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Conrad Murray Judge -- So Tough, So Smart

4/5/2010 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ the judge who will get the Conrad Murray manslaughter case is one of the toughest, smartest judges on the bench in L.A. County.

Court sources tell TMZ that L.A. County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor will be assigned Murray's case today, following a brief hearing with the Supervising Judge of the L.A. County Superior Court.

Judge Pastor has handled some high-profile cases, including the case involving topless pics of Cameron Diaz, Jason Priestley's DUI case, and a slew of other high-profile, non-celeb cases.

Note to lawyers in the case -- Pastor is extremely tough, and nothing gets past him. He reads every legal doc in his cases and makes it a point to become an expert on whatever the case involves.

Judge Pastor also knows something about addiction -- he's renowned at the courthouse as having a frequent flier mileage addiction, often flying pointlessly over a weekend just to rack up mileage points.

He's getting the Judicial Excellence Award from the L.A. County Criminal Courts Bar Association this weekend.


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mj haters need propofol    

i know a lot of mj haters and other ignorant fools still try to blame michael's death on himself, how he was a drug addict and everything. but one thing you need to understand, michael would never have even HEARD of this propofol if it weren't for a doctor. a doctor was the one who first gave it to him, and this drug is HIGHLY addictive. it's only supposed to be given in small amounts and NOT to be used for things like insomnia. conrad murray knew the dangers of administering this drug and gave it to michael anyway. so i hope to god there's more charges and he spends the rest of his life in prison.

1641 days ago


Murray's lawyers won't be able to fool this judge.

1641 days ago

michele quinn    

Throw the book at him hope this judge see,s things like his family and friends do.He should of had the proper equiptment if he was gonna do this and to say michael did it himself.Once it hits you you are out in seconds.WHAT DO HIM AND HIS LAWYERS THINK we are all stupid.I hope they bring in alot of witneeses for this.

1641 days ago

mj haters need propofol    

i don't see what type of defense this doctor has...and why would any state let him practice medicine?? you'd be stupidly retarded to wanna be treated by him. also, his actions after michael was taken away really disturbs me. why would he flee the scene? why would he immediately hide those bottles if he was completely innocent? were his [murray's] fingerprints on them?

also, the fact he was on his cell phone for almost an hour while michael was unconscious really baffles me. when you put someone under a drug-induced have to monitor them at all times and have to know what to do in case of an emergency. this murray didn't do ANY of that!!

bottom line, he caused someone's death, he could've recommended a good specialist that deals with insomnia and really given michael the PROPER help he needed. this murray chose to further make michael an addict to a very dangerous drug...and there's simply no excuse for that.

1641 days ago


Holy Mary, did't you find a nicer pic, tmz?

1641 days ago


Oh Really? Well I Will Believe It When I See It! You Better Lock Murray Up! Then I'll Be Satisfied!

1641 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

My,my....this is HEEAVVVYYY STUFF! He handled Carmeron Diaz's topless photos case and Jason Priestly's DUI case, now that makes him one bad ass judge! A judge who could handle the gavity of such historic, intense & socially relevant cases, must really be a genius of monumental proportions. And the fact that he flies nowhere just to get to rack up mileage points, why...that's brilliant and a strong indication that he posesses NO obsessive compulsive behavior. What a perfectly beautiful little article, warms the cockles of my soul.

1641 days ago


mj haters need propofol:
I am a fan.I also take a balanced view on things. Haters don't.Michael does bear some responsibility in his death in that he chose to take propofol.But the greater responsibility lies with the doctor who gave Michael the drug,knowing fully well that what he was doing was wrong,and could possibly do harm.Propofol isn't a sedative,but an anesthetic;it certainly is not a treatment for insomnia.Murray,a doctor,knew this.He also knew that there were certain procedures,counter-medications,medical equipment and standards of usage for propofol.Murray also knew that special training is required of anesthesiologists.Murray also knew that he lacked that training.I am also sure that Murray was aware that Michael had a high tolerance for drugs and should have noticed that his patient had an addict's profile(the high tolerance).Murray knew that he was being used to procure and administer drugs in an unsafe manner.He was breaking his Hippocratic oath.Murray,if he were a completely moral and thoughtful person,never would have accepted the job in the first place.Michael believed that since he was under a doctor's care,that he was safe using these medications.Murray took the job for the money;he certainly wasn't thinking in terms of patient safety.Murray bears the brunt of responsibility for the death.He could have told Michael "No," and been fired.But Michael would still be alive,possibly.

1641 days ago


Really we don't know for sure what Dr Murray has done yet. That's why there is a trial. People shouldn't be so quick to judge, lets just see what happens.

1641 days ago


High profile cases... like the case involving topless pics of Cameron Diaz...

PS: Conrad is innocent

1641 days ago


Just because a judge is diligent doesn't mean he is not on the take. According to William Wagner - a lot of the judges in LA accept bribes. I am not one to judge - but if this judge doesn't see that administering propofol deserves 2nd degree murder charge then we know who he is working for (for the dumb ones - Sony!)

1641 days ago


He Also Doesn't Like MJ Music.

Te hehe

1641 days ago


I prayer God will guide this judge to see through all the mire of lies and may God be in his conscience when he sees the evidence.Justice must be done here.

1641 days ago


Hay, I love MJ!Im a very BIG fan of Michael, I had hoped one day I may have had the chance to Met Him, but now I want be able to because of this, I do hope that this man CONRAD GET WHATS COMING TO HIM, (PRISON, Michael would be alive if it hadn't been for him.
I don't believe nothing that comes out of this mans mouth, and who would believe him always.Love you Michael.

1641 days ago


@OhWell, no hat for me?

1641 days ago
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