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Tiger Woods -- Crowd-Pleaser

4/6/2010 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fans went crazy for Tiger Woods at Augusta National yesterday ... a decent consolation prize, given that Elin Nordegren is avoiding Georgia altogether.

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Thunder Thighs    

Ahhh, The Masters Tournament of Golf, the illusion of tranquility and class. The mirage of decency will descend on Thursday. Let the gurgling, gasping and vomit inducing activities begin.

See what happens when a scumbag takes the course?

It will take a century to get back the prestige of The Masters. You now will enter a Magicians Paradise of Sleaze as long as Tiger slithers your precious Augusta, Georgia golf course.

1474 days ago


39. His cheating IS none of our business, it IS between him and his wife. His LYING IS what this is about. He's different from Kobe, Jordan, Sheen, James. He presented a front that was completely opposite of anything close to the truth in everything he did. He made up stories like the kindergarten incident that were ugly and disturbing. He lies because it's who he is. He's a sociopath who happens to have one skill that he can take to the bank and that's golf. Unfortunately, the "everyone makes mistakes" doesn't apply here. We got ourselves just a glimpse of what goes on behind those cold eyes. For a whole lot of us this guy is a psycho who plays us like he plays golf ....ruthlessly.

Posted at 4:33PM on Apr 6th 2010 by Pat M

How very true! His eyes are so cold and empty.

1474 days ago


34. Tiger Woods, you are the best and have trained hard to win under pressure. Your wife should we withyou or without you. Peaple are so nosey and you DO NOT OWE ANYONE COMMENTS ABOUT WHAT HAPPEN. Those that drop you show that they lack moral courge. You are famouse because of your greatness playing golf not what you do in or out of bed. Hang tough, stay focus and bring home the prize.Shame on your wife for letting you miss your child 1st BD. Those without sin through the 1st stone. There is only one person who did not sin (overt, menetal, tongue) and that is LORD JESUE CHRIST. Some of these people who made comments are not worthy to be in the same room as tiger and they are jealous. Shame on you who put him on a pedestal and he did something wrong. We all have our own brand of sin, do't forget that. So Mr. Woods, do what you do best, win. You have nothing to prove to anyone. Why does it seam that 99% of people bringing what he did up are WHITE?


Posted at 4:14PM on Apr 6th 2010 by terry

What a sick racist individual you are!

1474 days ago


TNB...I'll never buy that third rate Nike crap again. Hope you choke at the Masters.

1474 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Terry you are ignorant and you can't spell! Both are crimes that should send you to blog jail! Tiger is a LIAR. If his wife stays with him it's only for the $$$. Every old tape of them shows her talking to him or placing a hand on him and he is a fucking ROBOT without a response. Elin should take the $$$ and run back to Sweden, and find a normal, nice man to share her life with.

1474 days ago


Elin is a terrible example for young girls, staying with a degenerate, lying sociopath like Tiger Woods. She needs to quit living in the past regarding her parents getting a divorce --- and move on. She's very weak. Many people get divorced, and the children survive. It is better for the children if the parents divorce if they don't love and respect each other. Tiger sure showed Elin how much he respects her didn't he.

1473 days ago


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1473 days ago

Steve Davis    

You do realize TMZ is worse than Tiger ever thought about being. You are Sleazy because you make money at this crap. There needs to be a movement to bring down sleazy media like you. But the Democrates will save you.


1470 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

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1470 days ago


I hope Elin F&cks a really hot guy when your not looking. She needs something better than your used up stank azz tootsie roll.

1470 days ago


omg, i can't believe that Americans get so envolved in someone else's business. What happened between Tiger and Elin, is exactly that, between Tiger and Elin. Golf is Tiger's lively hood, and i am glad to see him back playing golf. Elin get over yourself, grow up and get on with your life, and quit living it in the lime light. If Tiger rather play golf, than be with you, well, welcome to real life. Let it go!!!
To People magazine, and the news media, there is more important news than someone having an affair, and breaking up. If you can't find anything more important than sticking your nose in someone else's business, then you have the problem!!!

1465 days ago
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