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Police Chief in Rodney King Incident Dies

4/16/2010 11:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Daryl Gates Police Chief  in Rodney King Incident DiesDaryl Gates -- the man who was the LAPD Chief during the 1991 Rodney King incident -- has died.

Gates -- who was 83-years-old -- was heavily criticized for his "weak response" to the videotaped beating of Rodney King at the hands of several LAPD officers ... which ultimately led to the infamous L.A. riots.

Gates was suffering from bladder cancer.

According to ABC7, Gates died at his home in Southern California.


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He was praised by republicans and honored by notzis and kkk members in california also racist to blacks and allowed prison wars to continue and allow mexican mafia drug dealers to pollute our neighborhoods with drugs and guns may he rest in hell my evalueation of his work sums it up he was a crooked cop praised by the greedy people of this great state know as republicans rest in hell bro.

1649 days ago


where you are going you will not need a jacket you POS..the worst chief in HISTORY

1649 days ago

Michael N. Moulin    

I was the Lieutenant that Gates blamed for pulling out our unprepared, poorly trained and under deployed officers on the night of April 24th 1992. I accept full responsibility for all of my actions and would do the very same thing again in a heart beat. I blame no one for my decisions!

Gates was arrogant, abusive, insensitive, and stood in the way of the Affirmative Action Program for far too many years, until his retirement. Gates was one of the good old boys who caused unnecessary disruption in the Department and the City, just to feed, his out of control ego!

Gate was no great leader by any stretch of the imagination. Great leaders don't blame subordinates, great leaders don't stand in the way of progress, and great leaders don't sacrifice the men and women of their own organization to protect their own ego.

Great leaders are stand up men and women who do the right thing for the right reasons, great leaders accept responsibility and set the best example. The Los Angeles Police Department is full of many great leaders. Gates was not one of them! He knew nothing of these principles.

History will be less kind to Gates than my comment s above.
I had the last word Daryl, may you rest in peace!

Michael N. Moulin
Retired Los Angeles Police Lieutenant

1649 days ago


I'm sure Ice Cube, the rapper, will be attending his funeral, or at least paying his respects LOL. Let's pour out some liquor for the infamous Daryl Gates.

1649 days ago


I'm no fan of Chief Gates, but for all of you who state that you hope he is in Hell, you will surely meet him there. The kind of person that wishes pain and suffering on people that are living or dead don't have a free pass into Heaven. The hate that you spew out of your mouths is no better than the hate he felt for minorities and the gangs that infect our city. Yeah, he was a racist and probably could care less about anyone that doesn't wear a badge, but as a mere human being, if he asks to be forgiven for his sins by his God, most likely he will be forgiven. Of course as humans, one of the hardest things for us to do is forgive. Just be careful what you say, because you may not have the chance to ask for forgiveness, and you may be the one knocking on Satan's door.

1649 days ago


The best police chief in L.A. history. If his successors had been of his caliber, this city may not have become the cesspool that it is.

1649 days ago


R I P Chief

1649 days ago


I was not a fan of Chief Gates, but he was always trying to do the right thing and wanted to do the best for the people. RIP

1649 days ago


Good riddance to bad garbage. He should have been put down long ago.

1649 days ago


who is peter steel

1649 days ago


dam !

1649 days ago

Cali Gril....    


Take a lesson people...Be a lying Racist Jerk...Die like the Animal that You are!!! HAHAHAHAHAH

1648 days ago


To all those people who don't know the whole story keep your hatred words to yourselves. How are you going to be so hateful to say a man that has just passed away that you hope he goes to hell? As for the rodney king incident, the cops beat rodney king bc he sent the cops on a reckless car speeding chase while he was drunk and high. Plus, the cops tried using mase and tasering him but he still resisted so they had no choice but to beat him. If he cooperated with the cops he wouldnt have gotten beat in the first place. The news just showed the part where he gets beat down just to be sensational but ended up depicting a very skewed version of what really happened.
RIP Chief Gates

1647 days ago


Usually the people who cry racism are the racist!!!!

1646 days ago


He made a lot of mistakes and caused a lot of drama, he was arrogant and not good for the city of L.A..

1502 days ago
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