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Tiger Woods' Teacher -- He's a Liar

4/2/2010 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The mystery teacher is speaking out even before her news conference, claiming Tiger Woods' tale of childhood racism is a lie.

Tiger told a story back in 2005 about how, when he was a child, "a group of sixth graders tied me to a tree, spray-painted the word 'nigger' on me, and threw rocks at me. That was my first day of school. And the teacher really didn't do much of anything."

Ms. Decker, Tiger's kindergarten teacher, couldn't wait, and even before she takes the mic at Gloria Allred's office at 10:30 AM PT, she's denying it ever happened, saying, "... no such incident ever occurred to Tiger Woods while he was under [my] care as a kindergarten pupil on the first day of class."

Allred, released a statement saying, " No teacher should ever be treated in such a callous and unfair manner especially one such as Ms. Decker. The time for Tiger Woods to make direct amends to her is now."

So what does Ms. Decker want now? TMZ will live stream at 10:30.


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Thunder Thighs    

I hope this idiot isnt still a teacher. this is just one of the most lame things I have ever read. are you freaking kidding me?

and that scum sucking lawyer is a joke, the whole thing should be a joke. crap on a crap cracker.

1628 days ago


@ #4 Alexis - He said the 6th graders tied him up, he didn't say he was in 6th grade. If you read the original interview, you will see he said he was in kindergarden.

@ #6 Eric - Don't you think you would remember if a child was tied up, harassed and beaten? I know I would, even after 30 years. Of course the teacher would remember something like that. I remember my first day of kindergarden 30 years ago, and nothing bad happened to me.

1628 days ago


Golf is boring - hahahahahahahaha! Love it!

IFFFFFFFFFF this news conference happens - I can't wait for Tiger to throw Charles Barkley under the bus!!!! He'll say Charles misunderstood him or something like that!!! Oh this is getting good. Tiger is going to get what he so richly deserves for sleeping with a porn star and laying down with his wife putting her in danGER!

1628 days ago


Leeches and parasites have more character than these fools.

1628 days ago

buh-bye weiner party!    

I never heard this story before today -- and I'm willing to bet that's because it's so laughably unbelievable that the media chose not to pick up on it sooner and cause embarrassment to Woods. Sounds like he was going the "boy who cried wolf" route to establish his street credibility with other minorities who never particularly cared for his self-identification as a "caublinasian".

1628 days ago


Tiger called me a honky when i was 6, i'm hiring gloria A too, think i'll need about $10 mill for pain and suffering damb it lol.

1628 days ago


Tied to a tree with the word n on him, surely she'd remember it along with the other children. Tiger isn't that old and his father and mother alone would have made a stink about it. Throwing rocks as some bullies do sounds about right. Sounds like Tiger is lying about the spray paint and tied to a tree. I'd be furious if I were this teacher who was said to have done nothing. Shame on you Mr. Woods.

1628 days ago


Is anyone else as sick of Gloria Allred and her needing her 15 minutes of fame? My gosh let it go for crying out loud.

1628 days ago


This so ridiculous. Gloria Allred is a money hungry Biotch. She will represent ANYBODY to get a piece of Tiger Woods money and every other celebrity out there. Since the boat sailed with the whorebags trying to get spotlight for sleeping with a married man, now she wants to bring up his past...from KINDERGARTEN! GTFOH Gloria "I will screw over my very own father" Allred to get paid. Stop inciting this horrible horrible Bi**h. This teacher shouldn't even be given the time of day. Period. She sees an opportunity to cash in. I wouldn't doubt if she's being compensated by some of Tiger's opponents to smear him before the masters to ruin his golf game.

1628 days ago


No 5 year old in the first day of kindergarten would have an accurate memory of what went on. No school has 5 year old kindergarten students mixing with 11 year old 6th graders. Assuming this did happen (which it did not), why is there no record of it from any school records, nor police records, nor hospital records? If they threw rocks at him, that would be a trip to the hospital, trip to the school clinic, trip to the principal's office. Suspensions for the the kids involved, and he wouldn't be going back to that school for more abuse. Tiger LIED. It's like that case of Tawana Brawley in 1987. Also, but telling this lie, Tiger (and Tawana before him) do HUGE damage to the credibility of black people who really WERE victims of racial attacks. A million REAL racial offences wind up being nullified and discredited by ONE high profile LIAR such as Tiger Woods! It's obvious that Tiger Woods hates black people.. guess what Tiger baby? Black people hate you also! So do white people! hmm.. come to think of it, anyone who isn't stupid hates you mister! Take your billion dollars, jump on your escape yacht, say goodbye to your wife and kids, and go do to yourself what you have done to so many other people. In other words Tiger.. GO F*** YOURSELF!

I will let Tiger have the last word:
Play the above youtube clip. It is an unbelieveable 18 seconds!

1628 days ago


Gloria, Gloria, Hallelujah, Tiger Woods has pulled a Bueller. As he stood behind the whore with his loaded .44, now that teacher wants to tear him a new arsehole.


1628 days ago


maybe she only recently was made aware of it you morons..and dont you think if something like that happened it would have had a police report bet your ass there would have been one made and rev al would have been on the 51 and I know if something like that had happened in my kindergarden class I would have remembered tiger needs to admit he lied or produce a police would have been in the papers or something...

1628 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

This lady has already had her fifteen minutes when she denied the story before the Barkley book came out.Can't wait for Gloria's love child with Dick Cheney comes forward and tears her a new one.

1628 days ago


Of course HE LOVES TO PLAY VICTIM!!! he also said that he was mistreated at the Scottsdale golf course that he played at when he was a kid because he's (half) black....that's BS, my husband treated a man that played at that same golf course when Tiger was just a kid and he says his mom would drop him off and everyone there including players and staff would help watch over him and everyone was always super nice...DRAMA QUEEN!!! BUAAAAA!

1628 days ago


tiger really should put gloria on his payroll.

it would save him money in the long run, and he could write off all the money she's geting from him as a business expense. that womans makin a good livin by being a pain in his ass.

1628 days ago
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