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Lindsay Lohan

Bails on Deposition

... to Shop

4/14/2010 7:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's to-do list: 1) Blow off an important date with lawyers who claim you drunkenly hijacked their client's car and chased someone down with it ... and 2) Go shopping!

Just hours after Lindsay bailed on an important deposition -- where she was supposed to answer accusations stemming from an alleged alcohol-fueled car chase in 2007 -- LiLo was seen browsing in a Beverly Hills clothing boutique.

Lindsay claimed she was too busy to attend the all-day deposition ... and who's to say shopping doesn't count?


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1653 days ago


Her days are numbered.

1653 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

I thought she already died! Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

1653 days ago


Beyond the obvious that she's a dumb ass & will inevitably end up in jail or dead... she is always shopping. Where is getting the money? No one will hire her, no source of real income & didn't I just read a story that she's behind on her rent? But she's shopping... again. I must be doing something wrong. LOL

1653 days ago


You guys are all idiots, she has one of the best lawyers in California if she bailed it's probably because her lawyer advice her to leave. She can shop she owns 6126 and the tanning line of products she paid her landlord what she owed. It's Lindsay what do you expect?

1653 days ago


How does she have money to go shopping in Beverly Hills when she's got no money and can't even keep up with her rent?

1653 days ago


hey now...your website is great, i just love it as my guilty pleasure. is disturbing to see this story as a replacement for your earlier one that said while lindsay did show up to her depo 1-1/2 hours late, she DID show up but was told by the opposing side that if she coudn't give a whole day's time to the effort (theirs, in deposing her) then she shouldn't bother in getting out of her SUV at all. Now, the story reads that she was shopping. I would have more respect for you as journalists if you simply AMENDED the prior story to show us what she desiced to do after being told she was late, attempted to limit the hours she would give (the prior story also said she told the opping side she only had a few hours to participate in the depo, despite being 1-1/2 hours late). The way your NEW, UPDATED story seems to read is that she bailed on the whole thing. Naughty, naughty you folks at TMZ but love you anyway!

1653 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Good God!! What does she need to buy that is more important then taking resposibility for her actions?
She will never learn if she is not made to suffer the consequences.
It's just like raising babies.

1653 days ago


Reyna -
this is what I got from the two TMZ stories.
Fact one: Lindsay showed up an hour and a half late.
I imagine that all lawyers involved were upset with her diva mindset of 'it will start when I get there'.
Fact 2: when she arrived, she didn't get out of her car.
the lawyer that came to the car informed her that she sould have been on time since this was expected to be a lengthy process, and take up most of her day.
(in Georgia there is a seven hour limit unless extended by agreement or by the court. However, in California, depositions are not limited to one day. A party may only propound thirty-five written interrogatories on any other single party, and no "subparts, or a compound, conjunctive, or disjunctive question" may be included in an interrogatory.)
At hearing this Lindsay stated that she didn't have all day to give - only a few hours max.
Next Fact: Upset with this "few hour" time limit, and refusing to bend over backward to fit her schedule - they said something to the effect of "if you cant give us one day of your time, then you sould just leave".
So, proving how meanless this is to her - she left.
and what was so important that she couldn't give up time for? Shopping!! Cause shopping is so much better than proving your innocence....
She just showed how little respect she has for the legal process.

1653 days ago


Miss Lohan is supposed to remember 2007? Three years later? Wasn't she dealing with that horrible Fonda person then? Like Miss Lohan would ever drive off in someone else's car! Like someone would have to give her the keys, OK. Like, she's already sueing Etrade, so maybe they stole the stupid car. As if.

1653 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

If she is shopping that is a good sign, it means she has money :).

Mental health; But seriously, every legitament article I read about Lindsay has a pattern of her being late or flaking out. I think it is beyond entitlement or arrogance or fashionabley late-ness. Lindsay had mental problems. People in the mental health profession could give better guesses. Lindsay might not even want to work or show up and do interviews but even more then that something is not right in her head. And its not just the drugs (perscription or illegal) she probaley is on.

The Deposition: The lawyers wanted to grill her all day???? BS. they can go F themselves. They are playing mind games. The Lawyers wanted to leave so they threatened to waste her entire day to chase her off

The Three Sissies seaking money: Should never get any money. Any one of them could of stopped a tiny girl from taking their truck. If Lindsay would of hit someone in their SUV the guys in the truck would of be partly to blame. They are sissies and deserve nothing.

1653 days ago


So why is this White Trash girl blaming the Black Guy...... The Black Guy was driving............... your a joke Lindsey.

1653 days ago


Yikes! This means she doesn't care about anyone except for herself!

1653 days ago


While she's become a total trainwreck, I actually kinda feel bad for the girl.

1652 days ago


LMAO, If this girl woulda been any other normal person and did not show up to a depo she would of automatically lost the case and the plaintiff would of walked away with w/e. Sadly no one takes actions against her and if this court thing continues..thats our hard earn money at work..Since our taxes is basically paying for the trial this skank refuses to show up to..and WHY? I mean, Yes people with money have power and famous people have even more..But this is a poor by hollywood standards coke head that has no acting ability no singing ability and 0 job offers..I mean if anyone should get special treatment give it to people like Depp/Clooney,etc

1652 days ago
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