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Brittany Murphy's House Off the Market

4/6/2010 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany Murphy's house -- the one in which she died -- is no longer for sale ... and it's all because her mom felt uncomfortable showing the property with Brittany's stuff still inside, this according to Brittany's widower Simon Monjack.


Brittany's 8,000 sq. ft. Hollywood Hills home -- held in a trust controlled by her mom, Sharon -- went up for sale in March for $7.25 million ... a decision Monjack now says was made in haste.

Simon tells TMZ Sharon decided it was inappropriate to show the house to potential buyers while her daughter's stuff was around.

Simon says he doesn't know if or when the house will be put back up for sale.


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Prince Von A-Hole    

Better get those fingers out and start a pointin. Surely you can fabricate somethin Harv.

1659 days ago


Is it just me, or does Brittany's mom and Brittany's husband seem a little too close? Last I heard, weren't they moving to NY?

Something isn't right with these two. Who beside Brittany has a drug problem? All those pills couldn't be just for her and how could both of them say she didn't have a drug problem. Something isn't sitting right.

1659 days ago

Martin Bormann    

How about her cars? Selling those off too? Panties?

1659 days ago


NO, they are not too close. It's common when grieving and that process can take years. They are the only people that know and felt the horror that day. Get it? Don't try and make it something it's NOT.

Anyway, I am not surprised she took it off the market. She realizes the home and all the things of Brittany's are all she has left. It's too soon ... and that's okay, Sharon. All in good time.

1659 days ago


No, it's off the market because it was priced way too high, it's a crappy little house slammed into a hillside and there were no buyers interested at all, making it a stale listing.
Get all the junk out of there, repair all the damage, drop the price $500K and maybe you will get a nibble over the summer.

1659 days ago


Dear Judy,

I'm just asking questions.
Does her husband have a job? If the house is sold where would he go? He wasn't left any money and he hasn't been known to have a steady job. Too bad both he and her poor mother seem to have no jobs. Back to work.

1659 days ago


Damn, and I was just about to buy it.

1659 days ago


WTF? Simon was showing inside the house where Brittany died, her closets, bathroom, bedrooms, on Radaronline. He was giving them a tour so the whole world could see but he doesn't want buyers to see what he's already shown? Someone please throw a net over this guy.

1659 days ago


... before she goes to REHAB (unlike what she wanted for Her Now SENSELESSLY Departed Daughter Brittany, Rest In Peace Babe), Sharon SHOULD KEEP Britt's House, KEEP Her Belongings and r"Em"ain HERE "Em" Cali NEAR Brittany's Final Resting Place until she *herself* passes... which COULD BE SOON IF YOU DON'T GO TO REHAB NOW, SHARON KATHLEEN MURPHY.

Oh ya... Sharon ALSO NEEDS TO KICK Britt's *SKUMmy BLACK WIDOWer* TO THE CURB. I'll EAGERLY "volunteer" to "do" 'JUST' *THAT*... 'JUST' LET ME "Em" through the front gate Sharon, and I'll Be WEARIN' My BROWN SHIRT "Em" GOOSE-STEPPIN' my SPIT-SHINED JACKBOOTS UP THROUGH Britt's Home's "long private driveway" like IT 'WAS' the Champs de Ulysses ... READY TO COME AND GIVE *SKUM-jackA$$* DAS "BOOT"... ACHTÜNG!!!


1659 days ago


wow skumjack...that was...uhmm...scary in a helter skelter sort of way

1659 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

ok yes she was a good actress. yes she was pretty. did she really need to be on all of those drugs.. she prolly paid her doctor to get the medication. same story different person. boo hoo... i mean come on.. i don't feel bad for people over dosing on drugs.. DON"T DO THEM! and if you don't even need the medication then why the hell are you taking it? and a real doctor wouldn't mix medications that can be dangerous all on their lonesome into a "pill cocktail" and give it to their patients...GET OVER IT SHE WAS A DRUG ADDICT!!!! It is no ones fault but her own. and i don't feel bad for anyone who overdoes unless they were slipped the drug unknowingly. enough said.

1659 days ago


I was gunna offer them 100 bucks for it.

1659 days ago


I think she just bought it because it was pink -- because it looks old and slapped on a hill waiting for a landslide... if the mom needed it sold so fast, she should of emptied the house then put it on the market, if it's too hard to let go, she should just keep the house.....

1659 days ago


I also thought the relationship between Britney's mom and husband seemed - well off a bit. I can understand grieving together and all but how does that figure into both of them moving to NY? Besides, I still think more happened than we know about to cause Brit's death, poor girl.

1659 days ago


I wish I had the money to purchase her home.. damn.. so jealous of the person who buys it.

1659 days ago
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