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Lindsay Lohan

Bails on Deposition

... to Shop

4/14/2010 7:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's to-do list: 1) Blow off an important date with lawyers who claim you drunkenly hijacked their client's car and chased someone down with it ... and 2) Go shopping!

Just hours after Lindsay bailed on an important deposition -- where she was supposed to answer accusations stemming from an alleged alcohol-fueled car chase in 2007 -- LiLo was seen browsing in a Beverly Hills clothing boutique.

Lindsay claimed she was too busy to attend the all-day deposition ... and who's to say shopping doesn't count?


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LoWhore is a celebrity and she can do what ever the F she wants!

1560 days ago


Amy - thanks for breakin' it down for Reyna. I don't understand why this irresponsible brat is allowed to get away with diva behavior. She knows the paps will get pics of her after leaving court. If she had half a brain she would've made sure she looked busy doing something important...not shopping. Paris Hilton went to jail for lesser offense. This wanna be diva better get a jail sentence too!

1560 days ago


sarafina...why is it ALWAYS the black person that is the first to bring up racist comments?

1560 days ago


Well said Amy!

1560 days ago


Lindsey seriously needs some medical help. She needs to go away for some serious treatment...

1560 days ago


amy! amy! nice recap and, ultimately (ummm, not just ultimately, but simply on its face) are correct on all accounts. have you ever had a terrible thing you had to face but through some hand of fate you got out of it? if someone were to catch you at the, say, local dairy queen, it would look bad (not saying you're the dairy queen type). i think that's what happened here. but you are correct (and i stand corrected) in that this woman respects neither herself or the legal system.

1560 days ago


Thanks to tmz for getting these photos now she has no excuse for missing court. I highly doubt her lawyers told her not to attend but maybe they did. Its a serious matter and she should have been there. Lohan is crazy!!!

1560 days ago


and Dee! hey, i take the law seriously just and you and amy do....maybe i'm just so de-sensitized to all of these girls' antics but i still stand behind my posts. is lindsay respectful to anyone? no. i never (or at least i didn't mean to) imply i thought otherwise. normal, respectful, responsible (a club of which i am sure you, me and amy all carry membership cards) don't do anything she does! my musings are just that. thoughts i had after indulging in my guilty pleasure aka TMZ today! I really don't mean to offend anyone, just amused at the way things are reported.

1560 days ago


i think the whole thing is silly , the lawsuits was silly.the only person interested in continueing this suit the attorneys who want to make big bucks, the other other guys are silly. they could have taken control of the situation , if they wanted to but the idea of being a hostage to a drugged out lindsay was a turn on for them . this suit is silly.

1560 days ago


These stories are so funny when ur high! Join me at:

1560 days ago


Amazing! These celebrities think they can do anything - as simply as if the law does not apply to them. As a teacher and lawyer I find this behavior completely unacceptable. I also think that people today need to educate themselves more fully on the law. Check out this neat new legal information website:

1560 days ago

Suzie Seashore    


1560 days ago


Look look another spoiled brat out of Hollywood who thinks they can do what they want... and won't have to face anything in the end.... wait... most of them don't till certain hands are forced to make them take actions!!!

1560 days ago


Send her to the brig. She has no purpose and no respect for society.

1560 days ago


That was awesome! Probably one of the more interesting reads in awhile.

1560 days ago
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