certainly make a public statement of whether this so-called incident of childhood torture happened or not. That's nothing a parent, teacher, or school administrator would forger or ignore, if it had really happened --- which it obviously did not.

1665 days ago


Gloria Alred is making such a fool of herself by defending these women who Tiger did wrong/what a joke! She is getting to be a money grubbing idiot..He doesn't owe those woman squat..NO APOLOGY, NO MONEY! We know he didn't have to twist their arms to get them in the bed..They are crying boo-hoo, we just want an apology..What a joke!! If anyone deserves the apology, it is his wife Elin. All of them owe her an apology..He owes them nothing!


In spite of all that has been going on in Tiger's life..I absolutely believe his story about the abuse he received in kindergarten and the teacher not doing one thing to check his story out..just ignored him and sent him on his way..

Kids that told about being bullied in those days and before were called "tattle tales". and belittled for telling on the bully..

I just hope Tiger can find someone who can back him up on this story..How about his mother? Ask her? How about another relative? Ask them..The truth or the lie is out there some where.

1665 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

1665 days ago


Who pays Gloria? None of these people have money. Why anyone would want to have the headlines say that they are a whore is beyond me. They have no morals or values. They treat their self like trash. Which is what they are.

1664 days ago

Cest Moi    

Um, OK

Now lookie here, old kindergarten teacher - Tiger does not owe YOU shiz!

First of all, how do we know that he is referring to his first day at THAT school??

And secondly, why, WHY, W-H-Y did you not speak up about how traumatizing this was to you YEARS ago, when he made that statement???

Guess Gloria was too busy, lol

Tiger has been a very bad boy, and Elin is owed an apology x 1,000,000,000 but THIS lady?

Hellz no!

1661 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

i hope a camera falls on that stupid fag womans head with the cell. i think shes faking texting to look busy

1656 days ago
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