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Barkley Rips Masters Head -- He's an 'Uncle Tom'

4/9/2010 4:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charles Barkley has resorted to racial insults in his attack on the guy who runs the Masters -- comparing Billy Payne to a slave-driving plantation owner after Payne ripped Tiger Woods over the scandal.

Barkley -- who used to be pretty tight with Woods -- went on Fox Sports Radio yesterday and said, "You got this punk ass Billy Payne who goes on TV ... for him to get on there and act like he's all Uncle Tom, he's the master on the plantation, that piss me off."

Barkley added, "I wish somebody would just walk up to him and punch him in his face."

Earlier this week, Payne mentioned Tiger in his news conference saying, "Our hero did not live up to the expectations of the role model we saw for our children."

Historical Fun Fact!
-- White people generally aren't called "Uncle Tom" ... because "Uncle Tom" was black.

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Barkley is one of the reasons tiger is facing his problems.

1624 days ago


If Tiger didn't know what Augusta National thinks of him when they redesigned the course ("tiger proofing") after he won, he does now.

It's a little disconcerting to watch a grown man take a lecturing like an obedient servant.

A man with some pride would have packed his bags and left.

I can't think of any other instance where a man has gotten lectured like this in public. Criminals don't even get this kind of dressing down from the judge at their sentencing.


1624 days ago


Charles is absolutely correct this man should be careful not to throw stones in a glass house without Tiger these golf assholes make no money

1624 days ago


The first African - American to join the Augusta Country Club was in 1990. Women are still not allowed to become members.
Billy Payne, are you serious? I guess the role model you are portraying is that of a man who dislikes women and who just started to tolerate Blacks. That is a role model? Really? Payne you are a piece of shit!

1624 days ago


And Barkley will continue to make such hateful,IGNORANT,racist statements for YEARS to come. And, the racist MF-er will continue to get away with them,for no other reason than his skin color.

Must be so hard to be a filthy,stinking RICH( And the likes of Charles truly put the Filth and Stink in "Filthy,Stinking Rich" ),so-called "oppressed" Black "man" in the USA.

Remember the old whiny claim Blacks used to make abpouit Whites not knowing what it's like to "walk a day in a Black man's shoes"? NOW We KNOW what it's truly like,especially in Charles',and other racist multi-millionaires like him,especially over the last 40 years; you can childishly bitch and whine all you want,make as grossly ignorant and innaccurate claims out of totally skittish, knee-jerk reaction,and get totally away with them, and worse.

1624 days ago

K D    

I am always amazed at who the real racists are in this country. Millions of people of all ethnic backgrounds idolize tiger Woods. If Tiger were a white man he would have been crucified by all who put him on a pedestal as their hero. So his skin color shouldn't matter when it comes to criticizing his conduct, unless you are racially biased. But as a black man he is held to a different standard (by some) blacks, and no one, except another black man, can criticise his horrendous behaviour. Barkley? His comments reveal him to be the ultimate racist, and he doesn't even know what an "uncle Tom" is. Why does anyone pay any attention to his racist tripe anyway.

1624 days ago


What about uncle Ben?? and Aunt Jemima!! I never hear any racist remarks about these two.. its all about slavery with them too.

1624 days ago


Im SO sick of CB and others who jump at every chance to turn this situation and others into a racist issue. I actaully agee with what was said and feel it needed to be said. Would Charles have liked it better had it come from a someone with a different skin colour?? HOw does YOUR comment help Tiger or relations between any group or communities in general? BTW Charles bone up on your science and you will find increasing proof ALL us humans come from the same first human on earth. Your inflammatory comments only make the situation worse for everyone and reflect more on your values and character and less on the man your targeting.

1624 days ago


#11 ...for the same reason white people always cry about something

1624 days ago


TNB !! Hey Chuck, I suppose it was all right when everyone covered up Michael Jordons betting on baketball...ho hum, I'll just take a year off and play baseball. (my dream) Ahh, that was a suspension you biggot.

1624 days ago


Come on Charles, we can all disagree or not like what others say about a friend, but playing the race card with Tiger Woods? Get real.

1624 days ago


The definition of Uncle Tom in the black culture is just what Charles described. Charles stated how he feels, and the links that follow to take you to all the negative things that have occurred in Charles life, is very interesting. TMZ keep it real.

1624 days ago


An "Uncle Tom" is what black people were called by other black folk, if they 'cozied up' or sucked up to the white bosses for extra favours. Pardon my French, but in fact blacks who did that were called "House N!@#$*$" because they'd get to work in the nice clean boss' house instead of the fields if they sucked up to the white man.

1624 days ago


Barkley is Uncle Racist!

1624 days ago


Where in Payne's statement is the racist comment? Saying Woods did not live up to the image which he (Woods) created as a role model is not racist, it is fact. While Woods and Barkley are human they have to realize that actions have consequences, good or bad. On the subject of Barkley, he has his right to an opinion but to play the race card is unacceptable. For far to long the public has allowed people who think they are important to get away with just about anything. People need to open their eyes and start enforcing consequences on these people. Just because you make a lot of money or have access to the media does not make you qualified as someone who has better credentials than the average person. People, WAKE UP and start enforcing consequences.

1624 days ago
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