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Chris Brown's Census Confusion

4/13/2010 7:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown had no problem headlining a Census rally today in Richmond, VA. Actually filling out his census is a whole other Oprah.

Brown, in an interview with WBBT in Richmond, admitted he hadn't done his own census yet, saying, "I was unaware of it in the beginning too, I was like, 'I'm not too sure what the census is.'"

Chris has nothing to worry about -- there are no questions like, "Have you been convicted of a crime?" on a census form.


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Johnny Rebel    

What do you call Chris Brown sitting inna tree holdin a briefcase?


BAD VIOLENT WOMAN BEATING MONKEY!!!! BAD!!!!! Doesnt Rhianna have any brothers?? You're telling me SHE HAS NO ONE TO GET HER BACK??! If ANYONE roughed up YOUR little sister, the cops wouldntve had any arms to handcuff that WOMAN BEATER because they'd be ripped off, 1 shoved down his throat, and the other up his a**!!! Seriously CANT believe nobody did em like that. All these "tough guy" rappers sayin how she's like a "little sister"?? BULLS**IT!!! All a buncha woman beatin sh*t talkin wanna b posers! Unbelievable.

1618 days ago


he signs his name with a X because he cant write..what an idiot

1618 days ago


"Doesn't know that census is"?????????????????????????????? How can a person be this ignorant????????????

1618 days ago


It is WWBT Channel 12 Richmond VA

1618 days ago


#23 and the others who are saying it's ok for him not to know what a census is and that your kids didn't either as they are only completed every 10 years - that is fine but if you understand the point of why Chris is pretty dense here isn't because he doesn't know but because he's leading a rally to get the folks who haven't done it yet to do it - do you now see the point? Not too mention it was due to be mailed by April 1st so your defending him doesn't make sense for this article. I'm not name calling or being rude but I will say it is pretty dumb to lead a rally for something you haven't done yourself and even dumber that it's past the due date and he had all that time to educate himself and complete it. As far as your kids, same thing, it's fine that they didn't know as it's the first one for them as adults but you bet they learned before the due date, no? That is why he is being picked on. Although again, I don't agree with the harsh names or bringing up his past mistakes.......

1618 days ago


Alot of you people forget that he is only 20 years old!! The last census was filled out when he was 10 years old. So, it's pretty understandable that he would not know what it is. TMZ is always trying to make this guy look bad, and you guys just eat every word up.

1618 days ago


Chris Brown is NOT smarter than a 5th grader.

1618 days ago


Hey TMZ, it's WWBT 12 News not WBBT 12 News. =)

1618 days ago


Wow, really? Are Chris Brown haters the only people that comment on theses stories? R you kidding me? Sooo stupid! Leave him alone already and get a life! :) :)

1618 days ago


He's a spokes person for the census and he hasn't filled his out BS? ~> typical st!pd celebrity

Same thing happens when it's time to vote. All the celebrities encourage their fans to vote when they don't even VOTE..... Reminds me of Paris Hilton when she was asked if she voted I believe she said no.

1618 days ago


i didnt know what census was but i looked into it because of chris brown. im going to fill out my form. im 19 btw. he is a role model. my little brother loves him as do i.

1618 days ago


Whoever brings up what he did to Rihanna over a year ago, really has some issues with themselves. How old do you think he is? (at the time he was 18 or 19) he's definitely not as old as most of you, considering most of you have teenage children. If your son did the same thing, everytime you saw him you would say "Hi Woman beater!" or if something bad happened to your son you'd say "that's what you get for beating that girl over a year ago" No, you would be encouraging and tell him it would get better and it will pass. You people seriously just need to get over it. Seriously, get a life and get over it. Rihanna isn't even talking about it anymore, neither is main stream media. No one cares anymore! Do something with yourselves and your life so you don't just focus on celebrities mistakes. I'm sure you've made a few. No one is perfect not even you.

1618 days ago


Wow. Seriously dumb as a stick (but not nearly as useful!)

1618 days ago


>cr64m3: But when you're a perpetrator of violence--whether in general or on a woman specifically---that is what happens. No one ever again looks at you and doesn't have that thought. So that's why one should always be mindful of his or her actions because, in an instant, their impact can last forever.

1618 days ago


I concur with you Ann ...He a low class dumba** ...

1618 days ago
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