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'Jerseylicious' Chicks

Who'd You Rather?

4/3/2010 1:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Doing their best Jwoww, Snooki and Sammi Sweetheart impersonations, Alexa Prisco (left), Olivia Blois Sharpe (center) and Briella Calafiore (right) of "Jerseylicious" brought out their acrylics, overdone eyes and orange skin for an event across the Hudson River in Manhattan on Thursday.

Question is ...


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Now that you mention it and I actually take a good look...these chicks really are UGLY!! Do these girls really get paid to be on tv???

1662 days ago


What a bunch of fugly hos!

1662 days ago


LMAO LMAO The rally funny thing is that these skanks really think they look good ! LMAO

1662 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

The show JerseyShore has given people from Jersey such a bad reputation, but remember guys, Jerseylicious is NOT the JerseyShore. These girls are no way even remotely close to the JerseyShore cast. ALSO REMEMBER the JerseyShore cast was NOT even from NEW JERSEY. Check yourselves and your thoughts. Also, I love how people always resort to calling people a "slut" or say they have "STDs" all because they have nothing else better to say. It's out of pure jealousy (and don't say it is not because that's the only reason why people talk shit, jealousy). Is that really all you got????? You don't even know these girls, you see them on TV and you are now only looking at a picture of them. You now magically know their personalities???? I believe not. Try getting to know them, I bet your opinion would change. It isn't what someone wears or how someone does their hair that makes them. It's what's on the isinde and you wouldn't know that just by looking at a picture. Seriously guys, re-check your thoughts.

1662 days ago

Urall Khuntz    

Briella looks like she was hit in the face with a bag of nickles. Her nose looks like Karl Malden's.

1662 days ago


All three of these "girls" look like drag queen prostitutes

1662 days ago

Lola Falanna    

WOW!!! Those gals??? are FUGLY!! And what's with Brielle on the right side, what is wrong with her face? DAMN that is one ugly chick, and while I'm at it, Brielle throw those shoes away. YUCK!! I'm sure plenty of dudes would do any of them as long as they can put a bag over their face.

1661 days ago


These slags make Amy Winehouse look fresh and pretty.

1660 days ago


Hey, could you guys go on jerseylitious page on facebook and tell the people there what you really think.Oh boy, they ae so blind and I tried to open their eyes but...i got attacked like crazy:)

1660 days ago


Did they do each other's own make up with some wet'n wild? Sheesh!

1659 days ago


Olivia is the best she is the best.She steals the show on Jerseylicious.The only time I got this excited was when I bought a mafia book called Wise Advice by Joseph Vincent it caught my eye right away just like Jerseylicious.

1659 days ago


None of the above. X

1659 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Olivia has the greatest a**. please take a back shot

1658 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

wtf..i love this show...and they dont look like tramps..jersey girls are better cause i was born and raise in jersey soo dont start talking shit...thanks ;)

1657 days ago


Is it just me or why can't you people see that Olivia is absolutely gorgeous to me. I'd do her in an absolute second!!!

Go Olivia with your fine ass!!!

1655 days ago
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