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Paris Hilton -- I Dropped a Quick 200 Pounds

4/15/2010 6:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Attention shipping heirs and pretty boys -- Paris Hilton is back on the market.

Paris Hilton an Doug Reinhardt
Hilton confirmed that she pulled the plug on her relationship with boyfriend Doug Reinhardt .... who now joins the ranks of Stavros Niarchos, Pizza Boy, Benji Madden, Rick Salomon, Nick Carter, Paris Latsis, Josh Henderson ... etc ... etc ... etc ...

The former couple had been dating since early 2009.


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I can't believe anybody would be with this walking std no talent hoe. Doug's parents must be happy. Boy she sure gets uglier the older she gets.

1630 days ago


Paris won't be lonely for long. In Fact, she may just have a walk in closet full of her favorite plastic little friends, . . . yes the kind that buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . .

1630 days ago


man paris will date anyone to keep herself relevant. time to go give some other guy all her STDs.

1630 days ago


Jealous of paris? LMFAO that has to be the joke of the day. Paris you tramp get off the computer,right now!

1630 days ago



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1630 days ago


She's almost 30. Going to look silly pretty soon.

1630 days ago


She is looking for the ultimate horse di**. Not this one.

1630 days ago


Congratulations Doug and to your parents, they must be doing a happy dance right now, hope you find love soon and this time a keeper.

1630 days ago


Is there anyone left in Hollywood who she hasn´t slept with, not to my knowledge.

1630 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

Something tells me it wasn't Paris who made the decision to end it.

Lexie, you're naive and perhaps a tad delusional.

Kooky, pleeeeeeaaaaase stop. So not cool or funny or interesting.

1630 days ago


I dont get why its such a big deal, she is in no way, beautiful,she doesnt have a nice body, it must be the money,cuz she aint got nothing !! without it!! so he should really count his blessings!

1630 days ago


And Doug breathes a sigh of relief!!! I don't understand how these guys stay as long as they do. I can't stand her.

1630 days ago


Since Kim Kardashian has been in all of the rag mags, it sounds like the "Paris the skank" just needed to get back in the spotlight herself.

1630 days ago


I wish someone would drop HER--into the nearest sewer.

1630 days ago


Well Paris he seemed like a nice guy, but maybe not...I won't judge.

1630 days ago
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