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TMZ Live: Jon Gosselin, Nic Cage & Propofol

4/7/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We took your questions on everything today -- including Jon Gosselin filing for custody, Nic Cage losing another home, and fingerprints on Michael Jackson's Propofol bottle.

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Plus: A Taiwanese man's shocking rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" ... and could Sandra Bullock get visitation rights to see Jesse's kid?


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who is the narrator on the TMZ tv show? Is it Harvey?

1624 days ago



Voir dire is a phrase in law which is derived from Anglo-Norman. In origin it refers to an oath to tell the truth, in other words to give a true verdict.

The word voir (or voire), in this context, is an old French word meaning "truth". It is unconnected with the modern French word voir, which derives from Latin vidēre ("to see"), though the expression is now often interpreted by false etymology to mean "to see [them] say".

1624 days ago


Is this Sportsline? WTF? Getting ready to close the window - you two suck!

1624 days ago


Hey guys, maybe you can help me understand why the drunken, non-working, Lindsay Lohan is still relevant to anything other than the "death poll".



1624 days ago


@TMZ and those K-mart HAair addOns R2Die4 did max ever wash his motor oil hairball OUT?

1624 days ago


The worst TMZ Live ever. At least when Mike and Harvey do this they have fun but answer questions.

1624 days ago


by Brenda
If your so sick of MJ then skip past the posts about him! Murray is at fault not MJ.

1624 days ago



In the case of Dr Murray's defense. Couldn't the prosecution prove that Murray was neglegent even if Jackson injected himself?

Jackson was a known addict. If the prosecution can prove Murray knew this (which they could do by the series of interventions done by the family as well as the multiple injection sites seen on Jackson's body that Murray could not have missed). If Murray knew Jackson was an addict then leaving the Propofol within his reach would be neglegent as he would have due cause to assume he may try to reach for it and use it.

1624 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

You guys and Harvey need to get on the same page on the Gosseling filing. Haarvey said yesterday something to the effect that that he didn't think Jon had a chance to get custody solely based on Kate working. That and there hasn't been a substantial change in the situation since the custody arraingement went into place. Perhaps havey will see things differently once he reads the filings. We'll see.... I think he is risking ticking off the judge adn it will get thrown out with a stern warning. i don't get the manditory counseling attachment...who ordered that?

1623 days ago


Bring back Harvey and Mike asap !

1623 days ago


EVEN IF Michael's fingerprints are on the bottle, it means nothing. It is VERY easy to PUT fingerprints on a bottle EVEN IF the person is dead. Murray is 100% guilty of negligence and recklessness and he killed his patient.

1623 days ago


hey tmz

do you think that kate gosslin bitchyness is being over blown buy the DANCING WITH STARS PEOPLE CAUSE THEY DONT WANT HER ON THE SHOW ANY MORE AND ARE HER VOTES SYMPATHY VOTES?

1623 days ago


hey tmz

There was rumors floating around that even though Micheal Jackson did not like his body guards in his room, but because of the lack of sleep issues, Jackson started keeping nanny like cam in or near his bedroom to monitor his sleeping habits. is that true? and has anyone checked thoroughly for it in in the house or any of the stuff the jackson's removed from the home?

1623 days ago


hey tmz

your always reporting jon gosselin is not working but isn't true that he is being kept from working because of the tlc contract. how long does tlc have this power over him?

1623 days ago


hey Tmz

The Marc Cherry and Nicollette Sheridan slap issue. do think that Marc may have been demonstrating a slap for a scene but made contact? instead of the he hit me, cause he hates me that she alleges happened. And he just never properly apologize to her?

1623 days ago
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