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The 'Lost' Diary -- Everybody Loves Hugo

4/14/2010 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 'Lost' Diary -- Everybody Loves HugoWelcome back to another edition of The "Lost" Diary. 

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes: I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. Let's roll ...

9:00 -- Hearing Dr. Chang narrate a video about how amazing Hurley is might be the most surreal thing I have ever seen on "Lost."

9:01 -- No parent in their right mind would send their kid to something called "Mr. Cluck's House for Children."

9:02 -- "Everybody loves Hoo-go." -- Hurley's mom. Are we in for a Libby cameo tonight? I think we might be …

9:03 -- Hurley is at Libby's grave, chatting it up. 

9:04 -- Ilana is not really the person Hurley should be pouring his feelings out to. 

9:05 -- "I'm here to stop you from getting everyone killed." -- Michael. Did not see that coming. Oh, Michael is just Not Locke transformed to look like Michael, right?

9:08 -- Not Michael is trying to talk Hurley out of blowing up the plane -- something Not Locke would do, right?

9:09 -- "My name isn't Rosalita. It's Libby." -- Libby. That was fast. I thought they'd make us work for it a bit. 

9:10 -- "You don't remember me, do you?" -- Libby. Goosebump level ratcheted up to about 7. 

9:11 -- Hurley is doing the worst job of convincing 

9:12 -- As you can see from the sentence above, I kinda stopped typing suddenly cause Ilana just blew up into like a thousand pieces. Dude, you got some Ilana on you.

9:13 -- Not Locke needs Jack, Hurley and Sun in order to get off the island. 

9:14 -- Captain Sunshine, aka Sayid, is back and he's got Desmond with him. 

9:19 -- Random thought I had while watching Richard argue with Jack -- if Libby is still locked up in the loony bin in her flash sideways, how was she on Oceanic 815?

9:20 -- "Gimme a bucket, family style." -- Hurley

9:21 -- Desmond is beginning his plan of "showing people things" and he's beginning with Hurley. And, of course, Desmond is order number 42.

9:22 -- Back on the island, Desmond is really lacking personality these days. He's almost as cheery as Captain Sunshine over there. 

9:23 -- "Of course. You're John Locke." -- Desmond

9:24 -- "The island was done with her. Makes me wonder what's gonna happen when it's done with us." -- Ben

9:25 -- RIP Black Rock. Wait, so Hurley got ahead of everyone? So far ahead, in fact, that he had time to somehow rig all the dynamite to blow?

9:30 -- "That happens a lot? Dead people yelling at you?" -- Miles

9:31 -- "She has issues with reality." -- Libby's doctor

9:33 -- "There was a plane crash … and I was on an island." -- Libby

9:34 -- Unless I misunderstood, Libby hasn't been at the mental hospital long. So maybe she was on Oceanic 815 somehow. 

9:35 -- "If I didn't know better, I'd say this island has it in for you." -- Not Locke

9:36 -- "Do you know better?" -- Desmond

9:37 -- Weird that Desmond could see Not Locke's little boy friend. Yes, I understand that that sentence makes Not Locke sound like a child molester. 

9:38 -- Hurley is playing the "Jacob is talking to me" card, but Richard isn't falling for it.

9:39 -- "Alright Hurley, let's go talk to Locke." -- Jack. Jack is so stupid, I am actually rooting for Not Locke to get off the island at this point.

9:44 -- "How do you break the ice with the Smoke Monster?" -- Hurley

9:45 -- Jack and Hurley had a pretty sappy conversation, the whispers came, and now Hurley claims to know what they are. This should be good. 

9:46 -- "If you ever do see Libby again… tell her I'm very sorry." -- Michael

9:47 -- "Everybody likes cheese." -- Hurley. His date is off to a rousing start. 

9:48 -- "It's like a date we never had." -- Libby

9:49 -- "Whoa, dude." -- Hurley, after being kissed by Libby. This flash sideways feels like an episode of a new show called "Touched By a Desmond."

9:54 -- Locke has taken Desmond out to the middle of nowhere to show him a well. A special well. 

9:56 -- There was no other way for that scene to end -- Not Locke just threw Desmond down the well.

9:57 --  "Um, hey." -- Hurley to Not Locke

10:00 -- We continue with "Touched By a Desmond" and I somehow have the feeling that the Desmond is there to kill Locke. 

10:01 -- That had to hurt.

I can't believe I am writing this again -- but I just watched another episode of "Lost" where one group of people spent the majority of the episode walking somewhere. I have lost track of how many times this happened this season, but each time it is made for a boring chunk of time. 

That being said, I highly enjoyed Hurley's flash sideways, mostly because of Desmond. The Hurly/Libby true love thing feels a tad forced since they hardly even knew each other. I couldn't summon up the same feelings for them that I had for Desmond and Penny or Sun and Jin. 

I also loved how Desmond knew that Locke was evil. I am assuming he is trying to kill Locke, but it is possible he is somehow trying to "save" him. 

I debated for a bit about what I wanted to grade this episode. I walked away less than impressed, despite how much I enjoyed the flash sideways. I have often talked about how certain episodes need to be graded differently than others -- and I think when you factor in that we have only five more hours of "Lost" left, the bar needs to be raised a tad higher. 

In the end, the grade I have settled on is a B-. I wouldn't use any negative words to describe tonight's episode, but they wouldn't be glowing ones either. Earlier in the season, this is probably a B -- but after last week, I was expecting more from the on-island activities.

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ha... loved the blow-up scene!!! buh bye... we hardly knew you. it seems to me that the people who are "dead" in the island timeline have flashes of that life on the alternate timeline. was desmond trying to make locke have a flash??? was he pissed cause UNlocke threw him down a well??

1655 days ago


The producers are running out of time! And the story CANNOT be explained in 1 episode so I hope they are going to start explaining LOST to us starting next week!

I think the whole LOST thing has to do with parallel dimensions rather than heaven and hell... given that the same producers work on FRINGE.

1655 days ago


Can't believe they killed of Illana! Im sure Desmond will figure a way out of the well. I do feel like we should have gotten more out of our hour, we don't have many more hours left!!

1655 days ago


I am soooo sad this show is almost over...I am completly obssesed. That being said I am happy Desmond is finally back he was one of my favorite characters!

1655 days ago


Great goosebumps when Hurley finally remembered Libby...

Who will be next to "start remembering"?

1655 days ago


Loved the show! Desmond has become my favorite person on the show this late in the game but oh well. I give it an A-.

1655 days ago


Someone posted a theory two weeks ago about the hospital being key, how many of the key players have had to go there in the flash sideways. With Charlie and Desmond going there last week and now with Desmond hitting Locke and Ben saying "don't worry Mr.Locke we'll get you to the hospital", I'm CONVINCED this is the case.

P.S. Why hasn't there any mention of Mr.Eko? Did they waste half a season of our time with him?

1655 days ago


Desmond wasn't trying to kill Locke.. He just wanted Locke to remember the island. Ben originally killed Locke by forcing him to hang himself. Now Locke is laying there, nearly dead, with Ben beside him.. Again. I'm guessing that'll trigger Locke's flashback.

Jack will probably end up operating on Locke's back.

Locke & Charlie both died on the island, so maybe they need near-death experiences to see their flashbacks. But then again, Fairaday died but he had he flashback when he saw that ginger girl.

Who knows, but this episode was definitely better than B-... You're being too critical. This season started off pretty weak, but the last 4-5 episodes have been really good. It's starting to get really interesting and I'm exciting for the final 6 episodes.

1655 days ago


You missed the most important part of the episode- the preview for next week- the Locke half face/ Clare half face- dude- Not Loche is TOTALLY Aaron.

Love the Lost Diaries-it's the only reason I read TMZ, you make me laugh. Thanks.

1655 days ago


@Jana...My theory about the hospital is that it is where everyone needs to be and is ending up. So far, we have Kate, Ethan, Claire, Jack, Sayid, Charlie, Desmond and possibly Jin and Sun (she was shot) heading to the hospital. Now, Ben and Locke seem to be on their way too. I thought that Widmore and Eloise might have something to do with the hospital, maybe they own it. Do we know the name of the hospital?

1655 days ago


Locke did not die on the island. I think that everyone on the island needs to be on that plane and everyone in the parallel reality that was on flight 815 that landed in LA needs to be back on a plane - Desmond is going around trying to "convince" everyone as Locke did to the Oceanic 6. Desmond ran over Locke b.c he has to be dead and on the plane like before. The two realities will merge when both planes are in the air at the same time, in the same place........ that is what I think.

1655 days ago



I guess I should say Locke died in the original timeline, rather than on the island.

I'm not sure I agree with your theory.. They're already in LA in the sideways flash. Are they supposed to fly to Austrailia then back to LA? How are they supposed to know when the people on the island are flying on the plane??

And if Desmond wanted Locke dead, why would he hit him with his car then drive off, leaving him there still alive? Wouldn't he just kidnap him, kill him, and keep him in Desmond's possession?

Either way, I don't think I agree with your theory.

1655 days ago


there is nothing cool about that photo...gross. And this show should have been cancelled a long time ago. ugh.

1655 days ago


I don't think Desmond was trying to kill Locke when he ran him dowm. He is trying to send him to the hospital for Jack to cure his paralysis.

1655 days ago

Dave Creaturo    

Ok Jack is going to have to save Locke in the Flash Sideways and kill him on the Island. oh by the way producers of Lost....I need more Kate!

1655 days ago
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