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Lindsay Lohan's

Butt on the Line

4/21/2010 8:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's Butt on the Line TMZ has learned ... the people suing Lindsay Lohan over a wild ride down Pacific Coast Highway now want a judge to throw the book at her for being a no-show at her deposition.

Lawyers for three passengers in Lindsay's car -- along with the passenger in the car Lindsay was chasing -- are going to court Thursday morning, asking a judge not only to force Lindsay to sit for her depo ... but they also want a default judgment against Lindsay for failing to appear.

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay bailed on her depo last week and then again Tuesday -- she had things to do and people to see, and she couldn't get a ride.

We'll be in court, so stay tuned.


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Elmer Flobbergob    

It's about time somebody got on her. She gets away with everything.

1648 days ago

Blue Craze    

What does this person do for work?

Get a job at a coffee shop or something.

Be a normal person for goodness sake.

1648 days ago


Poor Lindsey. She's just misunderstood is what it is.

1648 days ago


What a joke! The lawyers will file the motion, the judge will order her to appear for deposition at the courthouse and she'll be ordered to pay attorney's fees for being such a dumb ass (which she won't pay because supposedly she's broke). The only way she may go to jail is if she doesn't show up for a court ordered dep. And if the lawyers get a default judgment, there is no way she's gonna pay it voluntarily - which means the lawyers will have to file another motion to go after her assets, if any (I'm sure by this point, everything she owns of value has been transferred out of her name). Hey Harvey, am I on the right track! lol

1648 days ago


Her level of arrogance in legal proceedings is glaring. Who does she think she IS? I hope the judge enters the default.

1648 days ago


Time for a 2120 action on her, similar to Britney. I doubt that she has much money or else left for the group to get even if they get a judgment. They might get the rights to her residuals but it will take a long time to get paid on that. Meanwhile, she needs a little R&R in a padded room until her meds kick in (the legal kind) to keep her safe.

1648 days ago


The most that will happen is that she will be ordered to show up or face the music which will be a judgement. Then whatever they are rewarded has to be found and siezed. Good luck!

She has good cause to ask the judge to halt the depositions until her upcoming probation hearing.

Thumbing your nose at people who file idiot suits is good clean fun and should be encouraged.

1648 days ago


The court system has always shown Linds that she is above the law. She knows she can do whatever she wants and there will be no repercussions for it.

1648 days ago


If I was Lindsey, I'd be a hell of alot richer than she did with Lindsey Lohan, INC. Geez!!!!!

1648 days ago

hook city    

why the hell is she still famous i still don't get it, all she does is snort coke and party, if thats famous the world is ****ed up

1648 days ago


Dina needs to wake up and help her daughter but she's afraid she'll get fired as the druggie's manager.

1648 days ago


Why in the hell does the system keep cutting this no talent, drug addled whore slack? Is she blowing every cop and judge in town? Throw her skanky ass in jail already.

1648 days ago

hook city    

don't get me wrong she used to be hot like in her rumors music vid, that was her at her best but what happened, she ****ed up now she close to meeting the undertaker, rest in peace lindsey

lohan hater

1648 days ago


Send Steven Seagal after her! Lindsay may think she's above the law, but she isn't above his!

Steve will sexually harrass her and then make her take off his shoes. Hopefully, his shoes will be full of white powder at the time.

1648 days ago


she looka lika crackheads

1648 days ago
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