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Big Ben -- Decision Coming in Sex Assault Case

4/9/2010 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger will finally learn if he will be criminally charged for allegedly sexually assaulting a 20-year-old woman -- the Ocmulgee District Attorney will make the formal announcement on Monday.

D.A. Fred Bright claims the "investigation, interviews and report" in the Roethlisberger case have been completed and reviewed -- and they will announce their "decision in this case" at a press conference on Monday.

As TMZ first reported, the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback is accused of sexually assaulting the woman in a nightclub bathroom in Georgia.

It's unclear which way the D.A. is leaning -- but in the past, Roethlisberger usually emerges victorious on Mondays. Ben Roethlisberger Pictures

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Interesting the investigation is wrapped up, yet law enforcement officials in Georgia claim they still haven't spoken with Ben. Not sure how exactly that works.....

1627 days ago


I think the fact that the Chief of Police in the town this took place in appears to be borderline retarded might save Ben's a$$ yet again.

1627 days ago

Jerry Martin    

I bet he's totally cleared.

1627 days ago


He has the right to remain silent but doesn't invoking the mean that he's afraid if he talks to the cops he'll let something slip? Love the Steelers and used to like Ben but if it were me or any normal person who'd done it our ass would have been in jail from the get go.

1627 days ago


Let me correct myself; didn't mean done it but been accused of it

1627 days ago


If he's cleared, great,...but he'll always have the stigma hanging over his reputation.

If you're him, from now on every girl is a potential explosive device.
Oh,....that's true anyway for everyone. Hahahaha!

1627 days ago


Wow! Another fake TMZ time stamp. You guys are awesome!

1627 days ago


I'm a diehard Steeler fan and always will be but I would say this about any player of any sport, even if it were someone I didn't care for. We have to remember that we're talking about people some of whom, maybe even most of whom, make in excess of $100 million dollars, sometimes just for 1 contract signing. When extension time comes around the money goes up from there. There are people in the public venue who don't see these young men as people, they see them as dollar signs. Going out clubbing is not an abnormal thing to do, especially for young people Ben's age; in this instance, he was celebrating his birthday.

People have said he needs to make better choices and while he's made his share of boners, so have the rest of us, probably more often than we'd like to think about. But it is also true that neither Ben nor any other athlete or public figure should have to forego the normal life of a young single person and have to be constantly, day in and day out, worrying about this baloney.

Someone said that if it was an average person, they would've been in jail right away and while I respect everyone's point of view I have to disagree with that. If the average young man Ben's age (28) went to a club, got a little too tipsy, made a pass at or even propositioned a girl, and was then rejected no one would've blinked. He might've been asked to leave the club or escorted out and if jail time was involved at all maybe 1 night for being drunk, but all of this assault nonsense would never have happened and we all know it. People see this happening to an athlete and all of a sudden you see hordes of people coming out of the woodwork with the same accusation; they figure the more accusations, the better the chance for a payday - oops, I guess i was supposed to say "settlement."

The really sad part is the athletes don't have to be guilty. Accusations by themselves can do irreparable harm. Remember that mind-blowing fiasco with the Duke lacrosse players? Their accuser, who is now charged with murder herself, stuck to her story, the DA engaged in misconduct to the point of being disbarred, more people thought they were guilty than innocent, and after all that, totally and completey innocent is what they turned out to be.

1627 days ago


Good story, love the Ben Roethlis-BURGER recipe.

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1627 days ago

who dat    

TMZ, stop calling this guy "Big Ben". One is a fantastic world known landmark:

A great bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London.


The other is a dork football player, that is a sexual predator (allegedly).

It's an insult to the clock.

1627 days ago


Sorry, he admitted being in the WOMEN'S BATHROOM 'helping' her and that she fell on her own. Hello, what was he doing in the women's bathroom??? The survailence tapes of the club accidently got erased?? Come on! These rich athletes might be a target for goldiggers but they also seem to live like they are above the rules the rest of us have to follow and can do what they want, and if caught, well they have enough money and connections to get off in most cases. It's just wrong.

1627 days ago

Just Me    

Let's just get this story over with. Charge him or drop it....let's move on already. Isn't there another celebrity doing far worse that TMZ can leach on?

1627 days ago


He doens't seem like a sex offender to me. I dunno though I wasn't there. But he's a likeable guy I'm not gonna think of him in that way and I hope he gets through it. It sounds like he's gonna need to write a check, but jail time would be unfortunate unless the detials are worse than I thought.

1627 days ago


'But he's a likeable guy'

By likeable do you mean ugly and/or dumb? Not saying he's guilty but I don't find him likeable even if he's not a sexaul predator.

1627 days ago


crazygravy Not talking to the cops is not neccisarily a bad thing. I have seen an innocent person take a fall for something because he spoke to the cops when he should have spoken to a lawyer 1st.

LittleMo Excellent post!!!

1627 days ago
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