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Oprah & Stedman -- Up in the Air

4/19/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dressed like your average couple about to fly coach, Oprah Winfrey and her life partner of over 20 years Gayle King Stedman Graham jetted off in a private plane together from Santa Monica Airport on Sunday.

It's unclear where the couple was headed ... but it's pretty clear who paid for the trip.

Nothing but the best for Mr. & Mrs. Winfrey.


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She paid of course.

1651 days ago


Stupid story and lame attempt at humor; jealous much?

1651 days ago


Wow! It looks like the Queen is drinking a beer! lol

1651 days ago


I agree...pretty weak attempt TMZ. Lots of celebrities that have had long term friends and what's the big deal?

1651 days ago


Studman's gonna get some of that high-class bootay en route.

1651 days ago


Im not a big fan of Oprah or Stedman but geeeez....leave them alone to live their lives. Maybe in the critics could GET a life to live, huh?

1651 days ago


I thought they broke up like 5 or 8 years ago...

1651 days ago

Mav Da Pilot    

Judging from the "size" of the cargo, they obviously had to take off with a lighter fuel load!

1651 days ago


Make all the snide remarks you want, but there's one thing you can't take away from Oprah. She EARNED every single dime she's made, unlike so many that get money from daddy, or a trust fund. So keep being rude to her, TMZ and the others,'cause you're jealous you don't have what she has. And she did it all HONESTLY. You GO O!!!

1651 days ago


Stedman - Beard

1651 days ago


Wow, this article is so snarky. I'm not an Oprah watcher, but who cares if she has a boyfriend and a best friend and doesn't want to get married. That's the life I would lead if I was a bazillionaire. This is not even good gossip. TMZ is just becoming mean and obnoxious. Why?

1651 days ago


Comment number 12, you think she actually earned $$ Billions of dollars $$$$ ? ? ? What did she do that earned that much money, please tell me ! She has been way over paid if you ask me. And anyone that has as many homes as she does, is selfish to say the least. What does she do with her billions of dollars? Is she helping a LOT of homeless Black People and feeding all the hungry Black Children in the the poor areas. Is she helping a lot of Children dying of diseases that can't afford care? Is she donating money for research on these diseases? Just what is she doing with ALL her money to help her own Black People ? She is more interested in MAKING MORE MONEY ALL THE TIME. Nobody has actually earned BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ! ! ! She does not actually WORK and she has not INVENTED ANYTHING TO HELP PEOPLE.....

1651 days ago


Why the jerky comment TMZ? Sometimes you just have NO class! You guys would never consider making this kind of potshot at couples when the rich one was a man. Don't believe me? Have you ever said any thing like this: "We caught Hugh Jackman and his wife leaving dinner last night. Guess we know who picked up that tab!!" No you haven't - you guys always suck up to him and he wouldn't give your guys the time of day if you did. No reason to diss Steadman who I am sure already has a complex.

1651 days ago


If they are happy, why should anyone care?

1651 days ago


TMZ, you guys are losing your luster.

No comment about how Stedman is checking out her ass?

1651 days ago
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