Tiger's Lawyer -- Selling Sex Toys Is a Dil-Don't

3/19/2010 3:00 AM PDT

Tiger's Lawyer -- Selling Sex Toys Is a Dil-Don't

Tiger Woods' lawyer is trying to do something Tiger wasn't even able to do himself -- keep the golfer's private parts out of random people's hands.

TMZ has obtained a letter Tiger's lawyer sent to Pipedream Products -- the company that is selling a line of Tiger sex toys ... including blow-up Tiger sex dolls, giant condoms and a number of filthy items we won't even try to describe.

In the letter, Tiger's lawyer demands Pipedream stop selling the porno products, recall all items that have already been distributed and then destroy or dispose them "in a manner and at a time as directed by Tiger Woods."

The photos above are from a XXX store in L.A. where the dirty goods are already being sold.

A rep for Pipedream had no comment.