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Oprah & Stedman -- Up in the Air

4/19/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dressed like your average couple about to fly coach, Oprah Winfrey and her life partner of over 20 years Gayle King Stedman Graham jetted off in a private plane together from Santa Monica Airport on Sunday.

It's unclear where the couple was headed ... but it's pretty clear who paid for the trip.

Nothing but the best for Mr. & Mrs. Winfrey.


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This was a mean-spirited, ugly addition to the TMZ website.

1648 days ago


Comment #13, yes she did EARN her billions. It's called syndication and having a production company. And no one asked you what you think of her salary. Jealousy is sticking out all over you. You have no idea the things she does with her money that isn't publicised. Do the world a favor -- shut your stupid mouth about things you know nothing about. If you'd use that thing you call a brain, you could figure these things out. Maybe.

1648 days ago


Why is this even news

1648 days ago


I didn't know Oprah "did stairs".

1648 days ago

BILLIONAIRE Oprah Winfrey    

You poor white trash are just jealous because you don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of..HAHAHAHAHA!!! I'll tell you what since all of you "Okra" bashers are out here in full force, when you poor white trash LOSERS should be at work, I'll give you a great job opportunity to WORK FOR ME!!! I'm always hiring white HELP!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

1648 days ago


Hate to tell you TMZ But Stedman has his own money he is in real estate for god sake wow trying to make something out of nothing here you young kids who wright this stuff need to do some research before you write things about people go back to school !!

1648 days ago


"64. Oprah tells us we should drive a Prius and reduce our carbon footprint. She tells us we are bad people if we drive a big SUV. She tells us we should use less electricity so our country will stop burning coal. She tells us we are demanding too much foreign oil. But by the size of the one engine behind her, that is a really big plane to transport 2 people.

Posted at 11:52 AM on Apr 19, 2010 by forest gump"

How do you know it's just her and him on the plane? Just because the picture shows only them to ascending the stairs, what is to say that she doesn't have another 10-15 people with her? Also, do you really expect her to fly commercial? The fact is, she has done more to help people in one day than you will in your lifetime. She's donated millions upon millions of dollars for good causes. I hate waste and pollution but common sense tells me that a billionaire and a very important and busy person such as herself would not fly commercial. If she never donated to charity or did any other good and still flew in private jets then I'd understand the 'anger' but she does a lot of good work for people around the world that most people fail to recognize.

I'm curious how angry you'd be to learn how much it cost to fly a fighter jet. Maintaining those is much more expensive than maintaining a private jet and they put out more pollution as well. It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars per flight to maintain and repair stealth fighters because the coating degrades every flight. It costs millions upon millions upon millions to send the space shuttle into space to take pictures and do experiments. Costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to imprison someone for a drug offense for a decade, when you could give them a year or two and require treatment as a condition of release, which costs significantly less than prison for having a few rocks of crack. I could go on and on about waste but the point is that a billionaire flying a private jet should be the least of your worries as far as waste and pollution goes.

1648 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Studman's thinking which one's bigger? Her ass or her bank account?

1648 days ago


BRAVO Titanium !!! YOU TELL THEM !!

1648 days ago

Morovia Jackson    

Last week TMZ reported O threw Stedman out of her Condo and moved Gayle in!!! what a LIE!! this pic shows O and Sted are still together!!! TMZ got it WRONG!!!!!! Gayle is a BEST FRIEND ONLY, u WANKERS!!!

1648 days ago


I guess who ever wrote this never had a good friend in their life !! Sad that Oprah and Gayle are good friends and now that is a bad thing too wow ! i am sure Oprah has lots more money than Stedman but so what they like their life and im sure he is not a bum like you want us all to think very sad sad!

1648 days ago


Really? She is a cult leader and I don't care what she does. She has a cult church and is a teacher of that cult. She also has a web site that if you disagree with "her" teachings you will be blocked from the site. I mean who is she? Just a woman who had drama that she still will not deal with and her cult follower are in the same boat sinking. If you can not tell by now I am not a fan of hers. She thinks she is all to all mankind! People get a grip! OPRAH IS HUMAN!!! NOT GOD! What is it people ? Do you think she will give you HER money??? Think again she will give you other peoples money not hers. Case and point "Angel Network" Not her money! Other peoples! She has billions!!!! ok well , Its all color purple now! eh!

1648 days ago


Gloria what the heck are you talking about are you drunk or something????? Cult you have lost your mind !!

1648 days ago


Great God! Look at that ass!

1648 days ago


Oprah: "Mr. Perdue, does it bother you that you look like a chicken?"
Mr. Perdue: "Well does it bother you that you look like a baboon?"
LMAO, and it gets better...
Buy and read Kitty Kelley's new book, it is a great read.

1648 days ago
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