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Marilyn vs. Alice

Who'd You Rather?

4/10/2010 1:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The remains of goth rockers Marilyn Manson, 41, and Alice Cooper, 62, were exhumed at the same event in L.A. on Thursday.

Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper
Question is ...


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Been a Manson fan since the first album but he looks weird (yeah I'm aware of that statement) with eyebrows, without the white contact and looking a little chubby. Alice looks pretty much the same as he has for the past 20 years.

1621 days ago

Reality Check    

I fully expect to see this on TMZ: "Horse or Cow? Who'd you rather?" or Roadkill or hotpocket? Who'd you rather? Betty White, or corpse of Eva Gardner? Who'd you rather?
Looking forward to seeing these ideas adopted by the TMZ "who'd you rather" editors ASAP. Thank you.

1620 days ago

I Hate Every1    

Damn! Marilyn looks fat and old.Time has not been good to him. Deeta Von Teeze on the other hand....

1620 days ago


Marilyn Manson did get fat!
hahahahaha Nice!!

1620 days ago


Done to a rap beat....

I went down stairs to get some cider
Saw a bed bug jackin off a spider
Gonna tie my pecker to a tree to a tree
Gonna tie my pecker to a tree....

My original

1620 days ago


I couldn't get drunk enough for either!

1620 days ago



1620 days ago

Jen O.    

It was tough, but deff Alice! Woo hoo! My very first crush at 3rs of age was Alice Cooper, lol.

1620 days ago


Manson looks a lot like Boy George in this picture. Strange worlds collide.

1620 days ago


I would pick Alice Cooper over ANY other man offered up. Yeah, I've been a fan for a long time and I am close to 50 now, but he looks better and better every year. To the person that posted that Alice hasn't done anything since the 90's, you are mis informed. He has come out with new music consistantly, the last one "Along Came A Spider" came out in 2008. He has been touring each year also. His shows are a whole lot of fun and I would recommend everyone to try and catch one if you get a chance. He may not have had a hit since the 90's, but he is still out there touring and making a whole lot of fans happy. He also is on Slash's new CD. I also haven't ever heard him put down other muscians on his radio show. He's got a really good sense of humor and likes to tell stories about the people he has met and played with in the industry over the years. That's just what I think - Love Him. Merrie

1620 days ago


Um, well, neither, but have never really been a fan of either. Also, Alice Cooper was a "shock rocker", not a goth. Good grief, TMZ, the least you could do is get that one right. As for being "wannabes", wannabe what? I remember all of the girls drooling and moaning over Alice when I was in high school (yeah, I know, back when dinosaurs ruled the earth), and people thinking he was a "Satanist", and into black magic, and heavy drugs...and then he did an interview for Creeme Magazine (I think) in which he revealed that two of his favorite pastimes were drinking beer (domestic, from a can) and watching NFL football. I laughed my ass off.

As for Manson, he was married to Dita von Teeses, and she is definitely living an alternative lifestyle, a fetishist, and an extremely unique person. Her comments on their, mmmm, personal life, if true, indicated a certain degree of innovation and perhaps the bizarre. Who knows? Many celebrities who have an outrageous stage and public persona are quite different in their private lives. Then again, their are individuals like Debbie Harry and H.R. Giger who genuinely lead lives that would seriously disturb, if not shock and offend, most people.

O, and Alice Cooper is twenty years Marilyn Manson's senior, and I'd wager he hasn't been all that concerned with organic foods and healthy living. Most of the old rockers rather resemble the Ramses they exist today, in mummified form. That said, the idea of screwing any, um, rock/heavy metal/goth/etc. type stars has no appeal for me whatsoever. Who knows where those penises have been? And who'd want to find out? Ew.

1620 days ago

Deborah J. Draisin    

To those of you trashing The Coop: 1) I can't wait until The Dark Lord comes for you for the SACRILEGE; 2) You're 18 and you don't know what you want; 3) Manson ate MJ

1619 days ago


Alice Cooper is sooo hot. I saw him in concert last October. AC > MM. Period.

1618 days ago


Doesnt Marilyn look like Jesse James tattoo girlfriend....almost identical..hmmm

1617 days ago


Alice can "Drive me like a hammer on a bed of nails" anyday. Don't want "posers" on stage at a concert, or anywhere else near me. Unoriginal people who take from others are a real turn off.

1571 days ago
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